High School Trip to France

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This is the story of my first experience. It was on a School trip France. I had just turned 18 and other than the odd quick wank in the school loo’s I had no real experience. I can still feel and imagine the days and nights even though I am now 30. It was one of those magical moments in life and they do not come very often. I have tried to write the story remembering the details as best I can. In fact, I have got a rock hard knob sitting in front of me as I recall the events.

First, I guess I had better introduce myself. My name is Andy, although I use the nickname Drewboy. I live in England and this story took place while I was studying for A-Levels at school. Along with some friends and a teacher, I was going to go to France for a weekend to learn some French and to relax a little, as I had just finished my exams. The downside was that we had to leave at 3am in order to get the ferry.

I was last but one to arrive. Already in the minibus were Dave and Adrian. Dave, I remember, was around 6′ tall and a big, rugby player type. He has brown hair of just the right length that he need not comb it and a nice guy type personality.

Adrian was the guy I wanked most often over at night, while thinking about him. He was quite short, around 5’5 and has short blond hair. He has a beautiful smile and a kind of cutely skinny body. We were now only waiting for one person – Ian. This was not exactly an unusual state of affairs as he was renowned for being late. Dave had sat down on the second row of seats, with a bag positioned on a seat next to him; with his body language saying ‘Don’t sit next to me’ so, I took the hint and sat down on the third row of seats, next to Adrian. Adrian was one of the school’s star soccer players, had those amazing soccer legs, firm, and sculpted a true joy to look at. Unfortunately for me thought, they were covered up in jeans. I sat down and we made conversation, while waiting for Ian.

After around 15 minutes, Ian arrived and climbed in, and sat down next to Dave. Ian was around 6’2, with short black hair and a nice body; not muscular and not skinny. The minibus soon left and we started our journey to the port. While we chatted for a while it soon became clear that what everyone really wanted to do was sleep. Conversation dried up and we did exactly that. Time passed quickly from this point and I must have fallen asleep. I awoke to find Adrian’s head leaning on my shoulder and in front of me, saw that Ian had his arm snuggled behind Dave. It was dark so I guess that the Mr Spencer could not see and Matt was asleep in the passenger seat. I assumed that his arm had just fallen there or something, but as likely as this seemed it was far nicer to believe that they were both gay, as I had also been fantasising about them both on and off for months. I knew I would be able to find out for sure later, because to keep the cost of the trip down all four pupils were going to be sharing one room with Mr Spencer and Matt in the other room.

We already knew that the room would have two double beds, and we had arranged that I would share with Adrian and Dave and Ian would share. Leaning my head down onto Adrian’s head, I felt myself slip back into sleep. We must have slept for a good few hours because when I awoke light was streaming in through the windows and we were queuing to get onto the ferry. It looked like I was the last one to wake up, as everyone else was talking enthusiastically about the weekend ahead. We soon got on then ferry, and left for France. The journey was uneventful to say the least and we arrived at around 3pm French time. We were all canlı bahis feeling tired again, but we managed to stay awake for the rest of the journey and we arrived at the hotel at about 7pm. having eaten we were sitting in the hotel’s bar. Adrian then said he was tired and I agreed with him. We both said we were going to get to bed. Dave and Ian stayed down in the bar.

Adrian and I walked back up to our room and we lay down on the bed. I was determined to find out if he was gay, as I so wanted him to be so I could get some serious sex. So, I asked if he thought Ian was gay. He thought the question strange and I said I was just curious. In fact, I thought I had blown it. The he dropped the bombshell and asked if I thought he gay. I said I didn’t know. He then asked if it would worry me if he were. It was becoming kind of clear to me that he was also trying to establish if I was gay too. I told him that I would not mind at all. He then said he was. I wasn’t taking any chances. So I said Yeah yeah! He just smiled at me and said again that it was true he was gay.

I could not believe my ears. I then told him I’d been thinking about sex with him for months. He giggled and told be I was pretty damn cute. I moved over to him on the bed and he blushed as I slipped my arm behind his head, testing the ground. He didn’t resist and I felt him roll his body on top of me. His blue eyes were deep, almost hypnotising. I softly brushed my lips against his, and he pushed his tongue gently into my mouth. I grabbed his firm ass with my hands and began to grind my crotch into his. I could feel that his cock was rock hard, and while we continued our passionate kissing, I began to undo his trousers.

His tongue explored every inch of my mouth, as we writhed with passion. His jeans were now undone and he wriggled out of them, while I removed my own. Next, we removed our shirts, necessitating that we broke our kissing for a moment, and soon we were clad only in our underwear. I was wearing briefs, while he was wearing jockey shorts. We frenziedly ground our cocks into each other and continued to kiss frantically. After a while I knew I was close, and wanting to prolong things for as long as possible I broke away from his mouth and slipped off his jockey shorts, now wet with sweat and pre- cum.

His cock was almost hairless, except for a small patch at the base, and uncut with a tight foreskin wrapped round the head so that it formed the perfect outline of his helmet. It protruded from his body at about 45 degrees, around 6″ long, thinner than mine but smooth and hot. Mine is cut and 6.5inches long thicker than his and the helmet has always stood out large. It was the reason I had to be circumcised. He said he had never seen one that had been circumcised before; most boys in our school group still had their skins. His knob was a beautiful sight and I was eager to suck it, long and hard. I licked softly at it first; causing him to moan softly and then engulfed the length of it with my mouth. He moaned some more and I swung around to allow him access to my cock.

First, he licked it through the now almost transparent fabric of my white cotton briefs and then removed them, engulfing my cock with his hot, velvety mouth. I was now in absolute ecstasy and I moaned softly, the sound damped by my mouthful of cock. I knew I wouldn’t last long now, and I could feel that was close to. His skin had pulled back and I was running my tongue round the helmet edge. Suddenly I heard the click of the door handle, and I pushed Adrian up to allow myself to see. In front of me stood Dave and Ian. They looked surprised bahis siteleri to say the least!

Ian was the first to speak. I could see that his cock was rapidly growing, and I saw that Dave had his arm around him. My suspicions were obviously right! Ian and Dave began to remove their clothes, as Adrian and I returned to our mutual sucking. I sucked hard at his hot teen cock and soon enough I heard him moan and his hot cum jetted hard into my mouth. I remember that it was thick and glue like tasting salty but not unpleasant. Over the years, I have seen and tasted lots of spunk but I think his was the thickest I ever ate. That did it for me and I felt my body tense up as I pumped my cum into his mouth. I turned around so that I had access to his mouth again and pressed my lips to his. I wrapped my arms around his back and we kissed passionately, while I held him close to my slender body.

Dave and Ian had obviously enjoyed the show, as Ian had his tongue buried in Dave’s ass. Dave moaned in delight as Ian’s tongue invaded his ass. Ian then pulled off and replaced his tongue with his cock. I guess it was about 7″ and looked pretty smooth, uncut and the foreskin sat very loose over the head when he was hard. His body was smooth and tanned with quite a nice set of developing muscles. Dave’s cock was nice. About 7.5 inches long very narrow but covered in veins that made it really ribbed. He was also uncut but his foreskin didn’t stay in place all the time making him often look cut. He had a hairy body. Ian pushed up hard into Dave’s tight hole, making Dave moan further, in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Ian then began to slide his cock slowly in and out of Dave’s tight hole. Dave writhed in pleasure, and screamed and ecstasy as Ian’s big cock brushed his prostrate. Dave began to cum again and the spasms this induced in Dave’s ass proved too much for Ian, pushing him over the edge, causing him to pump his load deep into Dave. They lay there for a while, enjoying the post orgasmic haze until Ian pulled his cock from Dave’s ass and kissed him deeply. I guess I must have fallen asleep at that point, because the next thing I remember is waking up, with my limbs tangled up in Adrian.

I lay there with my body entangled with Adrian. It was a truly wonderful experience, but as is too often the case, my bladder forced me to leave him and take a morning piss. On the other bed, I could see that Ian was lying draped. After leaving for breakfast we were to head out to a French hypermarket. I had realised that there may be more to my developing relationship with Adrian than just sex. He wasn’t someone who I had ever had much to do with in the past at school, with him being the soccer player, and me being more the thinker, but I had soon realised after taking the time to talk to him that he was a genuinely nice guy, and fun to be with. Ian and Dave seemed to be getting along nicely too, although I guess they had to be doubly careful with Dave’s dad being around.

That evening we returned to the Hotel for dinner and then watched some Football on TV. Soon we were all tired and all slowly walked up to our room. Sitting on the bed together Adrian leant over and kissed me, deeply and passionately. Taking the hint, I kissed back and pushed him down onto the bed. We began to frantically remove clothing and judging by the noises, Dave and Ian were doing something similar. Soon we were both naked, and filled with passion. We hadn’t fucked each other yet, so I said, “Fuck me Adrian”. I had never done that at all not even with a toy so I was a little concerned about the pain, but filled with a bahis şirketleri desire to feel Adrian inside me. Adrian asked if I was sure and I just nodded.

I slipped my lips around his cock, and began to lube him up at little with my spit. After a while of this he pulled off turned me onto my tummy and I felt his tongue penetrate my asshole. It felt great, and I knew that his cock would feel even better. I lay down on the bed my cock jutting into the mattress and parted my legs. I slipped a pillow under myself to aid Adrian ‘s access and then felt his cock brushing at my rosebud. I gasped as his cock pushed into me, and felt a stab of pain. Adrian must have sensed this because he stopped for a while, allowing me to get used to the feeling. After a while, he began to push the rest of his perfect 6″ cock into me. I groaned, now in a mixture of pleasure and pain. He began to slide his cock in and out of my asshole. I felt waves of pleasure envelop me as his cock brushed my prostrate. I remember telling him to push in harder.

He did as requested and began to pound his cock hard into me. His balls slapped against my cheeks, as his cock pushed deep up my ass. I felt overcome by the beautiful sensations, and knew that I was about to cum. Adrian moaned, obviously enjoying the feeling of my hot, tight ass around his cock, and soon I my cum jetted onto the bed. The spasms in my ass must have finished Adrian off, because I felt hot jets of cum pumping up my ass. We stayed like that for a few minutes, enjoying the feelings of bliss induced by our orgasms. I felt Adrian pull his cock out of my ass, leaving an empty feeling and I turned over, pressing my lips to his. I felt his tongue invade my mouth, wildly exploring every corner. I looked across to Dave and Ian, whom we had both pretty much forgotten about. They were currently engaged in a 69. Ian was lying on top of Dave, each with the other’s cock in their mouth. Ian’s ass was pumping up and down, as he fucked the face of Dave.

Dave’s arse looked so inviting and I looked across to Adrian, who was evidently thinking the same thing I was, judging at least by his grin. He told me to go ahead go ahead. I slid away from Adrian and climbed across to the other bed. I knelt behind Ian and pushed my tongue up his ass. He gave a surprised groan, but you can’t really complain when you’ve got your mouth full of cock! I pushed up hard and found it tasted good. A musty taste but with a tang of sweat. After a while I decided that his ass was pretty well lubed, and looked down to my cock. It was still slimy with cum and pre-cum, and rock hard. I positioned it at the entrance to Ian’s ass and pushed in gently and slowly. I heard a muffled groan and a “Fuck me”, so decided to oblige. I pushed again feeling some degree of resistance then slid quickly and effortlessly in past his ring. I noticed that the beautiful cock of Adrian had appeared in front of my face, and not one to miss an opportunity; I wrapped my lips around it.

He began to fuck my face a little, and I started to fuck at Ian. I wildly thrusted my cock into Ian, and I heard his muffled groans of pleasure and pain. I felt my balls slapping against his butt cheeks, and his hot tight hole around my throbbing cock. He was wet and the more I pumped the easier it got to fuck him. I felt his ass spasm around my cock, probably due to his orgasm, and this did it for me, making my cum pump up his ass. I pulled out; shooting a spurt over his arse cheeks and gave my full attention to Adrian ‘s beautiful cock. Soon enough he pumped his cum into my mouth, the taste of which I savoured.

I guess I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I remember is waking up, desperate for a piss. I looked over to the other bed and saw Ian and Dave lying naked together. This had certainly been an interesting weekend so far.

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