Killer B Ch. 03

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Neither the weather nor work cooperated the next few days as a cold front brought rain and a moderating temperature. Saturday morning dawned clear and sunny. The weather forecast showed a good weekend to be outdoors. I fixed a pot of coffee and took a cup out to the front porch as I retrieved the paper. As I sat there catching up on the news, I noticed Craig loading a couple of suitcases into his car. As Mindy shut their front door, I heard her say “We’ll let you know how things are going. Probably be a few days before we get back. Love you!” Then she got in the car and they drove off. Wonder what’s up? I thought.

After finishing the paper, I went out back and vacuumed the pool, tested the chemical balance, and added some chlorine. Then I mowed and trimmed the yard – typical suburban homeowner weekend rituals. As I finished up I saw Scott mowing his yard and waved at him. The drone of other mowers throughout the neighborhood reminded me of the thrumming of cicadas – the sounds of summer.

After fixing a sandwich and grabbing a glass of iced tea, I shucked my clothes and headed poolside. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Killer B coming my way. “Hi Beryl, what’s up?” I asked.

“Where were your folks headed?” I asked.

“Pleasant Hill,” she replied. “My Aunt Lisa broke her leg. Uncle Bill has to head out of town on business this week so they went to help her and get her to her appointments.”

“That’s nice of them,” I replied. “I’ll keep an eye out to make sure no wild parties go on at your house.”

“Like that would ever happen,” Beryl laughed. “Mind if I swim?”

“Not at all,” I said. Just remember the rule – no skinny dipping – alone, that is.”

“Well, seeing as I am not alone, I guess I’m safe,” she giggled dropping her shorts and peeling her top off. My cock automatically responded. “I was hoping I’d get a rise out of you!” Beryl giggled.

“It’s not you,” I replied. “It’s just a normal physiological reaction as a member of the medical community reminded me recently.”

“Yeah, right,” Beryl responded, sticking her tongue out at me before knifing gracefully into the sparkling waters. “This feels great!” she said. “You should join me.”

“Oh, I hope to “join” you soon,” I winked. “But I figured I’d work up a sweat before I swam. Besides, I have to wait an hour until after I’ve eaten.”

“That’s an old wives tale,” Beryl shot back. “Besides, it might depend on what you’ve eaten,” she giggled. After swimming a few laps, she hoisted herself out of the pool and came over near me.

“Well, it’s nice to see I still have it,” I said.

“What canlı bahis do you mean?” asked Beryl.

“Just that I can still make a young girl become soaking wet while gazing on my naked body,” I replied.

“Don’t flatter yourself,” Beryl responded. “I just got out of the pool, remember?”

“Oh yeah?” I asked. “Let me see.” I plunged a finger into her soaking pussy and was rewarded with a gentle moan. “Looks like a lot of water got in here,” I said. “Let me try to flick some out.” I began massaging her G spot and her legs buckled as her moans intensified. I pulled her down on me in a 69 position and began lapping her cunt lips while holding her slender ass cheeks. I felt her hot breath on my cock as she took me in her hand. Another groan escaped her lips before she began sucking on my aching cock.

Suddenly, I felt another pair of hands on her waist. Looking up, I saw a beautiful, slender, shaved cock poised to enter her cunt. I glanced up farther and saw it was Scott. In the blink of an eye, his cock head penetrated her lips and he sunk balls deep into her tight pussy. Beryl pulled her mouth off my cock. “Oh God,” she groaned, “oh, fuck me, lick me, Oh God, oh God.”

As Scott’s cock began to piston into her cunt, I continued to lick her pussy and clit, occasionally licking his cock, too. I moved lower and took a shaved ball into my mouth eliciting a groan from Scott. I moved back and licked her pussy and his cock as it rammed in and out. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, yes, yes, yes, yesssssssssssssss,” Beryl wailed. “Don’t stop, don’t stop, yes, lick my clit now. Fuck me harder, harder,” she begged. I could see Scott’s balls beginning to contract. Their bodies slapping together sounded so damn erotic. “Now, now, now, I’m CCCCCUUUUMMM… MMIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG!” Beryl cried. At the same time, Scott grunted as he began spurting his cum deep into her pussy. I was in heaven as I lapped up their juices. Scott slowly withdrew his glistening cock from Beryl’s soaked cunt. I greedily took it in my mouth to savor every delectable drop then finished cleaning Beryl’s pussy as she softly whimpered.

“Man, that was fucking awesome!” Scott exclaimed. “What a rush! I don’t think I have ever cum that hard!

“Hey bro,” Beryl smiled, “I was hoping you’d come join the party.”

We disentangled. Beryl rolled over on her back as she caught her breath. Scott sat back in a chair and I sat up on the recliner. I finally got a good look at Scott. My, what a magnificent specimen! He had fine hair on his legs and arms but was completely shaven on his chest and crotch. Even limp, his cock was beautiful.

“Wow, bahis siteleri Mr. G,” he smiled, “I’ve never been licked before while fucking a girl but that sensation was unbelievable! I almost busted a nut when I first felt it.”

“Yeah, that was awesome,” Beryl agreed with a big smile. “We’ve definitely got to do that again.”

“Say when,” I said.

“When,” Beryl giggled.

“Now?” I asked.

“Absolutely!” Beryl replied. “You haven’t gotten off yet. Now it’s your turn.”

“Yeah, Mr. G,” Scott chimed in. “I’m ready if you are.” I looked down and saw his cock hard and ready. Oh to be young, I thought.

Beryl sat up. “Need help?” she giggled. She began tonguing my rapidly growing cock. “Get it ready, Scott,” she said. Scott knelt down and began tonguing me too. Watching those two swap tongues as they played with my cock almost made me cum right there.

“Lay down, Scott,” I commanded. Scott laid back and Beryl took her 69 position over him.

“Come and get it,” she giggled looking back over her shoulder. Her smile was dazzling.

I knelt behind that gorgeous ass and pulled her cheeks open. Scott was tonguing her lips and the tip of my cock as I positioned it at her entrance. Beryl began moaning softly. Then I pushed into her sopping hole. “Oh God,” she groaned. “That feels so fucking good.” She began rocking back and forth. I was in a rhythm now. I matched my pace to her moans as I savored the sensation of Scott’s tongue on my cock where it entered Beryl. I leaned over and palmed her beautiful little tits. I began gently pulling and tweaking her nipples and the intensity of her moans increased. “Yes, yes, yes, keep fucking me. Harder, deeper, oh God, oh God.” I felt her body tremble as another orgasm rippled through it. She paused momentarily, then began rocking back again. She was so wrapped up in the feelings coursing through her body she could do nothing else. I saw Scott’s cock throbbing in front of her closed eyes.

“Fuck me harder,” Beryl demanded. I pulled my hands back to her slender hips and began thrusting into her with abandon. Pulling out to the tip, I would slam back into her. As the pace and fury increased, I pulled all the way out. But instead of slamming back into her wet pussy I entered Scott’s waiting mouth. He gagged before I drew out and reentered Beryl. Her moans became one nonstop long guttural sound. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she chanted as I continued to pound into her. “Oh God, oh God, oh God, now, now, now, I’M CCCCCCCUUUUUUUMMMM… MMMIIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGG!” she gasped as her body convulsed. A couple more thrusts and I began shooting bahis şirketleri into her. I felt Scott’s tongue lapping us up. I pulled out and plunged one last thrust into his eager mouth and felt him sucking me dry. Then he went back to lapping Beryl’s juices. “Stop, stop, stop,” she pleaded as she rolled off and onto a cushion, spent.

I sat back in a chair, panting as I watched her flat stomach heaving while she gulped in air.

“Un-fucking-believable!” Scott beemed, sitting up. My gaze was drawn to his still stiff cock.

“Come here, Scott,” I said.

He stoos up and walked over. I reached out and stroked his cock. Then I kissed the tip and began taking it into my mouth. “Mmmmmm,” Scott sighed. I continued sucking and, putting my hands on his ass cheeks, I began pulling him into my mouth. His hands went from my shoulders to the back of my head as he began fucking my face gently.

“Damn, that’s hot!” Beryl whispered. I glanced over and saw her kneading her breasts. I cupped Scott’s balls and his moans intensified.

“Yes, yes, yes, suck that cock!” he hissed.

One of Beryl’s hands went to her pussy and she began fingering her clit as her breathing became ragged. “Yes, suck that cock,” she whispered. “Make him cum.”

Scott’s breathing was becoming ragged now and I could feel his ball sac tightening. “Get ready,” Scott hissed. “I feel it, I feel it.”

“Yes, fill his mouth Scott,” Beryl egged him on as one hand became a blur on her clit and the other pulled her nipples.

I hummed on his cock and that sent him over the edge. “Now, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh,” Scott grunted with each spurt of his copious load. His cum tasted sweet and silky.

Beryl moaned as she came again writhing in ecstasy on the cushion.

Finally, Scott withdrew his pulsing cock as it slowly softened. He collapsed into the chair and laid back with his eyes closed. Beryl lay on the cushion, her eyes closed, too, moaning softly. I just sat there drinking in those two gorgeous naked bodies. I silently picked up my phone and snapped a few pictures of them.

It was fully half an hour before they stirred. “Oh my God,” Scott said, “that was truly incredible.”

“You said it,” Beryl sighed.

“Yes,” I said, “I can’t remember the last time I had that much fucking fun. Get it?” I chuckled.

They groaned in unison. “As incredibly good the sex was, that joke was incredibly bad.” Beryl said.

“Well,” I said, “now that I’ve worked up a sweat, time for a dip in the pool.”

“Me, too,” Scott replied.

“You two go ahead,” Beryl said. “I’ve still got to rest up.”

Scott and I dove into the pool. “So,” I asked, “how long will your folks be gone?”

Scott smiled, “I’m thinking at least a week.”

“In that case, Beryl, you better get well rested!” I said as Scott and I laughed.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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