The Gardener’s Daughter

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My name is frank; I run my own business as a freelance gardener in England.


The phone rang and my young daughter answered it, “Dad, it’s for you”. It was a new job, a large house on the outskirts of town, would I go and see the owner at six o’clock.

Five to six I pulled up outside the massive gates that protected the long winding drive. I had made a few inquiry’s about the place, the owner was abroad most of the time and had two children, one confined to bed after a long illness, the other was at boarding school.

Pulling up outside the impressive entrance I was met by the butler, leading me silently to a side entrance I was introduced to the estate manager. He explained the gardener they had had died and wanted someone to maintain the gardens, the only problem I had to live on site and work exclusively on the estate.

I said I would have to think about it and would let them know the following day. I sat at home and took stock of my life. I was a single parent; my wife died giving birth to my daughter eighteen years ago, my work was drying up, and the flat we rented was in bad need of renovating.

My daughter Fiona came in from swimming lessons and pecked me on the cheek, “hi pops, how was your day”? I sat and discussed the job with Fiona it was a good wage, a three bedroom house and still close to her college, we agreed to take it. I always included Fiona in all discussions just as I would have done with my wife if she were alive.

Fiona was eighteen going on thirty, she was very mature for her age, and she was responsible for the running of the house. As we sat talking I noticed she was filling out nicely, her blond hair cascaded over her shoulders, framed a sweet innocent face, her eyes had that sparkle that only young girls have. She made coffee as we talked, she was about five foot, slim, she had grown out of her puppy fat and her hips were that of a young model, her breasts had started when she was ten, now they formed twin peeks that jutted out of her sweater.

We went to bed after I rang the estate manager and accepted the job, I would move in on the weekend.

The move went smoothly and we were ensconced in our new house, Fiona fell in love with the house, planning to organize it her way.

The job went well, after two weeks I knew my way around and got on well with the other staff. college holidays came and Fiona helped me around the grounds. “Tomorrow we are working in the secret garden” I told her. This was a place that Tony the son who was ill was sat out on sunny days to get some fresh air, he had a virus when he was eleven which left him partially paralyzed, he was now nineteen.

It was a nice sunny day as we moved into the secret garden, tall walls covered in ivy screened the area from the main house. Tony was sat in his wheelchair in one of the corners; a nurse sat reading a book nearby.

We started to dig the flower beds, I noticed Fiona kept looking at Tony as she worked, soon we were working by the wheelchair, I talked for a while to the nurse as we drank a cup of tea. Tony looked at Fiona as she stood nearby, “DAMM,” he muttered to himself,” that’s one hot girl” His mind was still very active but his legs and one arm was useless. He looked at Fiona who was stood next to her dad, she was wearing cut off jeans that hugged her buttocks, she had a loose fitting top that disguised the shape of her breasts, as she turned towards him he smiled and waved to her.

Fiona blushed as he smiled, and waved back, he’s a spunk she thought to herself. Tony called her over. “What’s your name?”, he asked, she answered him, he wanted to know all about her, she sat next to him and they talked for about 1/2 hour.

The nurse commentated that Tony didn’t have any friends and it was good to see him enjoying himself again. We carried on with our work and Tony went in for physiotherapy.

Two days later I was called to the main house, the nurse had passed comment about Fiona and Tony meeting. “Would your daughter like a job for the summer helping the nurse look after Tony”? It seemed that Tony had perked up since meeting Fiona. I said I would ask Fiona.

That night I asked Fiona, she blushed as I joked she had an admirer, and he would like her to keep him company. Fiona jumped at the chance and we went up to the house to let them know.

The next week flew passed for Fiona, she got on very well with Tony and they were often seen as she pushed the wheel chair through the grounds.


Tony became a daily visitor to our house, Fiona would get cokes and they would watch TV or a video, She was becoming an expert at helping him out of the wheelchair and onto the settee for more comfort. One day as I was preparing tea just as they came in, Fiona put Tony’s arms around her neck and pulled him up ready to swing him onto the settee, Tony suddenly kissed her on the lips, just a quick one, but enough for Fiona to blush. I saw Fiona run out to the front door, I followed.

She cebeci escort was stood against a wall her hand on her chest, her breathing was fast, “what’s up”, I asked She blushed as she told me, I laughed and said it won’t be the last you will get. That evening I noticed a change in Fiona, she seemed more quiet and intense, she fussed around Tony and sat close to him all night.

The next day I had to work further away from the house than normal, Fiona and Tony were going on a picnic by the lake. Around lunchtime I made my way to the lake to join then for a snack, as I approached from the wood I saw them sat on the grass.

Fiona was bent over Tony, I stopped, they were kissing, Fiona had Tony’s head cradled and I could see that the kisses were long passionate ones.

I had not thought about Fiona being involved with boys before, she didn’t seem interested, but the scene I was watching obviously made me think.

I went back into the woods and made a lot of noise as I approached them, they were separate now, I could see that Fiona’s face was flushed and Tony had a bulge in his trousers. We ate as Fiona explained that Tony was getting the use of his other arm back slowly and the doctors thought his legs might come back also. I left after a while and made my way back to the landrover, picking up the binoculars I cautiously made my way back to the lake, they were kissing again. Hiding in the bushes I trained the binoculars on the pair, their mouths glued together, Tony started to move his hand to Fiona’s breasts, she covered his hand as if to stop him but after a pause she moved her hand away leaving him access to them.

Tony hand cautiously molded itself to her breast, his hand gently massaged the globe of flesh, and Fiona kissed him more passionately. Tony slowly moved his hand to her waist, lifting her T-shirt he put his hand inside, reaching for her breast again.

I sat watching my daughter being fondled, I had a raging hard on, I had not thought about Fiona as a sexual thing in the past but I was watching her and I could see she was enjoying every minute of it. Suddenly the heavens opened up and the rain poured down, I ran back to the landrover and went home.

Fiona came home soaked through; her T-shirt clung to her body showing me the out line of her breasts, She noticed me looking at her breasts and said, “I’m a big girl now dad” and laughed as she went to get a shower.

She came down in her robe and sat on the floor by the roaring fire, I wanted to say I had seen them but didn’t know how to broach the subject. She seemed very quiet as she watched the flames licked the logs, she looked at me and said,” dad can I ask a question about sex”? “Of course honey, if I know the answer”.

“When adults have sexual urges and they don’t have a boy or girlfriend how do they go on”? “They play with themselves, its called masturbation. “Do all adults do it”? “Most adults do if they don’t have a sexual partner”. “Do you dad? You don’t have a partner”. “Yes darling I do “, I answered quietly, “when I need to” “What do you think about when you do it”? This was getting very deep now, could I tell my innermost secrets to my own daughter? “Fiona some things you keep to yourself” Fiona came up to me and sat on my lap, “thanks daddy”; she lent forwards and kissed me on the lips gently. I could feel the tips of her breasts push against my chest as she cuddled into me, it had been a long time since she sat on my lap and kissed me. I felt my prick stirring as she moved on my lap, laying her head on my shoulder she whispered, “I love you dad”, and kissed me again slowly.

“What brought this on? I asked, “could this have anything thing to do with you and Tony by the lake today”? “What do you mean dad”?

“I saw you today kissing Tony and he played with you” She sat up “Daddy were you spying on us”? I explained that I was intrigued when I saw them kissing and one thing led to another. “Daddy your hard down below”, as she stood up my blood engorged prick made a tent in my trousers. “I’m sorry darling” as tears flowed from my eyes, she sat on my lap again and held me in her arms. “Don’t cry daddy, I didn’t think you thought of me in a sexual way”. I explained seeing them together turned me on so much, that I realized how sexy she was, even though she was my daughter. She silenced me with another kiss this time it lasted a long time, her breasts bore into my chest as I clung to her. “Daddy I have a confession to make, I think of you as I play with myself, when Tony kisses me I think of you kissing me that way, when he touched me I dreamt it was your hand”

We clung to each other and sat for a while silent. “I love you dad, good night”; as she reached the door she said “sweet dreams” and went to bed.


I lay in bed thinking about Fiona, she admitted she saw me as a sexual thing in her dreams, I realized I had been stimulated by her each time she kissed me, her firm breasts I had felt when she cebeci escort bayan clung to me, her firm buttocks moving as she walked.

That night I wanked myself thinking of my lovely daughter, I dreamt I was caressing her supple body, I came so hard and immediately felt guilty. Going to the bathroom to clean myself I heard whimpering coming from Fiona’s room, I opened her door to see her spread out on the bed with her hand between her legs, and her breathing was erratic, her face was contorted and her eyes closed.

She was out of control as her orgasm filled her body, “fill me daddy, fuck me daddy” she repeated as her fingers moved deep into her body. Suddenly she stopped, she had seen me watching her masturbate, my prick was jutting away from my naked body, her eyes closed and she dived under the sheets crying uncontrollably.

I called her name and went to her bed, I reached out and pulled the sheets back, my naked daughter bunched in a ball. I gently placed my hand on her back and caressed the silky skin. “Fiona, look at me,” she slowly turned her head, I pulled her up to my chest and held her against my naked body. I took her chin and pulled it towards my mouth, our lips met, this was to be our first kiss as lovers. I felt her body relaxes as I gathered her up into my arms, we still kissed as I carried her to my room, laying her gently on my bed.

“This will be our room now darling” I said as I pulled the sheets over her, I got in beside her, she had not spoken since I had caught her masturbating. I pulled the sheets of my new lover, her breasts heaved as she realized what was happening, gently I put my hand on her breast, her body stiffened as she felt me tease the nipple to a peak. I bent down as took it into my mouth, I felt the nipples grow as I increased the pressure, my other hand slowly made its way to her belly. I felt her hand guide me to her vagina, “please daddy” was all she said, that was enough, my fingers explored her outer lips I could feel that she was wet and my finger gently separated her lips, finding her inner sanctum. Her body stiffened as I pushed my finger deep into her virginal slit, the wall clamped my finger like a vice. My mouth found her and we kissed deeply, my finger bringing her close to an orgasm. Her hand found my prick and I felt her touch my ball sac. She broke the kiss and crawled down the bed, taking my prick she moved down with her mouth, soon my prick was deep into her mouth. I felt her tongue swirl over the tip that was enough. I pulled out as I shot a wad of spunk over her belly, she dived down and caught the rest in her mouth, swallowing all of it, my finger brought her to the final stage and her body jerked as her orgasm coursed through her body.

We lay quiet as our body slowly came down from high. Her hand moved slowly and encompassed my limp prick; “thank you daddy” was all she said before laying on top of me. We kissed deeply and I felt my prick rising again, Fiona opened her legs and clamped my prick so that it touched the outer lips of her pussy, she slowly moved up and down simulating a fucking motion.

Gently I rolled her off and started to kiss her from head to toe, as I reached her belly I moved between her thighs, I could see the whole of her sex spread out before me. My lips reached their goal, flicking my tongue around her lips she clasped my head against her pussy not wanting to lose that warm feeling spreading throughout her sex. My tongue split her lips and entered her vagina, her juices poured out and I lapped them up, her legs spread wider as I delved deeper into her cave. Soon I had her clit within reach, sucking it deep into my mouth; she gasped and clamped her legs in a vice like grip around my head. She screamed as another orgasm shook her body.

My finger entered again and as I moved around I felt her hymen blocking her womb from me. “Daddy my darling daddy please make love to me ” she gasped. I moved up and lined my prick up to her virgin pussy, “slowly daddy please”, I kissed her as I slowly entered her, her lips parted to encompass the head of my prick, she gasped as the thickness moved slowly in. “YES OH YES DADDY FUCK ME”, she screamed as I pushed further into her soaked cave, her hips moved in time with mine, soon I reached her maidenhead, she was panting as I moved once more forward to break her in. She groaned as I broke the last trace of her virginity, but gasped as I slid the full length deep into her, I could feel the entrance to her womb on the tip of my prick as we moved in unison to achieve a perfect union. Her arms and legs trapped my body in a grip to stop me from separating from her. I could feel my sperm travelling on its way to my darling daughter’s womb, my hip thrust faster as I reached the point of no return. We kissed passionately as my sperm shot deep into her receptive womb, spurt after spurt filled her until it seeped from the sides as her hips rose faster and faster as she reached her first penetration orgasm. We fell escort cebeci into a deep sleep still connected our juices mingled with a small amount of blood, proof of my Fiona’s taken virginity.

We woke early, my prick had a piss hardon and I needed to take a leak, as I move to withdraw from my daughters pussy I felt her legs trap me. “Give me a good morning kiss first”, she said, my mouth found hers and we kissed slowly, our tongues swirled deep into every recess.

I pulled away, my prick withdrawing from its warm cave, our juices had leaked out during the night and made a wet patch on the sheets. We bathed separately and had a quiet breakfast; Fiona seemed shy again since we had got dressed.

“Dad, did you mind what we did last night”? “My darling how could I mind making love to the one girl in my life, no, I was afraid you would have misgivings about what we did”.

“What about Tony? do you still intend to let him touch you like yesterday”?

She blushed at the mention of his name, “I was hopping that now I’m not a virgin we might go a bit further” “Only if I can watch” I joked.

“Not in the same room dad”, she replied, with a gasp.

My god she doesn’t mind me watching, I thought I’d try one more time,” maybe we could have a threesome”? “Dad, Tony might not like that” My god, my daughter is sex mad. I reached out and pulled my daughter into my arms, we kissed and talked how the best way to get Tony into her nickers, I said I would bring the video camera and hide it on the bookshelf so that I could see her progress with Tony.

It took about an hour to set up the camera, Fiona said we should take positions so that we could check the angles, I sat down and Fiona unzipped my jeans and pulled my prick out and started to suck. Soon she had a mouth full of sperm trickling down her throat. As we looked at the footage we shot, Fiona still blushed, her hand teased her pussy lips as I shot my load into her mouth, I told her to save it for Tony and the camera. She jumped up and said she was going for Tony right now


As Fiona walked to the big house she thought about the previous night with her father, she had no intentions of revealing her love for her father, but one thing led to another and now they were lovers and she was glad.

She wondered how Tony would act today, with his kisses and caresses yesterday that turned her on so much. Tony was out of bed sat in his wheelchair brushing his teeth at the sink. He only had a pair of boxer shorts on, when n he heard the door open and saw Fiona he rinsed his mouth and turned to her. “Caught me with my trousers down nurse” he said, Fiona looked at his lap, his penis was half-hard in the confines of his shorts, she could see the outline of his prick. “I see your pleased to see me” she laughed and kissed him, his hand went to her breast as her drew her onto the bed next to his wheelchair. Undoing her blouse he was glad to see she had no bra on, her nipples stood proud as his fingers tweaked the thickening tips.

Fiona pulled away breathless, “Tony someone might come in”. “Come into my surgery”, he said, and moved into a room attached to his bedroom, This had a hoist and a long bench for his physiotherapy. No one except the nurse was allowed into this room, he got Fiona to sit in the hoist he pushed the button to raise it, stopping when it reached the same height as his wheelchair he moved closer to Fiona.

undoing her blouse he saw for the first time both her breasts exposed, slowly he removed it completely, Fiona let him caress her breasts as she moved forward to kiss him, their mouths met and they both explored each other’s mouth.

Pressing the button again until Fiona was the same height as his lap he pulled the sides off his wheelchair off. Moving forward he moved Fiona’s legs apart and moved so that she was sitting on his lap, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her nipple into his mouth, Fiona gasped as she felt the heat of his mouth engulf her nipple, pulling his head closer she warmed to the caresses his tongue was giving her breasts.

Tony’s hands caressed her buttocks, she could feel his hands lift her skirt up and rub her thighs, her pussy tingled as she knew what he intended to do. Tony let his fingers roam around her panty line, slowly he made his way to the front, his fingers caressed her mons as he felt her legs open to allow his fingers entry.

Pushing the button once more Fiona felt her body being raised to his head level, slowly Tony grasped her panties at the side and started to pull them down, Fiona pulled up slightly to aid him, soon they were off. Undoing the buttons to her skirt he removed it, she was now naked, he saw her pussy glistening in the light. Fiona was exposed to his eyes, her body tingling with sexual need, she saw him move his head forwards, his mouth found her pussy, the electrical contact of his lips was enough to send her body into her first climax. Her pouty lips open to his exploring tongue lapped at the juices that poured from her spasming vagina, his finger separated her lips exposing her quivering clitoris, he clasped it between his lips and sucked at the turgid finger of flesh. Soon her body was a mass of quivering flesh; her mind was blank as orgasm after orgasm swept her body.

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