Lured in and Taken Pt. 02

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


We land in a dimly lit hallway that seems to stretch on and on. A plushy red rug covers the hardwood flooring, rendering our footsteps eerily silent. The walls are bare, aside from scarce art pieces depicting angels and devils at war, their faces screaming in pain. As I pad behind Ben, still completely naked, a sense of unease settles over me once again. It renders my tongue still. I should say something. Just talking to him could put me at ease? Ben hasn’t said anything at all, just dragged me along in the dark. My wrist is starting to hurt.

I’m led to make a left turn, then a right, then another left. After two more turns I can’t keep track of which way we came from. We pass closed door after closed door. This place looked a lot smaller from the outside, jeez. Ben’s pace gets faster and faster, he must be getting excited. I put aside my disorientation, and focus on my leaking cock leading me forward. I really want to cum bad, and I’m sure this kinky guy will show me things I’ve never seen before. Finally, Ben stops before a door that looks like all of the others. An anticlimactic destination, I must say.

“Here we are Jazz,” Ben smiles at me as he pulls out a silver key and sets it into the keyhole, “We are going to have a lot of fun in here.” I attempt to smile weakly back, but I’m confused about why the door is locked? Like, we are already inside. Does he keep really expensive sex shit in here or something? I moan as he grabs my erection and pulls me into the room by it.

My eyes had adjusted to the darkness and then dim light of the hallway, so as we walk into the dazzlingly lit interior I have to shield them. It’s like, hospital white in here. As my eyes adapt, I note that the room is rather small. It’s only about fifteen square feet total, but it is packed with a variety of items. Along all four of its walls, there is small scaffolding from which hangs all sorts of bondage equipment? Some of it I recognize from porn, like ball gags, chains, ropes, paddles, and nipple clamp type stuff. Others I can only guess at, like what seems to be miles of leather belts, and small tubes with rings around them with padlocks attached. On the floor of the room there is a mattress as well as a large wooden “X” standing up. Cuffs are attached at all corners of them both.

“That’s uhh… pretty hardcore huh?” I sigh, my eyes wide, “Th..This is uhh…”

“Oh, my little sub,” Ben wraps his arms around my waist and fists my cock, “You’re not scared are you? Daddy’s gonna take good care of you, don’t worry. We can start simple.” He turns me around and kisses me deeply. His touch makes my heart flutter, and helps to relieve my anxieties somewhat, but still like I DO NOT know this person. I can’t just let him tie me up and have his way with me? Can I? My dick twitches.

I want to.

“Here, sit Jazz,” he points to the black bedspread, “and close your eyes.” I stare at him for a moment and consider disobeying. How silly. Close your eyes. Like he’s gonna give me a present or something. I do it anyways, cause fuck it? There’s rustling on the wall to my left and his footsteps approach me again.

“Open,” Ben says gently. He’s holding a black leather collar in front of my neck. A padlock pedulates back and forth from one of the rings upon it. “Think you can handle this much?”

“Yeah, I think so,” I nod my head. That’s not so bad. I was expecting needles or something that would kill my boner. I lift my chin, allowing him to secure the unyielding leather around me. The padlock makes a resounding *click*. güvenilir bahis It’s literally locked onto me and I couldn’t get it off if I wanted to. There’s a strange… security that I feel? It’s exciting.

“You’re mine now. As long as you wear this collar, I own you, boy,” Ben says smugly. He then reaches down to his fly and opens it. “Now, why don’t you get on your knees for your Master again?” He’s hard as fuck, and my mouth waters in anticipation.

As I comply and suck in the head of his dick, I hear an odd sound above me. It was too quiet and brief for me to make out what it was, and it’s very soon out of my mind. I’m horny as shit and there’s a big cock for me to suck. He tastes faintly more musky this time around. Ben hooks a chain leash to the collar ring and uses it to pull me into him deeper and faster. As his breath becomes haggard, he shoves me onto my back where I land on the soft sheets.

In his eyes, I can see his need. His lust. It’s feral, carnal, like a panther. He falls on top of me, lifting my legs above his shoulders and sinking his teeth into my neck. I shriek, because it fucking hurts. There’s that noise above us again? It sounded like a thump and a moan? That can’t be… Ben’s cock is humping my crack, leaking a trail of cool precum the whole way. I open my mouth to ask about what’s upstairs, but before I can make a sound he jams three fingers down my throat, gagging me.

Ben’s cock kisses against my hole and presses into it, using only my spit as lubrication. It’s gonna be a rough fuck. As my tight ring gives way to his rigid dick, he jerks my dick furiously. The pleasure relaxes me enough for him to slide in balls deep. Ben’s groaning into my chest at the sensation of his tight insertion. I see fucking stars as the pain rips through my ass. He mercifully holds still long enough for me to adjust a little. I feel small kisses climb up from my nipples to my chin, and then he removes his fingers from my mouth to kiss me.

He smacks me hard on each of my ass cheeks twice, then whispers, “Come on boy, tell your Master you want his cock.” He’s smiling mischievously. My mind is running at a million miles an hour trying to concentrate on my own thoughts and situation, but Ben’s cock sloooooowly sliding into me, millimeter by millimeter, his teeth nipping at my earlobe. All I can let out is a long moan, and he doesn’t press me for a more verbal response. He slams into my hole and reaches over me, fingering a remote. Loud heavy metal music comes through unseen speakers above us, ripping through me and before long I’m lost in the rhythm of our fuck and the pounding of the bass.

Ben effortlessly flips me over onto my stomach and continues his assault, holding my hands behind my back. He grunts between each of his thrusts, and I feel his sweat falling onto my shoulders. Looking forward, I see myself in a mirror being fucked hard. Ben’s back and shoulder muscles are tensed and ripped. I watch his eyes as they roll back into his head, orgasm close. He redoubles his efforts on my ass, pressing my cock into the mattress with just enough force to get me close as well. With a final huge pulse, he fully injects himself into me, nearly screaming into my hair as he cums hard inside me. My own load leaks beneath me, coating my pelvis and abs in seed. For a minute we hold still, tense and breathing heavily.

Gently, he removes himself from my well fucked hole. Kisses land on the back of my neck and trail down to my ass. Finally all my tension gone after a very long day, I relax into my own load and close my eyes. Some damn good dick is just what the doctor ordered.

The music türkçe bahis lowers down to a low background level, and I flip over looking up to Ben. He’s sweating profusely, his hair dripping, body wet and glowing. His neck and face are still red from exertion, veins bulging. He looks damn close to a Greek god in this post sex state. He’s smiling at me boyishly, lightly stroking his limp dick.

“I’m gonna be right back. Feel free to freshen up in the bathroom,” he points to a small concealed door and exits the room quietly. Phew. I don’t really feel like moving, as I may have just run a marathon with how exerted I feel. But lying in my own cum isn’t actually that great after it cools off and just feels like glue. Plus I want him to invite me back eventually. I’ll clean up my mess. Sometimes I could be a “good boy” as Ben says. The thought makes me smile giddily. I touch the leather around my neck and the padlock attached. It’s a strange but good feeling I guess?

I take a shower in the small bathroom, and wipe up my jizz from the mattress, then stand around still dripping, exploring items that I hadn’t seen on first inspection. But my search doesn’t last long. I’m tired, so I sit down. I’ll at least let Ben show me out. Shame we didn’t shower together actually, but maybe after cumming two times he was afraid I would try to get him off again. He should be scared, because I sort of do want that.

He takes longer than I expected he would, but that’s fine really. I lie back down on the mattress, staring up at the ceiling. I feel the itch to check my phone, but it’s downstairs and I’m not going all the way back down there to get it just yet. I close my eyes and try to forget everything from earlier today and focus on the fucking good sex, the taste of Ben’s cum still fresh in my mouth. Leave the worries of job hunting and shit for tomorrow.

There’s a rustle above me… again. That happened earlier. I suddenly feel pretty uncomfortable. Like what is this, a horror movie? Like, I know New Orleans has a thing for haunted houses and voodoo or whatever but that’s all make believe.

A disembodied groan causes me to jump off the bed.

OKAY that’s not my imagination. I fumble with the remote to turn off the music entirely. More movement. What the fuck. What. The. Fuck.This building only has two floors, maybe an attic? There can’t be another floor? I scan the ceiling, heart palpitating as there’s another sound above. In the same corner as the hidden bathroom door, I see a seam that must lead up into some attic space. The drawstring is intentionally hidden along the wall, but I’m able to fish it down with one of Ben’s riding crops. With a shaking hand I reach up to it and pull. A ladder comes down smoothly once the panel is pulled on. Am I really doing this? This is probably illegal, and very stupid either way. I take the first step onto the ladder. Then another. I try not to think about how the space above is completely pitch black and how I’m wearing literally nothing aside from a strip of leather around my neck.

I climb slowly, and muster up all of my courage to peer my head into the space. There is no sound, and it’s so dark in here I can’t see anything at first. Lightswitch. There must be one somewhere. I fumble around the ledge around me. Surprisingly this attic is immaculate. Every other one I’ve seen has been nothing but ugly pink insulation and dusty plywood storage space. But where my hands slide along the flooring, all is smooth and clean. I find a switch to my right. Taking a deep breath, I turn it on.

A dull yellow light illuminates the space in front of me, and I am shocked. The güvenilir bahis siteleri flooring and walls are simple polished wood. The room is small and sparse aside from a simple… Cage? In the cage is a figure. A boy I think. It’s hard to make out details about him because he is tightly bound with tight leather straps around his wrists and ankles. Around his neck is a collar identical to mine that is attached to a chain bolted securely to the floor. A strange device with a padlock is also wrapped around his penis and balls.

The boy’s face is wrapped in a constricting muzzle that leaves nothing exposed but his eyes and tousled short brown hair. He flinches as the light blinks on and squints tightly at me. They slam wide open as he sees me, panicking. He struggles against the bonds and chains, making the thumping noise that I heard earlier with his knees. His muffled cries are more desperate than any other I’ve heard in my life. Tears spring from his bright blue eyes.

He’s pleading with me.

Shit. This is bad. This is *really* bad. I risk a look back down the ladder. The door is still closed below. Almost too scared to move, almost, I step up the rest of the way. The boy is now viciously shaking his head at me, his moaning only growing louder. Summoning whatever is left of my animal survival brain I move to the cage. It’s made of heavy duty wrought iron or something. Bolted firmly into the floor and ceiling. I try to open the door but a lock holds firmly, regardless of my jiggling.

“Uhh, it’s gonna be okay…” What a stupid thing to say. The boy’s muscles bulge as he wrestles against the chain and leather. “I’ll j..just find the key?” Heart pounding, I look around the room, but there’s nothing else in here. Of course the key wouldn’t be in here. This is just a cell. What the fuck do I do? Help. I get out and get help. Sweat drips from my brow. What has Ben done? I need to get out of here now before he realizes I know.

“I’ll be b..back f..for you. Promise…” I stammer out, not sounding nearly as certain as I would have liked. There’s still no sign of Ben downstairs, so I all but jump to the ground as fast as I can. I reset the ladder closed and sprint to the door. I just gotta get out. I turn the knob and swing the door open.

Ben stands before me, fully dressed again. Fuck. He looks calm and smiles politely. He must be able to see my panic, though I try to hide it.

“Everything okay in there, baby?” Ben asks me. My mind flickers for a moment. Come on Jazz, you can do this.

“Oh yeah, I was j..just wondering where you were,” I let out a loud and unnatural sounding laugh. It’s the best I could do. “Anyways, I’m gonna head home, alright? It’s b…been a really great night. Love to… hang out again sometime?” My heart is a canon against my chest. I bet if he looked hard enough he could see my pulse in my neck.

“That’s a shame… I was gonna ask you to spend the night. I had a great time with you. I think we could have great…” Ben’s eyes flickered upwards behind me for just an instant, “chemistry.” His voice darkened on the last word. I couldn’t help but look back. From the ceiling, an obvious outline of light shines from where I left the fucking light on. This is it, now or never. He’s bigger than me, but I bet I can outrun him.

I prepare myself to sprint down the hallway, turning as fast as possible and putting all my weight into the balls of my feet. But I’m caught between two strong arms. He was ready. The same arms that felt so safe just a short time ago, now felt malevolent against me. Rage burned in my face as he held me there, before with a snarl, Ben raised a damp towel to my nose. A disgustingly sweet smell hit the back of my nostrils and the world before me went black. I felt my muscles go slack in Ben’s arms and could have sworn I heard him say, “Silly boy, I told you you’re mine.”

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