On The Bus And After

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I was seated at the back of the bus and it was fairly empty. Then suddenly at the next stop, a large number of people got on. I didn’t look around at them as I was busy with reading my latest magazine. The bus stayed at the stop for a long while and just got fuller and fuller. I felt myself being pushed along the seat even and then there were legs and arms and bodies all in front of me.

I looked up from my reading as a more than gentle push came against my knee. And then I noticed that it was a bare leg, bare to even halfway up the thigh, and a very shapely and feminine leg it seemed to be. A green skirt covered the leg from mid-thigh upwards, followed by a tight white blouse over a pair of deliciously rounded breasts.

I looked up further to try to see who the owner might be, but I couldn’t see her face. But then a hand came down and rested on my knee lightly. It was so close to my hand holding the magazine that a slight jolt from the bus made our hands touch. It was like a bolt of electricity went between us. The contact stayed and slowly became stronger, until the fingers started to open and interlock with mine.

The one leg moved slightly to one side and then I saw its partner leg moving close to my other knee. I looked around at my fellow passengers and realized that only a young girl seated next to me could see what was happening, and she was so involved in a conversation with her friend on the seat in front that she didn’t have time to notice anyway.

Slowly my interlocked fingers were lifted from my leg and brought into contact with the oh-so-soft skin of the girl’s leg at knee height. I almost came in my pants. My cock was already rock hard just at her touch but now it wanted to explode through my shorts. I unlatched my fingers slowly from hers but kept the contact with her leg, just above her knee. She gently held my hand and incredibly lifted it higher along her thigh.

I could feel her body trembling with the excitement that she must also have been feeling. The bus seemed to be stuck in a huge traffic jam, so we could continue our game it seemed almost indefinitely.

She let me trace my fingers gently higher and higher on her leg, now going under the hem of her skirt – and continuing higher and higher. Her legs were slightly apart, open enough for her to move towards me above my tightly closed knees. This brought my hand in contact with soft and rather wet material under her skirt – her panties. It was now so difficult for me to control my throbbing cock. I wanted to pull it out and enjoy the big orgasm that she was generating within me. But I also wanted to enjoy this unexpected thrill and perhaps get her to enjoy something she obviously needed very much.

The bus started off again suddenly and the jolting made my hand slip between her open thighs, against the crotch of her panties. And they were wet – now very wet and getting wetter by the second. pendik escort This was one very horny girl. She settled down slightly onto my hand and I could feel my fingers pushing against the swollen lips of her pussy. Did she want me to explore further, I wondered, shuddering with extreme excitement at what was happening.

I moved one finger slightly sideways to find the edge of her panties and she wriggled, I guessed, with pleasure. I lifted the edge of the material and slid the entire crotch of her panties to one side. This was obviously what she was hoping that I would do as she settled down a little bit further against my hand and I heard a soft moan from above. I daren’t look up – she might be really ugly, but I was past caring. I wanted her to cum, and cum quickly.

Now I could feel all of her wonderfully excited pussy lips and I could feel her pleasure mounting as I began to play with them and tease them open. Was it her clit she wanted me to caress, or would she cum on my fingers, I asked myself. I didn’t have time to answer that as with a very sudden jerk, the bus stopped. This had the fortuitous effect of making her fall towards me and I quickly pushed two of my fingers straight into her pussy. They went in quite deep, finding no maiden barrier.

Within moments, I felt her pussy spasm wildly on my fingers as she orgasmed nicely all over my hand. I didn’t want this to end and I felt my cock pulsating on the very edge of a big cum.

With my fingers gently massaging the walls of her pussy, I could feel that very slowly the spasms in her pussy were calming down. I looked up into the face of a delightful girl, smiling in her orgasmic afterglow. The bus started up again and she gradually lifted herself from my hand and looked sadly at me as my fingers slipped from her soaking pussy. She’d cum all over me with copious juices which had made my hand very wet.

I was trembling with hardly controllable lust as I carefully pulled it out from under her skirt. She lifted herself back into a fully standing position and moved slightly away from me. I lifted my wet hand to my nose – the smell of her juices on my fingers was incredible.

She got off the bus at the next stop with a lot of other people; I was at first tempted to follow. Then I realized that I was thinking with my cock, and the next moment I was standing outside the bus watching her gorgeous legs moving slowly away from me. She wasn’t walking with anyone and she turned for a moment, our eyes meeting.

There was that electricity again and I knew she was hoping I’d follow her. So follow her I did. She walked first across a play area and then into the edge of a park, then she dived through the gate of a building that looked deserted.

It was something like an old community center. Looking round to check that no-one had seen her or was watching me, I slipped through the kartal escort gate too and saw her standing at a doorway, beckoning me with her finger and with a cheeky smile on her face. Somewhat hesitatingly I approached the doorway, wondering whether this was just another smart teenage set-up to cry rape and get me arrested.

I stood in the doorway for a moment, getting my eyes adjusted to the dimmer light. When I could see properly, my heart almost stopped. This exquisite girl was kneeling before me, with her ass towards me, bare as when she was born. A delicious small round ass of the most delicious girl I’d ever seen, just looking up at me. She’d pulled her skirt right up and slipped off her panties. They lay beside her feet. I looked around and could see no-one likely to jump out and take me off to prison.

Now I felt that I could control my lust for this girl, although my cock was straining for release. I stepped towards her, but she didn’t look back. I slowly unzipped my shorts, dropping them down my legs and pushing down my brief pants too. My cock swelled with joy at being released. I’m not a small guy and I did wonder if she knew what she was in for.

As she felt me kneeling down behind her, she moved her knees apart even further and I could see all the fine details of her delightful pussy, really dripping with her juices. The fingers of one of her hands moved between her legs and she slowly opened up the flower of her pussy for me to gaze at – wow, she was superbly pink and really wet and ready.

I held out my cock towards her and had to push it quite hard downwards as it was so erect. But finally I was in position to push it against the opening to her lovely pussy. She was groaning now, probably with the frustration of wanting to cum again, but now I was in no hurry. I did not want this to be rape, but a long slow enjoyment of each other until we both reached a peak of excitement. At least that’s what I had decided. Her pussy lips started to open up as I gently pushed against her. She pushed back as soon as she felt me touch her and the head slipped inside quickly.

She was so juicy that it would have been very easy for me to have driven my hard shaft straight into her in one thrust. But I held back and resisted the thought, even tho she pushed herself hard back against me. I withdrew the head almost completely and teased her with a few short inward/outward strokes.

Then I slowly pushed deeper and deeper until I could hear her gasping with the feelings. As I said I am quite big, probably bigger than anything she’d ever had before and I just now kept pushing gently further and further inside her pussy. She started to cry now, not with pain, but with pleasure as my shaft penetrated her deeper and deeper.

Finally with a delicious feeling of ‘being there’, I felt our bodies come together and my balls touched her cool maltepe escort ass. She gurgled with delight and wriggled her ass on me. I could feel her smile of satisfaction with having been able to accept my large size.

I started to move very gently, pulling my cock back a fraction and then pushing back again, until we’d established a nice slow rhythm between us. She was rocking her head from side to side, obviously getting some huge feelings from our union. I lengthened my strokes and held on to her hips to steady myself as I felt her start to become rather more fierce in her reactions to my thrusts. Within a few moments I felt her pussy open up and then the spasms started again as she groaned out another big orgasm.

Her juices coated our united bodies once more and there was a slap, slap noise as I kept thrusting my hard shaft in and out of her in a regular strong rhythm. Her pussy spasms finally calmed down and she tensed again, resuming her pushing back each time I pushed in. This was becoming the gentlest of rides to heaven that I’d ever enjoyed.

My orgasm at last seemed to initiate somewhere deep in my bowels and I began the slow inexorable ride that I’d been wanting since I first touched her on the bus. I guess she could sense the change in me as she also began to move, but this time taking her ass away from me as I pushed in, so I had to push even further.

Then she started to force herself really hard back on me, driving my cock deeper than ever and riding back on my back thrust. This just accentuated the feelings on the head of my cock. Already beyond recall now, I was just going to ride this girl until I filled her with my hot cum. And she knew it.

The slap, slap rhythm became an insistent noise getting faster and louder as our bodies crashed together, both of us working our hardest to drive simultaneous orgasm from each other. She must be getting knee burns I thought as my eyes started to glaze over. Then it happened for me. The final uphill step was passed and it was all downhill in delight from here on.

My cock swelled enormously and this made her scream with pleasure, as it caused her orgasm to burst. Then I was jetting hot streams of cum into her pussy, my cock throbbing and pulsating with release and delight, deep inside her. This was ecstasy I’d never ever dreamt of. Quite amazing. And she was getting the same pleasure, crying loudly as her pussy spasmed through a beautiful orgasm.

Although we didn’t talk at that moment or immediately afterwards, on comparing our thoughts many months later, we both agreed that that moment was the best ever.

When we’d both calmed down, and my cock had started to deflate just a little, I slowly let it slip from her pussy, making sure that the dribble of our juices that followed did not run down her legs, but poured on to the floor. She was watching it back through her legs and our eyes met with a big grin on both our faces. When most of our orgasmic fluids had dripped from her, she smoothed her skirt back down, picked up her panties and, surprisingly, left without a word. It was only later, after several more sessions like this that we started talking and eventually ended up getting married.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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