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I hadn’t seen James in almost a decade. So much has changed since then. I got married a few years ago and he’d become a successful actor. Fame and fortune had made him even more confident and self-assured than ever before.

As he stepped out of his hot red sports car to greet me for the first time in forever it didn’t seem like he’d aged at all. Quite the contrary, fame and fortune seemed to have rolled back the clock for him.

Taking me in his arms, a huge, confident, comforting hug, it was the first time he’d pressed me up against him since we’d stopped being lovers. Those days were so far away now, yet the memories of the hot, wild, burning sex we used to have were as vivid as ever.

Boy he could make any women weak at the knees and want him. I knew he could have me again if he wanted to as soon as he took me in his strong muscular arms and pressed me against his rock hard, chiselled chest.

My husband was a great guy, but James was a ladies man, he could own a woman with the wink of an eye. All I could hope for was that he wouldn’t have me the way I already knew I wanted him. I was newly married and I really would hate myself if I ever cheated on my husband. But I knew, even before he stepped out of his hot red toy, that if he wanted to, he could fuck me with ease. Husband or no husband!

“Oh fuck, James, why are you so hot?” I screamed as he fucked me from behind on the black fluffy warm carpet on his living room floor. It was just like the old days when he used to give me his all, and I used to love him for it.

My vagina felt like brand new again, as James’ warm shaft filled me up with himself. Shit, I was gonna feel so bad when my husband came home tonight and he asked me how James was.

“Oh, it was great seeing him again after so long. He hasn’t changed at all, more buff and chiselled though, and he still loves to screw anything in a skirt. So sadly he owned your wife on our first contact and took me back to his place. Even though I’d promised myself I wouldn’t let him seduce me, he fucked me hard on his living room floor. All while I thought foça escort about what I was going to tell you when you got home tonight.” I thought to myself, but I definitely couldn’t say that to hubby over dinner, I laughed inwardly to myself, James’ cock hard inside me.

Oh it felt so good to be on all fours again with James engorged inside me, he could keep hammering away at me for eternity, it was crazy. I never did understand how he could screw and screw and then just screw some more. I never complained though.

Of course when I came home and caught him doing the same thing to my best friend I knew it was over between us. It was just a shame it took me over a year to actually tell him. That’s how much I wanted him. That’s how much of a catch he was. That’s how great a fuck he is. Oh boy, was he a great fuck.

“Shit Linda, you’re husband is gonna be real pissed when you tell him you fucked me,” James laughed as he held onto my waist, taking me from behind, his huge balls banging into me as he ploughed his wonderful cock down into me again and again and again.

His hands occasionally sliding up to my big breasts as they swayed beneath me. His fingers roaming around my breasts and nipples felt so good. We hadn’t even done any oral. As soon as he got me here he stripped me naked and I just got down on all fours, like a dog, ready for him. Hell, I guess he did this every day with a different girl. Every day a different man’s girlfriend or wife.

“I’m not telling anybody anything,” I panted beneath him, “and neither are you,” I demanded.

“Yes sir,” he laughed, the slapping noises coming from behind getting louder as our combined wetness and his motions increased.

It was crazy how some guys were so confident and could just have any women they wanted while others had trouble keeping the ones they had. My husband was a safe guy, he definitely wasn’t a womaniser like James. But clearly he wasn’t able to keep me as I’d promised in our vows.

Now James was pumping really hard on me, my rounded fleshy ass taking all the energy foça escort bayan of his hips. Now he buckled my legs, motioning me to lay flat out on my stomach on the warm fluffy carpet beneath us. It was perfect for screwing, and of course, it needed to be, because without a doubt that was he’d put it here.

Ridding me from behind, now laid out, he kissed my neck and ears as he filled me up. I hadn’t realised it, but my vagina really needed a good fucking just to make me feel alive, to feel young again.

I loved my husband and it was wonderful being with him too, but James was so much different. This was the casual kind of careless sex of youth. It was the kind of thing a girl could do behind her boyfriends back and not worry too much if he found out because the deal wasn’t legal. Now of course, with my husband it was, yet I let James fuck me, just as if it wasn’t.

“Is your ass still open for business,” James asked slyly.

Of fuck! I thought. I hadn’t had anyone in there forever. It was the kind of thing my husband never did, and never even talked about. I was pretty confident, even before marriage, that he’d never indulged himself in something like that.

Of course, I couldn’t resist. I remembered quite vividly the many times he’d fucked my ass, and boy was it sexy. It’s definitely a whole new experience getting fucked in the ass that vaginal sex just can’t compete with. It was that feeling of doing something so taboo, so dirty, so much something I could never imagine my parents even dreaming about.

James didn’t even need to ask, and he knew it. But he asked anyway.

“Just do it,” I almost scolded him from beneath his strong manly body. If it were our first time I would expect to be asked and it should be something we discussed. But James knew what I wanted, what I liked. He didn’t need to ask, even after all this time. He should have just done it. It would have been so much better if he’d just slid out of my vagina and slid straight back into my ass knowing that that was exactly what I wanted.

“Shit!” I screamed escort foça as he reentered me. Had James’ cock grown even bigger since the last time he’d butt-fucked me? Or had my asshole somehow grown smaller? Was that even possible? Surely it was just because no guy had thought to fuck me there in so long, it seemed all new to me again.

Wow! It felt so good to have my ass filled up with man cock again. And not just any old cock, James’ confident cock was the best kind I knew for sure.

“Oh fuck baby! Fuck my ass as hard as you can,” I screamed. He didn’t need to be told of course. He dug in as deep as he could and hammered my ass like I was eighteen again.

Having James in my ass again made me realise only once every decade was enough. That’s how good it was. I remembered when he’d first done it. I was just eighteen and I had another boyfriend and he had a girlfriend too. But it didn’t stop him then either.

James loved nothing better than to steal a man’s woman. And when he stole her, fucking her in her ass had always been his favourite. He’d even fucked one of the female teachers at our school in the ass, even though her husband was our teacher too.

When everyone found out about it he became a legend, and her husband was infinitely shamed. That’s how much of a master James was. An eighteen-year-old kid fucking his married school teacher in the ass at her desk, while one of his buddies watched out at the classroom door to make sure they weren’t caught.

After that conquest, every female teacher in the school wanted him in their ass. I was pretty sure that was the effect he had hoped for. He wanted to build himself up to be the legend he is. And that meant screwing the most off-limits, taboo women around.

Now I began to feel the familiar gyrations that meant James was about to spill his load in me. He’d done it so many times before, but I felt new and virginal again as he powered himself into my ass again. It was quite the nostalgic moment feeling his hard, thick shaft tense up as it delivered his frothy load deep inside me again, just like in the old days.

Of course, I knew it would be a one-off. James was way too busy, and in-demand, to keep coming back to me. He just needed to know he could own me again whenever he wanted. And for sure, as he slid himself out of my ass, his cum slowly running out of my anus, he was right.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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