Spring Break 1987: Welcome Home!

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The following is a “true story of my imagination” and continues to tell (and embellish) my experience of spending an interesting week with my ex-girlfriend’s eccentric family during Spring Break in 1987.

In this installment, Leo and Lynn have arrived at Lynn’s family home after an exhausting road trip from college. Leo is introduced to Lynn’s Mom, Beth, and his cock immediately hardens from her hot body and sexual teasing. Leo also meets Lynn’s brother, Ted, who seems to have more than a casual interest in his mom and sister’s bodies! As I mentioned in Chapter 1, no sexual contact ever took place between the family members during my real-life visit, but the sexual tension and innuendos were definitely present, and I’ve tried to capture them in this story. Every scene between family members themselves and between the family and me that does not involve sexual contact took place, including the dialogue, teasing and voyeurism. I simply embellished on those scenes and carried them further!

Of course, names and places have been changed!

A million thanks to Volunteer Editor, LadyCibelle, for editing the story!



Leo Saddler grabbed the bags from the trunk of Lynn’s car and stood staring up at the huge house in front of him, the suitcases hanging lifelessly at his sides.

“Holy shit,” he remarked, the overall image giving the impression of an ominous beast about to devour a helpless victim.

“Wait ’til you see the inside,” Lynn replied, smiling as she made her way to the front door.

Once inside, Leo could not believe the grandeur on display. The craftsmanship was outstanding and the furniture was of old southern style that one would maybe find in a plantation home. Leo Saddler himself had grown up in the northeast, not far from the college at which he and Lynn attended. He came from a humble, blue-collar family, the product of an ironworker and a homemaker. He had inherited his father’s good looks, with sandy brown hair and dark eyes; with a rather large frame, standing at just six feet and weighing just less than 200 pounds. From his mother, he inherited her easy disposition and sense of humor; the latter had helped him win over Lynn upon their initial meeting at a college block party. As Leo set the bags down and marveled at the home, Lynn made her way into the kitchen, where she spotted a note on the counter:


I went out with Glenda. Make yourself at home. If you’re asleep when I get in, we’ll catch up in the morning.



Just below her mother’s writing, was another note, scribbled in barely legible print:


Went out too. Later.


Lynn crumpled the piece of paper and tossed it into the garbage, seemingly upset that her mother and brother were more interested in going out than being there when she arrived.

Having witnessed Lynn’s reaction to the note, Leo made his way toward her. “You okay?” He asked.

“Fine,” Lynn replied curtly, “wanna beer?” She asked, opening the refrigerator and grabbing two beers.

“Sure,” Leo replied.

“Let’s go watch TV and unwind,” Lynn said. Both moved to the living room, where Leo found a full-grown, live tree, standing maybe fifteen, twenty feet, in the middle of the Great Room and rising nearly to the tip of the cathedral ceiling. Its branches looked menacing as they cast shadows in the dim light. The house had obviously been built around it, Leo thought, as he wondered if he’d ever seen anything like this before.

“Jesus,” was all he could muster as he gawked at the monstrous limbs.

“Dad can build you any kind of house you want,” replied Lynn noticing his awe of the architectural wonder. “Mother fell in love with this tree when she first saw it, and so, Dad built the house around it,” she added, turning on the television and flopping onto the oversized, leather couch. Leo took a seat at her feet, as he opened their beers and relaxed.

After watching a rerun of some 70’s sitcom, Leo and Lynn decided to crash. Both had been on the road for twelve hours straight and were exhausted. It was 12:30 in the morning, and neither could hold out any longer waiting for Lynn’s mom and brother to come home. They made their way upstairs to Lynn’s bedroom and slipped quietly into her queen size bed. They were both asleep before they could say goodnight to each other.

Leo Saddler was brought out of his deep slumber by a soft, singsong, voice that lingered way longer than he’d have liked. “Lyyyynnn….Lyyyyyynnnnn,” came the voice from the doorway. Leo glanced at the bedside clock that read 2:23 a.m. Then he heard his girlfriend’s voice respond.

“Hey…mom…is you …just getting in?” Lynn asked, yawning and rubbing her eyes.

Leo tried to shake the sleep from his mind, as his eyes started to focus on the image in the doorway.

“Yeah, I just got in. Can I turn on the light?” Beth Loring asked her daughter.

“Sure,” replied Lynn, wiping the final cobwebs from her eyes and standing.

Just as Leo’s vision came into focus in the darkness, the bedroom light came on, blinding him momentarily. As he blinked canlı bahis to adjust to the light, Lynn and her mom hugged.

“Oh, honey, I’ve missed you,” Beth said to her daughter.

“I missed you!” Replied Lynn. “Where’s Ted?”

“He’s not home yet,” Beth answered, looking over her daughter, before Lynn turned in Leo’s direction.

“Mom, this is Leo,” Lynn said pointing to Leo, who was now standing.

“Hi, Leo!” Beth exclaimed, as she came over to hug the young man she had heard so much about over the last year.

Leo quickly composed himself and opened his arms for the hug, “Hi,” was all he managed to say before Beth planted a brief kiss on the lips, and hugged him. Leo Saddler was startled: Had he just felt his girlfriend’s mother’s tongue brush his lips in the brief kiss. The act was so brief, so subtle, that it had gone unnoticed to Lynn. Either that, or she hadn’t cared! Nevertheless, Leo continued hugging Beth for a few moments, relishing in the softness of what felt like soft, billowy tits, while he regained his composure. He glanced at Lynn who stood behind her mother, now, and smiled. She winked at him, before Beth relaxed her embrace. Leo smelled beer on Beth’s breath, so he concluded that it must’ve been the alcohol affecting her. Nevertheless, he was fighting to keep his semi-erect cock from growing any more.

Beth gave Leo one more once-over and then winked at him, before turning to Lynn. “Well, from a physical standpoint, he looks like a perfect specimen!” She joked with her daughter, as if Leo was invisible.

Lynn smiled at her Mom before gazing at Leo and adding, “Yeah, he does have a body on him, doesn’t he?”

“Mmm hmmm,” Beth groaned making eye contact with Leo and smiling, before turning to her daughter again. “Honey, I have so much to tell you! Let me go change, and I’ll come back,” Beth said.

“Okay,” Lynn replied, seemingly happy that her Mother was willing to stay up and talk.

“Fuck!” Leo whined in his mind. “Couldn’t she fucking wait til morning?” He thought to himself.

As the women made small talk on their way to the door, Leo got a good look at his girlfriend’s mother. She was incredible! He could see the resemblance between mother and daughter, only Beth was slightly taller with bigger tits than her daughter. She was perhaps a tad heavier than Lynn, weighing maybe 130 or 140 lbs. guessed Leo. She had fiery red hair that curled down to her shoulders. Leo couldn’t put his finger on whom she resembled, until finally it struck him that Beth looked like an older Kim Basinger – but with red hair!

“Well, what do you think?” Lynn asked Leo, after her mother had left to change.

“She’s nice,” replied Leo.

“And beautiful, don’t you think?” Lynn said.

“Yes, she’s very beautiful…just like her daughter,” Leo replied, doing his best to sound diplomatic. “Actually, she looks a lot like…”

“Kim Basinger…yeah, I know,” interjected Lynn. “Everybody tells her that,” she continued. “Actually, I don’t see the resemblance as much. I think my Mom is much more beautiful and sexier than Kim Basinger,” Lynn concluded, as she lay back down on the bed.

Leo lay next to her. He was glad that he had dressed in pajama bottoms, even though his chest was bare. He was also glad he worked out regularly. It obviously hadn’t gone unnoticed on Beth. Lynn was dressed in an oversized t-shirt; much like her Mother was as she now made her way back to the room.

“I’m baaaack,” Beth said in her singsong voice again, as she entered the room. The alcohol still rendered its effect. She was dressed in an oversized t-shirt that, on most women, would have covered sufficiently. But Beth’s huge tits caused it to ride higher, making it a struggle for her to keep her hips and ass covered.

Leo wondered why she had not picked more conservative attire considering the presence of her daughter’s boyfriend. Or perhaps, that was why she had picked the short t-shirt, Leo mused. His cock twitched at the thought, as Beth made her way to the bed and sat on the edge on the side where her daughter lay. The two women talked about everything and anything, the whole while, Beth struggled to keep herself covered and failing miserably, or intentionally. Leo tried not to notice, and at times even pretended to sleep, but he had been getting shots of Beth’s panty-clad pussy and ass cheeks all night. Even Lynn seemed to take notice that her mother was struggling to keep covered. Leo was unsure if Lynn was annoyed or simply didn’t care. What he did know was that his cock ached to be released and dipped into a well-oiled pussy. The thought that two succulent pussies and asses stood inches from his cock only added to his growing discomfort! He had long turned on to his stomach to hide his hard-on, and after nearly two hours of small talk, mother and daughter hugged and said their goodnights. Leo turned on to his back as Lynn’s mother turned out the lights and left the room. The door was left cracked open half a foot, and an unknowing light from the hallway seeped into the bedroom.

“So, did you like the show?” Lynn whispered turning into her boyfriend.

“What show?” Leo replied, taking the high bahis siteleri road.

“Oh, c’mon! You’re going to lay there with a hard on and tell me you didn’t notice my mom’s great body?” Lynn asked incredulously. Before Leo could answer, Lynn had shuffled closer and swung a leg over his torso. Her thigh rubbed his hard cock. “It’s okay,” she whispered, “my mom turns everyone on!” She added as she snaked her tongue inside Leo’s ear swiftly as her hand moved inside his pajamas and grabbed hold of his cock. “Even me,” she whispered and began to stroke his cock inside his pajamas. “I didn’t forget my promise to take care of you,” she added.

Leo closed his eyes and relished in the feeling of his girlfriend stroking his cock. Pre-cum had long oozed at its tip from the erotic show Lynn’s mom had put on for them, and so, he found himself quickly approaching orgasm. “Whoa!” He whispered slowing Lynn’s motions down. “I’m already there,” he said, adding, “you want me to risk getting cum on your sheets?”

“No,” Lynn whispered back.

“Then we better stop,” he replied.

“Or…,” she said, as she freed Leo’s cock from the waistband of the pajamas with the same hand that was stroking it, as she quickly moved her head toward his cock, giving him no chance to argue. She tossed the covers off and slipped his cock into her mouth.

Leo groaned and grabbed her head in response. Lynn tried to keep the slurping sounds to a minimum, but her mastery of blowjobs would not allow her to keep things quiet. “Shhhh,” Leo whispered, always the concerned one.

“Don’t worry,” Lynn said in response, releasing his cock momentarily. “My mom’s bedroom is downstairs on the main floor.” She quickly resumed sucking. Just as Leo was about to cum, he heard a faint sound of a door opening, shutting and locking. He quickly surmised that Ted, Lynn’s brother had come home from his night out. Suddenly he heard the ruffled sound of padded footsteps and realized that Ted’s bedroom must be up here, also, probably next to Lynn’s! For a minute, Leo thought he would go soft, but Lynn’s manipulations, slobbering and occasional faint moans prevented that. Leo tried not to think whether Ted had heard his sister’s moans, but he couldn’t help the feeling they were being watched. He even swore he could see shadows dance across the hallway light long after Ted should have slipped into his room. Leo gave up worrying and relaxed. He actually got turned on at the thought of Ted standing outside the hallway watching his sister give a master blowjob.

He imagined her brother stroking himself a few feet away from his slutty sister. And, with that thought, Leo erupted. He held Lynn’s head in place and groaned as cum shot repeatedly into Lynn’s mouth. Like a good slut, Lynn swallowed his load entirely. Leo’s mind raced, much like his orgasm, with visions of Beth’s panties peeking from underneath her t-shirt; visions of Beth playing with herself; visions of Ted stroking himself at the sight of his sister blowing him! Finally, his orgasm subsided as Lynn made her way back up, smacking her lips quietly.

“Mmmm,” she groaned. “Feel better?” She asked.

“Fuck yeah,” Leo gasped, “but I think your brother came home while you were blowing me!”


“I think he heard us,” Leo whispered louder than he’d like, “maybe even saw us!”

Lynn smiled at her overly concerned boyfriend before planting a loving kiss on him. When the kiss broke, she whispered near his hear, “Well then, maybe you’re not the only one who came tonight?” She smiled wickedly looking into Leo’s eyes. “Relax, Leo. You worry too much. This week is our only chance to get some rest this semester.”

Leo smiled and kissed his girlfriend. “You’re right. Goodnight,” he whispered.

“Goodnight,” she replied leaning back as Leo turned away and onto his side. Likewise, Lynn turned onto her side, so they were back-to-back. Unknowing to Leo, Lynn had experienced her own mini-orgasm at the realization of her brother possibly standing outside her doorway, watching her ability to suck cock. That was why she had put everything she’d had into it, wanting to make sure that if her brother was indeed watching, he would know that his sister was a masterful cock sucker! Lynn closed her eyes and licked the inside of her mouth, trying to savor any remaining taste of Leo’s cum. Lynn loved blowjobs and the taste of cum. She wondered if her brother’s cum tasted just as good as Leo’s. She fell asleep with a smile across her face.

That night, shuttered images ran through Leo’s mind as dreams filled his head. He dreamed of fucking Lynn, whose face underneath him slowly transformed into Beth’s. He dreamed of an unknown face fucking his girlfriend, in the living room near the tree, as Leo watched, masturbating. He dreamed of Lynn and Beth, both with snake-like tongues, smiling at him as they licked his cock, while he came over and over.


On the third day of their visit, Leo and Lynn felt refreshed. Leo woke up early this Monday, unusual for him. The clock read 7:52 a.m. as he looked over at Lynn, who lay quietly snoring. He threw his pajama top on, buttoning it only halfway, bahis şirketleri and headed downstairs. In the kitchen, he found Beth sitting at the kitchen table, reading the morning paper. Steam rose from a mug of coffee warming her hands.

“Well, good morning,” she said. She had on a short, terry cloth red robe that ended at mid-thigh. Her short, plump legs were crossed causing the robe to rise even shorter. Leo noticed they were nicely tanned and silky smooth as he shuffled into the kitchen. Beth made no attempt to adjust herself, and Leo was now getting used to her exhibitionist ways, so he began playing along. With his girlfriend not present, he made no effort to divert his gaze from Beth’s exposed thighs, sure by now that Beth would not say anything to Lynn. He met Beth’s eyes and smiled.

“Good morning,” he replied as he poured himself a cup of coffee from the counter. He had gotten to know Beth a little better the last few days, and she was proving to be not only beautiful, but a smart, witty woman, who was perhaps a bit lonely. She had discussed her marriage with Leo, and how her husband divorced her claiming she’d had an affair. But, she had left out an interesting fact that Lynn had mentioned to him months earlier. Apparently, Beth’s husband had accused Beth of fucking their son’s guitar teacher, a young rock-n-roller.

And, on yet another occasion during the last few days, Lynn and Beth recounted to him the story of how the family business grew once they moved to the south from the northeast. Ted had been three years old and Beth was pregnant with Lynn. Their Father had never been around as they grew, tending to the business along with their grandfather. This caused much resentment in the kids toward their father, and ultimately brought them closer to their mother. In the end, when the divorce was final and the kids were teenagers, they chose to live with their mother. Lynn ultimately headed back to the northeast to attend college, while Ted drifted from job to job until he got serious and started commuting to a local university. Beth lived comfortably with her son in the house she got from the divorce, as well as from the sizable portion of the settlement. Nevertheless, she chose to work part-time as a home hospice caretaker to kill the boredom. She had many acquaintances but only one real friend in Glenda. They had been friends for 15 years, and had shared ups, downs and everything in between. They frequently went out together to the country western bars or to dinner, but usually they sat around Beth’s house, as Lynn explained it, talking about sex with younger men and how they weren’t getting any!

“If you’d like a jolt with your coffee, there’s some Kahlua in the bottle there,” Beth said.

Leo turned to stare at a 2-liter soda pop bottle next to the coffee maker. “This?” He asked.

“Yup. Make it myself. It’s quite easy, you know,” Beth replied.

Leo helped himself to a shot and poured it into his coffee. He took a sip as he took a seat next to Beth. She readjusted herself to make room for him, causing her robe to come slightly open at her chest. Leo sipped his coffee as he glanced down Beth’s robe and into her cleavage. He was sure Beth was completely naked underneath, as her tits swayed freely under the robe. A fat nipple capped the large, billowy breast, as it came into view. Leo cleared his throat and spoke. “Where’s Ted?” He asked.

“In class,” she replied, and then adding, “until Noon.” Their eyes met and she gazed at him for a long ten seconds before asking, “Lynn still asleep?” Her voice had dropped an octave to a whisper, as if she didn’t want Lynn to hear. Leo’s cock twitched.

“Yeah, she’s really getting a chance to relax,” he replied, trying not to think sexual thoughts. Beth shifted a bit, causing almost an entire breast to slip out the opening of her robe. Her legs crossed again, displaying a nearly naked thigh to Leo’s gaze. Leo was sure that Beth was aware of her exposed breast and near naked thighs, as she sipped her coffee and gazed at him intently. Leo’s cock rose as he wondered what it would be like to slip his fingers between his girlfriend’s mother’s thighs and sink them into her warm, moist pussy. His cock twitched again, as Beth spoke.

“I gotta tell you, Leo, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so happy.”

“Good,” Leo replied, adding, “she really deserves to be treated well.”

“Oh, you are so sweet,” Beth said, emphasizing the word ‘so’ as she reached up and placed the palm of her hand against Leo’s cheek. Perhaps intentionally, perhaps not, her thumb found itself resting lightly against his lips. Leo and Beth gazed into one another’s eyes as Leo alternated his gaze between her stare and her bare breast. Her act had suddenly turned the casual moment into a sexy gesture. Hesitantly, but with a boldness he’d never allowed himself before, Leo cracked his mouth open, as Beth immediately slid the tip of her thumb into his mouth. Both their chests heaved from anticipation and excitement, as Leo licked the tip of Beth’s thumb. Beth stiffened, as she felt her nipples tighten. Her expression changed from sweetness to lust, as she gazed into Leo’s eyes. She let his tongue play with her thumb before she closed her eyes and sighed deeply. “She had to stop this!” She thought. “This is my daughter’s boyfriend, for crying out loud!” Her mind raced as she reluctantly removed her thumb and hand.

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