Sexting Pt. 21

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Jennifer was sitting in an interview room in the base stockade across the table from her was Lt. Chad Smith the Military defense lawyer and J. Johnson a civilian defense attorney. They were waiting for Sargent Charles Macklin who was accused of beating a female soldier almost to death.

The door opened and a young man of about 23 walked in in handcuffs. The guards sat him down next to his attorneys. Jennifer took care of the preliminaries, and started the questioning. She was working from a set of notes that one of the other attorneys took during another interview.

“You claim that you and Corporal Jasmine Ali had sex and that you went out to get some drinks, and when you got back your room was trashed and the Corporal was on the couch nearly beaten to death.

“Yes Ma’am, I left and went to the PX to get some sodas and snacks and a movie. When I got back I found my room trashed and Corporal Ali on the floor. I called for help, and suddenly I was in cuffs and under arrest,” said the Sargent.

“Sargent, we found your sperm in Corporal Ali and your skin cells under her fingernails. You didn’t think about using a condom Sargent? You and her have an active love life, really get after it when you have sex?” asked Jennifer.

The interview went back and forth for another hour with the Sargent’s attorneys objecting. Jennifer finally called an end. Guard came in and escorted the Sargent back to his cell. Jennifer knew that she had a weak case because there was surveillance footage of him at the PX confirming that part of his story. She told the two defense attorneys that she would have the investigators look for other fingerprints.

Jennifer walked out of the stockade and got in her car. Pulled her phone and called her office. Her assistant Corporal Matthews answered the phone. She assured her that everything was quiet, but Major Johnson called, didn’t leave a message. Jennifer ended the call and touched Chip’s number.

“I’ll be home late tonight,” said Chip.

After some conversation with Jennifer expressing her displeasure.

“Chip the marathon is in two days you’re an important part in my attempt. I need you home.”

She listened to his explanation and signed off. Jennifer would have headed for the O-club and knock a few back; but the training and the sessions with the therapist gave her other coping methods.

She started the car and headed for the convention center to pickup her race packet. The race organizers setup a drive through system to pick up her runner pack and Jennifer was in and out in just a few minutes. She headed for the townhouse, and parked in the garage. She quietly entered thinking that Chip was planning something. But he was not there. She dropped her stuff in the living room and opened the bag that the race organizers were issuing. She dumped out the contents and found the route map and studied it. Her phone started to buss in her purse. She pulled it out and touched answer.

“Major Connolly, this is Sargent Carson I am at the hospital and Corporal Ali is awake. The Doc’s say that we can ask her a few questions, ma’am.”

“Don’t let anyone but hospital personnel in before I get there, Sargent. And you need to look at their IDs. Do you understand?”

“Yes ma’am.

Jennifer found her shoes and grabbed her purse and keys and headed back out to the car. She looked around her car and found her spare beret so she had a cover if some superior officer gave her the stink eye. She flew through the gate barely stopping and pulled up to the hospital. On the way up to the Corporal’s room she remembered Colonel Barns imploring her to let her people take care of some of the duties. “I don’t need another burnout case, Major” the Colonel said to her the other day.

The elevator doors opened and she walked briskly to the Corporal’s room. She held her ID badge up to the soldier standing guard. He opened the door allowing her to walk in.

The Scene was grizzly; the corporal had tubes coming out of her arms and a catheter collecting waste. The Corporal’s face looked like she went in the cage with Ronda Rousey. There were all kinds of electronic monitors connected to the Corporal; most of the sound was turned off. Jennifer approached the Corporal’s bedside. The Corporal did not look at her; she only stared up at the celling. Jennifer knew that she was not in condition to answer questions.

“I’ll come back in the morning Corporal,” said Jennifer, realizing that the Corporal did not understand her.

Jennifer walked out and spoke to the guard.

“Carson, I know that the Docs will take good care of her but I want you to be her advocate. If she wants anything within reason make sure that she get’s it. I need to reemphasize; no one but hospital personnel and JAG people are allowed in the room even if the family shows up. You can call me anytime if you think you need to. Make sure that you have fresh trusted people watching around the clock, said Jennifer.

“Yes Ma’am”

After checking in at the nurse’s station Jennifer left and illegal bahis headed home. He phone buzzed and she dug it out of her purse. “Donde Esta Chica”

“Leaving the hospital” Jennifer texted back. “That will get a rise from him,” she thought.

“Explain!!” flashed on the display.

She texted back “Later when I get home,”

Jennifer pulled into the garage. She went inside and Chip was in the kitchen waiting; “Where are you injured?” asked Chip.

“I was at the hospital to interview another domestic violence victim, that is the second one in three weeks. I am fine. Sometimes I think that I can’t do the job. You should have seen the young girl she was beaten to a pulp. I went there to interview her but I knew that it was a mistake,” said Jennifer.

Chip pulled her into an embrace and kissed her. They went to the living room and sat among the material from the race packet. Jennifer found her numbers and the chip that she would put on her shoe.

She lay back on the couch and looked at her husband.

“You don’t think I can finish,” said Jennifer trying to get a rise from Chip.

Chip skipped right to exasperated, “Did you finish Law school? Did you pass the Bar? You finish whatever you want to finish. You will also do this job because you know it is important. If you talk like that you will not finish. Are you ready to be on the road for five hours?” said Chip.

“Yes, now come here and kiss me,” said Jennifer.

“No, Darling I need to know that the time you spent training was not wasted,” said Chip.

“I hate it when you call my bluff. Yes the time we spent training was not wasted, and I say we because you were highly involved,” said Jennifer.

Chip stood and brought his wife to her feet and kissed her. “You smell great,”

“And you are weird,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer wriggled out of Chip’s embrace; “Are you hungry I have not had anything to eat.”

“I had some bag food on the road,” said Chip.

Now it was time for Jennifer to show exasperation; “Chip Major Jones has warned you about your diet,” said Jennifer.

“Truce, the little devil in me will watch you eat and dream about what he can do to you later,” said Chip.

“You are not getting off that easily mister, I do not want the dining table filled with pill vials because you are not taking care of yourself,’ said Jennifer.

“Look I run almost as much as you do and run an obstacle course at least once a week. I am in good shape, and you don’t need to worry about my diet,” responded Chip.

Chip fell in behind Jennifer and reached out and began to massage her shoulders. He sat down and watched his wife prepare a salad and then watched her eat. He pulled off a shoe and moved his foot to her crotch. Jennifer brought her very strong legs together and trapped his foot between them.

“Do you know how incredibly nice that feels?” said Jennifer.

Jennifer got up and got two glasses of white wine and passed one to chip. She described the scene in the hospital room and how she could not bring herself to start questioning the woman. She walked out to the living room, reached into her purse. She needed to make a phone call to Capt. Connors and get her to interview the latest victim “Connors Major Connolly, can you go by the hospital and interview Corporal Ali tomorrow. I tried a half hour ago but she was not in any condition to be responsive?”

She found the Sargent’s cell number and touched the text and the phone dialed the number.

“Everything quiet Sargent?”

“Because whoever did this might try to finish the job,” said Jennifer in reply to a question.

“I have him in the stockade for his protection, though he doesn’t know it,” said Jennifer in response to the Sargent.

Jennifer disconnected and dropped the phone in her purse. She went up to the bedroom with Chip following behind her.

“Ok Connolly this is not a simple case of domestic abuse, there is something else going on?” said Chip.

Jennifer turned around and faced her husband. “Two incidents of women soldiers being beaten up supposedly by their boy friends. Both of the women have “Middle Eastern” last names. Both were dating non-Muslim men. All the friends of the couples have reported that there were no signs of abuse on the part of the males. I find that interesting. And I don’t think my boss will like it either.”

Chip embraced his wife and their lips found each other. Chip slipped his hands in her trousers and under her panties and began to knead her flanks. Jennifer unbuckled Chips belt and opened his pants. Her hands found Chips cock and she let his pants drop to the floor.

“Come darling, lets get frisky,” said Jennifer.

Chip unbuttoned her uniform shirt and when that was free; he reached around and unhooked her bra. He pulled it off freeing her breasts. Chip always felt like a high school boy at this point, finally getting access to the hot cheerleader’s tits.

“You know I am more than my tits, darling.”

“Jennifer, I married the whole you, but the small illegal bahis siteleri prehistoric part of my brain dreams about your breasts all the time.”

Major Johnson you are a loon, and if you don’t kiss me soon” said Jennifer her words were interrupted by chip’s mouth meeting hers. She continued to massage his cock.

Chip lifted his wife and placed her on the bed. His mouth found one of her nipples and he began to suck on the hard end of her tit. He got up and moved down to her waist and unbuckled her belt and began to remove her pants. He slipped her shoes off and finished pulling her pants and panties off.

Chip rose and gazed at his wife from her muscular legs built from the months of training to the slim waist and beautiful breasts. He looked at his wife’s face and realized why he loved her.

He opened her legs and brought his cock to the entrance to her pussy. He eased it into her vagina and his mouth found hers.

“I love the feeling of you making love to me, I feel so safe having you in me and you holding me,” said Jennifer.

Chip began to move his cock in and out of her pussy; first slowly and deliberately and then quickly and then slowly. He kissed his wife. He sensed that she was about to climax and he quickly picked up the pace driving his cock in and out of her pussy. Chip felt the walls of her cunt contracting around his cock and the flood of her climax. Jennifer started to exclaim loudly that she was climaxing. Chip drove his cock harder into her pussy. Jennifer embraced her husband and held him while her climax passed.

He rested allowing her to calm down, his mouth found hers and they kissed. Chip played with his wife’s breasts, he loved holding them and kissing them. Chip started to move his cock again and she encouraged him to cum. Chip went stiff and he felt his cock shoot. His pleasure center went off and he lay next to his wife.

Chip rose and turned his wife over and began to massage Jennifer’s back. He concentrated on her strong flanks and his hand strayed into the crack between her cheeks. One of his fingers strayed into her pussy.

“If you are not going to give me your cock or,” said Jennifer as chip’s mouth covered hers.

“You can be a demanding…”

“Don’t say it if you value your life, now get back and fuck me” said Jennifer.

“Well I need a little help,” said Chip as he brought his limp cock to his wife’s mouth. Jennifer reached out and brought the head to close to her. Jennifer extended her tongue and painted the crown. She felt it gain strength. Chip withdrew his cock and Jennifer snapped at it several times.

Chip turned her over and brought her butt in the air. He brought his tongue to the entrance to her pussy. “Chip I need a hard cock, not a soft tongue.”

“Wait I want to have some fun, darling,” said Chip.

“Chip come here please, let me hug you,”

“Let’s just have some fun Jennifer, like at the cabin or in a hotel room,” said Chip.

Chip rose from the bed and positioned his wife so he could mount her from behind. He looked at her strong back with well-defined muscles. He brought his cock to the entrance of her pussy and quickly inserted the entire length. His hand found her mini-cock and he played with it and caused her to jump off the bed several time.

“You like that don’t you?” said Chip.

He pulled out and positioned her normally and got between her legs, slipping his tool back in her pussy. His mouth found hers and they kissed. Chip started to move his cock and Jennifer moved her pussy in response. Jennifer came first and Chip followed. Chip settled down beside his wife and began kissing her ear.

“I need to know how many of your male associates think you are the most beautiful woman they’ve worked with,” said Chip.

Jennifer rolled on her side and gave Chip a weird look. “I just want to know who I need to be Jealous of,” responded Chip.

Chip held up a finger; “Darling, I know I am a loon, but I wanted to tell you that you are a beautiful woman, and a beautiful person, and I love you,” said Chip.

“If it means anything to you I am thought of as a cold fish in the office since I have dialed back my drinking,” said Jennifer as she held up a finger wanting no response.

Chip leaned over and kissed his wife.

Jennifer’s hand was busy working on his cock, and was getting results.

Chip slipped in to her pussy and held her tightly. Jennifer moved her pussy on and off of his cock, trying to make him cum. She rotated on top and rose above him. She allowed him to play with her nipples while she continued to fuck his cock.

“You need to fuck me Chip, I love it when you fuck me,” said Jennifer.

Chip rolled them over regaining the top position. He rammed his cock in and out of her pussy. Chip went stiff and they felt him cum in her pussy. He kissed his wife and after a while he felt his cock fall out of her pussy. Chip fell asleep and Jennifer followed him.

Five hours later Jennifer awoke and she cursed her luck, “I really canlı bahis siteleri want to sleep through the night,” she said to herself.

Chip had a raging hard on and it took monumental will power to leave him alone. She found the boxers that she usually slept in and put them on followed by a t-shirt. Jennifer slipped out of the room and quietly went down stairs. She picked up the papers from the race packet and refilled the tote bag. She went outside in the dawn and found her newspaper. She walked back in the house and started to read the headlines of the front page. She remembered that her fake cocks were up at the cabin so if she wanted to satisfy herself she would need to use her fingers or wake up Chip.

“Jenn where are you,” said Chip.

Jennifer raced upstairs. She stripped off her t-shirt exposing her breasts. She dropped the boxers becoming completely naked. Her hand stroked the hard-on that Chip was displaying.

“Do you want it in my mouth or cunt, darling,” said Jennifer.

She slipped a leg over Chip “Sorry, Chip the cunt it is,” said Jennifer as she guided chip’s cock into her pussy.

She leaned down and kissed her husband. “Either one would have been OK but I really like being inside of you,” said Chip.

Jennifer kissed him again. “You’re easy to please Chip.”

“No I am very difficult to please that I why I married you, darling,” said Chip.

Jennifer leaned down and kissed him again. She moved upright and brought Chip’s hands to her breasts. “My cunt is occupied but the girls are feeling a little left out,” said Jennifer. They continued to make love for the next hour; alternating between Jennifer sucking on Chip’s cock and having it impaled in her pussy. Jennifer decided that that was the way they were going to spend the day; nonstop sex between two people who love each other.

“So do you have any plans for the day, Darling?” said Chip

“Right now I am going to fuck you, then you will fuck me and then we will make love. How does that sound?”

“I think I will enjoy that but I don’t want you to spend too much energy you have a long run tomorrow,” responded Chip

Jennifer slipped on top of Chip and brought his cock into her pussy and settled down. She kissed her husband and allowed him to play with her breasts.

Jennifer’s phone started to dance on the nightstand. She moved down and picked it up not missing a stroke. She moved the phone in her ear and kept bouncing on Chip’s Cock. “I am in the middle of something I will be there in forty five minutes to an hour. Keep him on ice and I will talk to him.”

Jennifer put the phone back on the nightstand and kissed Chip. “Darling, you and I need to get it on; I have to go into the office.” said Jennifer.

Jennifer leaned down and started to move her pussy up and down on Chip’s cock. Jennifer went stiff and felt her pussy explode on his cock.

“That feels so good,” said Chip. His breathing picked up, and he grunted with each contraction of his loins. Chip let loose with streams of cum and Jennifer collapsed and kissed him. “You are beautiful Major Johnson,” said Jennifer as she got off Chip’s cock. She kissed the tip and took the length in her mouth.

Jennifer rose and kissed her husband and walked into the bathroom. She was soon out toweling herself off and pulled a uniform out of her closet. She dressed quickly and stood in front of the Major and received a thumbs up from Chip; “I will be back this afternoon; and you will need to be available if you understand my meaning,” said Jennifer as she left the bedroom. She picked up a beret and carried it to the car.

Major Jennifer Connolly entered the JAG office and was greeted by Sargent Watson who stood at attention. Jennifer told him to relax. “Lt. Worth is waiting for you for you in your office ma’am,” said the Sargent.

Watson was a large black man He played linebacker in high school and some Jr. College but could not get a scholarship in a university. He decided to join the Army and marry his girlfriend. Army training kept him in shape and his size was intimidating. He was armed with a service pistol, a collapsible baton, and a Taser. “Expecting Trouble Sargent?”

“The guy we brought in is a bad mo…” said the Sargent.

“I get the idea; will I see you tomorrow Sargent?” said Jennifer.

” Yes ma’am I will be running tomorrow. The prisoner is cooling in the holding cell; I was about to get him and take him to the interview room, when you walked in ma’am.”

“Do it and let him stew in there Sargent. I want you in with him also. I want to talk to Worth before we confront this guy,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer walked into her outer office and Lt. Worth stood. “Lets go in to my office Mr. Worth.”

“Sorry ma’am I should not have been in here but I wanted to talk to you before you spoke with our subject. Ma’am Sargent Higgins is a piece of work. I do not know how he made it through basic. I looked at his record and all I see is a man who is shuffled from one outfit to another,” said Lt. Worth.

“So you think this guy is our perp?” said Jennifer

“Several guys heard him boast in the E-club that he hand taught those two harem girls a lesson. He said that he was looking for the guys that were dating the women,” said Lt. Worth.

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