The First Time

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They were in the car and parked at the local lookout.

She whispered to him as they were embracing and he couldn’t believe his ears.

“You know,” she said, “I always feel as if I would like us to go further, but I’d been afraid to tell you.”

He looked at her in the low light and saw that she was regarding him seriously, but with a nervous look that showed she was fearing rejection.

“Oh God!” he stammered, “I’ve dreamt of making love to you for months! I thought you would be horrified if I suggested it! Where could we go? What if we were seen? I never have before, you know.”

She smiled, “I know…but don’t worry…you’ll know when the time comes. I have a blanket.”

They walked silently to a small clearing in the copse and he spread the blanket. Now he looked at her and she smiled encouragement and sat on the blanket and patted the spot next to her. He sat next to her and she turned to him and offered her face for a kiss. Never had he experienced a kiss like this….her lips were parted and moved under his…her tongue slowly parted his lips and sought his. Her breast fell against his hand and he gently ran his hand instinctively over it and to the other.

He felt the familiar stirring in his groin which was heightened by her hand on his thigh.

“Undo my buttons,” she whispered urgently. With fumbling fingers he struggled with buttons and opened her blouse, revealing the tops of her breasts over her bra. It was like a dream. He ran his fingers over the top of her breasts and she whispered again, “Now the bra.”

He struggled with the bra but couldn’t canlı bahis şirketleri figure out the clasp, so she sat up and undid it for him and smiled at him at she removed it. He was awestruck with the sudden vision of those smallish but firm breasts he had imagined…proudly free of their cover and inviting his gaze and touch. He bent again to kiss her and she took his hand and led it to her breast. He was thrilled with the softness, the firmness and the electric touch of her hardened nipple. She sighed in his arms and nestled to him, encouraging him to move his lips to her breast. He didn’t believe that this could thrill him so much. She now had started to move her hand across his groin and he was aware that his swollen cock must be obvious to her.

“We’d better get comfortable,” she whispered and stood up and started to undress. “Come on,” she urged, ” We can’t do much with all your gear on!”

His eyes devoured the vision…the face with a look of quiet determination, the hair around her shoulders…the shoulders, breasts…and then as she shucked her jeans and panties, the curves of her ass and legs. He fumbled his clothes off, his mind racing and his eyes feasting on her form. They lay together again on the rug and embraced. He felt her breath and kisses on his neck and her breasts against his chest. She moved her leg between his and he felt her hand gently hold his cock.

“Touch me,” she whispered to him and his hand now traced her breasts and belly and thighs. She whispered again, ” I want you to kiss and suck my breasts first, and then I’ll tell you what to canlı kaçak iddaa do next.”

He lowered his mouth to her hard nipple and ran his tongue it. He felt her shiver and whispered, “Are you cold?”

“No,” she murmured, “It’s just that I love you doing that.”

He moved his mouth from nipple to nipple and ran his tongue down between her breasts and under them and over them. The feeling inside him was indescribable. He couldn’t believe he was there with a real live woman and she was wanting him to do all the things he had read about in Playboy, but only imagined that it may happen one day.

He knelt up and watched her in the moonlight. He let his eyes wander from her face, framed by dark hair, to those curves of her shoulders and breasts; to the darker aureole and prominent nipples; to the slope of her belly and the curve of her sparsely forested mound.

“Touch me,” she said. “Start on my legs” He haltingly let his hand rest on her thigh and was astonished at her reaction, parting her legs to show him that secret place he had never seen. The curve of those lips; the wondrous valley and the petal pink of her vulva. He gently ran his fingers up her thigh to that magic valley and the tingle that was transmitted through his fingers was a feeling indescribable.

He lay down beside her again, with his hand still playing in the valley and kissed her deeply. He was traveling purely by instinct now, the experience well beyond his knowledge. She returned his kiss with movement and passion and she moved so that his fingers found her opening and enjoyed the warmth and moisture canlı kaçak bahis and then, somehow, found that little hood and button. As he rubbed there he was delighted with her reaction. She moved her hips against him and frantically kissed his mouth and face. Her hand now gently rubbed his cock and he had never felt so hard and big.

She parted her legs and raised her knees. “Kneel between my legs,” she cried. “Put your cock at the entrance!”

He did as he was told and, holding his cock in his hand, gently rubbed it up and down her pussy. She moved and suddenly he found that his cock was entering her, and she cried out, “Oh, yes…right there!” and he pushed further in.

The feeling of welcome and enclosure was complete. She seemed to envelop him in a mystical world of warmth, wetness, closeness and wonderment. Slowly and gently he began the dance…in and nearly out…in and nearly out. She locked her ankles behind his thighs and seemed to draw him in further and further.

Her breathing changed to shallow and fast and her mouth was frantically moving over his face. He felt he was being taken to another world, where all was warm, moist and loving. She cried out and clenched herself to him and he felt the tide rising from his balls, being met by the spasms of her vagina. Then the flood came and he felt her muscles around him spasm and he felt the juice of life spurt from him. It was just the greatest experience of his life.

They lay together, breast to chest, and smiled to each other.

“Oh darling,” he said. “That was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. Thank you!”

She smiled and replied, “I loved it too. I’ve wanted this for weeks, but didn’t know how to ask without giving offence.”

He smiled and murmured, “Thank you, thank you….no writing could ever convey the joy of loving.”

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