Neighbours’ Pet’s Release

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Leaving Mistress Carly curled up and comfortably asleep Master Dave accompanies Alice to settle her in. In the hall he turns her to face him, runs his hands over her naked tits, fondling and massaging. Although her new ‘owners’ have told Alice she is going to be teased and edged until they decide on her release, Master Dave has just fucked his lady love and is keen to restore his manhood to prime condition. Alice is suitably equipped for this oh so onerous task!

“Open your legs Alice, l want to see how much your cunt is leaking.”

Alice bends her knees and spreads her feet, her thighs part exposing her glistening, juicy red cunt. Dave notices she has dribbled inside her thighs, a slick testimony to her excitement. He takes hold of both her nipples, her pointed hard erect nipples. Uses thumb and forefinger to squeeze, roll, twist and pull them. He can see lust rise in her eyes, pulls harder. Her nipples elongate, as he pulls her areola swell, she moans softly.

“Clench your pussy, place your palms on your buttocks and push your cunt forward. Look at my cock, lick your lips, slowly. Tell me what your dirty thoughts are now, l want you to talk dirty, to make my cock hard.”

“Master l am oh so fucking horny for you, my cunt is dripping,” she stutters, breath laboured. “Licking your hard throbbing cock as you fucked mistress, your hard shaft so thick and juicy as l licked and mouthed along you. Mistress’s pussy so hot and wet, mmm.”

As Dave’s dick responds to the dirty talk, nipple play and closeness of her available cunt Dave lets the tip of his now erect manhood just nudge her dewy pussy lips. He pushes a little further and his bell end parts the receptive portal. Careful not to enter too far, (he has promised not to make her cum yet), he settles to just keeping her dripping labia ajar.

“Clench your pussy lips, wank my bell end, make me leak and ooze my pre cum into you.”

Alice is loving every moment of being with her new owners, how they edge and tease, fondling and fucking each other in her presence. Making her watch, join in, debase herself for them. She knows her torment will last for some time yet and is certain that once they have relieved her they will start teasing all over again. She spasms at the thought.

“That’s it Alice, wanking with your clenching cunt is good for your pelvic floor muscles, apparently! It’s also very erotic and is turning us both on a treat.”

After some minutes of very sensual cunt and cock play Master Dave explains that Alice should don a short coat located near the door and then park her car in the double garage adjacent to his house. He opens the shutter to allow her in. As she opens her car door to exit he raises his hand.

“Stay in your car, open the coat fully. Now extend one leg outside the door, l want to look up your gaping pussy. That’s it, wriggle your bum forward and use your fingers to stretch your cunt. You’re very wet, do you feel like a wanton slut with your pussy so open?”

“Yes Master, like the dirty fucking whore you want me to be. It turns me on so much when my cunt is so open and available, so exposed and vulnerable.”

Master leans forward, extends his longest finger and pushes it slowly into her gaping pussy. Slowly he rotates it, rubs it against her dripping walls. Alice moans and whimpers, shuddering. He traces his fingertip along her chasm, gently probing all the ridges, cavities. Gently and so slowly, feeling his hard cock ooze as her pussy salivates, her juices pooling and pouring. He spends some minutes enjoying the erotic sound of her juices squelching as he fingers her.

Withdrawing his hand his digit is awash with her nectar, ditto her cunt lips, perineum and inner thighs. He runs his fingertips along her escort ankara crack, as she raises her hips he rims her sodden Anus. Presses over it, feels it pucker then slips a fingertip up into her. Her star opens as his finger effortlessly slides in up to his second knuckle. Guided by his first intrusion he inserts a second finger, pushes both in to his bottom knuckle. Alice gasps and gurgles as she wiggles her arse, wanting more. Master Dave spreads his fingers a smidgen, feels her rectum tremble and throb.

“Enough, let’s get your stuff to your room.”

Reluctantly they collect her belongings and Master leads her to his bedroom, now her room. They avail themselves of the en suite, Master Dave accompanying Alice, keeping her in sight, both for his voyeuristic delight and to ensure no misdemeanours regarding her intense urges.

“Get anything you need now, the rest you can unpack later after we finish with you. Dress appropriately or stay naked, our only stipulation is that whenever you present yourself to us your nipples, tits, cunt and arse are exposed and available. I assume you’ve brought toys with you? If you have them, attach weighted nipple clamps, you appear to be in a suitable state to enjoy them, as l can assure you will Mistress and l.”

Seating himself in a low armchair, conveniently low for a reason, Master slowly wanks his erection as Alice rummages through her things. It takes all of his will power to not slip his hard manhood into her gaping orifices as she bends over, presenting her red hot dripping pussy for his perusal and pleasure. Her shaved, swollen, dripping cunt slit is a magnet for his eyes and fingers, her butt hole a tempting attraction.

Knowing Master is getting his rocks off ogling her Alice takes longer than necessary, bends over more than necessary. Is aware her pussy is oozing copiously which is stoking her fires as well as his. Eventually she picks out an extremely sexy costume she knows will set pulses racing. Before dressing Master calls her to sit astride him so he can fit her nipple clamps.

“Your nipples are erect and very hard Alice, mmm and l can smell your cunt is very wet and juicy. Just as Mistress and l want you. Maybe though your nipples need more attention, let’s see if l can make them harder and a little more prominent.”

So saying Master runs his palms over very erect, pert, hard morsels, feeling Alice quiver as, with the proximity of his erect cock and her gaping cunt, the sexual energy between them multiplies. Alice throws her head back, arches her back, thrusting her heaving ripe breasts forward. Master Dave can smell her excitement, her desire exuding from her every pore.

“Move your hips towards me so your pussy is squashed up against my shaft, bear down so you can feel my balls under you. Mmm Alice your dewy silky cunt is very hot.”

So much for the Master tormenting the slave!

Master Dave is fighting for control, this fucking luscious creature is driving him wild, when he gets the word he’s going to fuck her into next week, fuck the fucking arse off her. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Gyrating her booty into his stem and balls Alice too is overheated and gagging for a good cunt filling. Master’s teasing of her tingling nipples, twisting, pulling and squeezing sends ripples of pleasure throughout her being.

Pulling to extend her elongate nipples he orders her to fix the clamps, as she does he cups her tits, squeezing and massaging. Hanging weights to hooks on the toys pulls her buds down, a delicious sensual weight.

“Put your hands behind your neck, push your tits forward so your belly slopes back.”

In this position her cunt is pushed forward and up, fully exposed and accessible. Master slides his hand up her thighs, ankara escortlar forces three fingers up into her yearning pussy. Sliding his free hand round her hip he finger pounds her for a few minutes, holding her in place with his arse steadying hand.

“Oh Fuck, fucking hell oooh mmm,” screams Alice, unable to control her emotions.

As she shudders, spasms and judders, cunt nectar gushing, Master squirts pre cum, his own self discipline shattered. Withdrawing his creamy liquid covered hand he pushes his fingers into her mouth.

“Lick your cunt juice off my hand you fucking harlot,” he orders, “lick it clean.”

“Yes taste my man’s cock juice you fucking whoring bitch,” whispers Mistress Carly, eyes shining as she stands in the doorway, legs apart with her hand rubbing between her legs. Wearing a short chemise and heels her posture clearly portrays her excitement.

“Did you manage to have a nap honey?” Enquires Master Dave, eyes fixed on Mistress’s pussy fingering.

“A little my sweet, l’m too fucking excited and horny to sleep. I want to play with and abuse our pet, and you. Have you been enjoying her, l see you’re both wet and your cock is so hard?”

“I’ve been very good and only fingered her, quite a lot of fingering mind. We also enjoyed a little arse probing..”

“Arse probing?” Queries Mistress, “fingers or cock?”

“Fingers honey,” reassures Master Dave, “would you cum Alice if l fucked you in the arse?”

“Master l think anywhere you put your lovely hard on would make me gush, l’m so turned on by you both,” enthuses Alice, squeezing her thighs tightly together.

“Alice slide this condom over Master’s erection. Good now lie backwards so you can lick into my cunt. As Master has been preparing your arse l think he should get to butt fuck you as you eat my pussy.”

After Alice slides the rubber over the hard erect dick she leans back between Master’s knees, pushing her hips forward. Master lifts her arse, spreads her buttocks and lets his swollen head push onto her Anus. The star opens, parting readily as the rod slips in effortlessly. Mistress stands astride her face, licking her lips sensually as she watches her pet greedily accept the anal intrusion.

Alice raises her hands and traces her fingertips sensually up Mistress’s thighs, gently rubbing along her tender inner thighs then uses her thumbs to massage and spread the proffered malleable minge lips. Mistress reaches forward, runs her fingers over and along Alice’s face, neck, shoulders, brushing her arm pits, biceps, down the now quivering tender flesh. Alice shudders, squirms as Mistress takes hold of her full heaving tits, careful not to dislodge the clamps she massages and squeezes, to both help support her upper body and to further excite. She presses the ends of the bullet hard nipples with her forefinger tips, increasing the vibrations from the clamps.

Alice pushes her thumbs up into the dripping cunt, pulling the sopping walls apart. Forcing her tongue up into the turgid pool, lapping at the flowing cunt nectar. Snaking her tongue tip to the pulsing clit, pressing onto the tip, her fingers now holding the silky labia lips apart.

Master holds his bell end at the star entrance, feeling the rectal muscles clenching around his head, his fingers wrapped round his shaft to stop his hard on sliding up further. Alice tries to bear down with her hips, she wants all the throbbing cock in her, filling her. Stretching and gaping her. She moves her hands to Mistress’s hips, pulls the pelvis into her face as she sucks the hard juicy clit. Mistress cries out, spasms, knees trembling as she shudders and gyrates, Rocking back and forth, pushing her yearning flooding cunt onto the intrusion.

Panting sincan kaliteli escortlar and heaving Mistress steps back, helps Alice to sit up. Once upright, Mistress slips a blindfold over her gasping flustered pet’s eyes. Master’s manhood is now engulfed in the hot ravening rectum. Alice screams in ecstasy, her back passage ravaged by the iron hard rod. Dave feels his meaty sword encased in soft tight flesh, pumps up and down, pre cum pouring.

Mistress reaches beside her and picks up some straps, holding a 5 inch vibe she runs the tip up and down her dewy pussy crack, pushes harder and the whole length slides up into her. Switching on she opens her thighs and enjoys the tremors coursing through her. Now blinded Alice shudders and quivers as she hears the toy sounds, grinds her buttocks onto Master’s lap, squashing his full balls. Standing Mistress fastens a harness around her waist, a thick 7 inch vibe protruding, takes hold of the back of Alice’s head and pulls her mouth onto the bell end shaped tip.

“Lick and suck this you fucking whore,” she orders.

Greedily, as though sucking Master’s hard on Alice takes the silicon in her mouth, licks and sucks. Saliva dribbles from her hot mouth as Mistress forces the vibrating dildo in. Alice gags, her head held in a firm grip, breathe rasping as the imitation cock fills her orifice, tip now rubbing the back of her throat. Being an experienced sub Alice has learned to deep throat, able to suppress her gag reflex and breath through her nose.

Mistress is almost overcome by the vibes wracking her cunt, so much so that she has no sense of time. Master takes hold of her arm so she releases Alice’s head. Gasping and heaving, spittle flying from her mouth Alice takes in gulps of air to recover. The vibe is shiny and glistens with saliva.

“Right you two, Master let Alice stand up, don’t pout and sulk just fucking do it. Good.” Mistress leans over Master, with a flourish removes the Jonny from his cock.

“Master, now lie back on the bed.”

Mistress helps guide Alice to the bed, positions her astride the hard leaking erect dick, uses her fingers to ease the rod up into her flooding cunt. As the hard pulsating flesh enters her fiery liquid cauldron Alice moans, whimpers and groans. Her pussy swallows the member, Master murmurs and thrusts his hips up, ramming his throbbing thick cock up her. Fully filled Alice gyrates her hips, craving more cunt stimulation as the iron rod holds steady, stuffing her.

Mistress now stands behind Alice, forces her shoulders forward, reaches down and pulls her arse cheeks apart. As her crack spreads Mistress squirts copious amounts of lube up the ravening orifice and over her dildo, holds the tip of her 7 inch strap on to the now red puckering anus. Pushes the simulated bell end in, in all the way. Alice screams and shrieks as both her holes are now fully plugged, stretched and expanded. With Mistress and Master both pressing their groins hard against her Alice cannot move. Her cunt and rectum are quivering and slavering, awash with lube and her body sexual fluids as her nervous system responds to the overwhelming sensations coursing through her. Sensations intensified by her heightened awareness caused by lack of sight.

“Alice pull your arse cheeks apart, clench your cunt and arse muscles, work your dirty fucking holes,” instructs Master.

“How would you like us to drain you, empty your fucking whoring slutty cunt so you’ve nothing left? Make your holes ache? We’re going to use you now to see how much and how long you can last.” Mistress teases, starting to rock her hips as Alice’s owners now intend to take all of themselves to fuck heaven by completely exhausting their insatiable pet.

“Oh my fucking God, yes yes yes fuck me fuck me yes oh yesss!” Overcome by the sexual abuse she is receiving, both Mistress and Master now slamming and pounding into her respective holes, Alice screams her climax, her cunt and anus relax and then contract as she peaks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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