The Housekeeper

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I know it is supposed to be illegal to pick an employee based on looks, but when Selena showed up at my door in answer to my ad for a housekeeper, I knew she was the one for the job.

I am a widower, and not the best housekeeper in the world. I am a bit absent minded, and working from home all the time means that I sometimes forget to shave or shower. All that stopped when Selena started cleaning my house. You see, Selena looks like Salma Hayek, except her breasts are a little smaller. At only 5’1″ tall, she is a powerful dose of walking Viagra. So now I get up, shave, shower and make myself presentable on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday when she comes to my house.

Her first day we spent about 90 minutes together going over where everything in the house was kept, and what she would be cleaning. I have to admit that I spent most of the time trying not to stare at her tits and ass, and failing at making my dick stay down. But my arousal definitely went away when I noticed the wedding rings on her left hand.

After about a month, Selena was cleaning out my refrigerator. I didn’t ask her to do this, she just started doing it one day. I can hear her mumbling to herself in Spanish as she works. Suddenly, she comes into my office and she is mad. She is so mad that she forgets I don’t speak Spanish and starts yelling at me.

“¿Es este tipo de cosas todo lo que come? Esta mierda va a matar!”

My look of both fear and confusion makes her realize that I don’t understand her. So she switches to English. Her anger has her accent even more pronounced. “Is this kind of stuff all you eat? This shit is going to kill you!” Even when she is yelling at me, her sexy accent causes my dick to start stirring. “That’s it, I am going to start cooking dinner here on the days I clean for you.”

I look at her and say “Why do you want to do that?”

Her response was “You are the last house of the day for me, and my husband works late nights. So I have time, and you definitely need someone to take care of you.”

I just smile and meekly say “Ok”.

“Hombre estúpido.” That I understood.

On her next day there, she comes in the door and says “Go unload the groceries from my car. Oh, and you owe me $148.39 for them.” I go out and bring in the bags. She is stocking the fridge and the pantry with the stuff, and I am amazed at what is there. “Go back to work.” She says.

Later that afternoon, the most amazing smells start to come in from the kitchen. She has made meatloaf and new potatoes. I then notice she set the table, and there are two places. She sees me looking, and says “You didn’t think I was just cooking for you, did you?”

I ask “What about your husband?”

“He won’t be home until after midnight, and he eats at work. So I thought I would keep you company.”

Who am I to refuse a beautiful woman’s company for dinner.

This goes on for about 2 months. During this time, I notice her attire changing. The jeans and work shirts have been replaced with dresses, or skirts and blouses. Instead of tying her long, black hair up, she is leaving it down. As summer comes on, the dresses canlı bahis become thin sun dresses. I catch glimpses of her outlines as she is back lit by the sun. This provides multiple fantasies when I am alone and horny.

One Friday, I am off work, and sitting in the living room while she works. She is bending over dusting the bottom shelves and I can’t help but admire her ass. Then I realize that she can see me in the mirror on the wall, and I look away. When she stands up, I notice the top two buttons on the front of her sundress are undone and I can see her cleavage. Of course, I start to get hard, and this does not go unnoticed by Selena.

She bends over in front of me to clean the top of the coffee table. I can see all the way down inside her bra, and I notice the dark brown nipples are hard. As she turns, I see her look up at me and a slight sexy smile appears on her face. She knows I was looking and she likes it.

Dinner that night was a bit uncomfortable. It is very difficult for me to concentrate on the food when all I can do is to stare at the beautiful brown cleavage across the table from me. When dinner is over, I try to help her take the dishes into the kitchen. She notices the bulge in my jeans, and that same sexy smile appears on her face.

The weekend was long with me thinking about her all weekend. What kind of game was she playing with me? Was I supposed to make a move? Was she just a tease? Needless to say, I spent some time with my dick in my hand while thinking about her.

Monday morning came and I was nervous wondering if she would continue the teasing. She showed up in a thin, pale yellow sundress. And it was very apparent that she didn’t bother with a bra that day. Her nipples were visibly hard under the thin material. I got an immediate hard on, and Selena definitely noticed. That smile was back. I retreated into my office to try to get my dick to behave.

In the past Selena had often asked me to help with things like folding sheets and moving furniture, so I was not surprised when I heard her call me from the other room. “Would you come help me?” came from my bedroom. So I got up, rearranged my dick so it would not hurt when it got hard, and went in there.

She is bent over just finishing putting the clean sheets on my bed, so I get an eyeful of her lovely ass. As she stands up, I say “You need my help with something?”

Selena’s reply startled me. “Take off your clothes” she says. My mouth drops open slightly, so she steps closer to me, puts her right hand behind my neck, and kisses me. I immediately start to kiss back. As I go to put my arms around her, she pulls away from me she pulls her sundress over her head and says “You can’t make love to me with your clothes on.”

I am almost frozen with astonishment while Selena slides in between the sheets of my bed. “Well, what are you waiting for?” she says, pulling me out of my trance. I immediately strip off my shirt and pants, and as I start to move she says “The underwear too. I want to see the dick you have been teasing me with for months.”

While removing my underwear, I say “Me teasing bahis siteleri you? You are the one who keeps flashing me those hard nipples.” She laughs as I move onto the bed, and our lips meet in another long kiss. I feel her hand run across my chest, then down to my cock. She strokes it and I groan from the contact.

I slide my hand between her legs, only to find she still has her panties on. “This won’t do… You need to be as naked as I am.” I say, as I roll her on her back and pull them down. She lifts her hips, allowing me to remove the wet panties.

I slide them off her feet, and then I move slowly up her legs, caressing them. She moans and her legs part, revealing a beautiful, wet pussy. There is a small patch of dark hair above a beautifully shaved slit. I start to nibble on the inside of her left thigh, and she slides her fingers into my hair. Her hands nudge me in the direction of her pussy, but I just switch sides and nibble and kiss the other thigh. She says “Tease”, and I stop.

I look up at her and say “That’s right. I love to tease. It makes it more intense for you when I finally let you cum.” She pulls harder on my head, so I relent and let my tongue take a long slow lick up her center. Her taste is delicious. I lick and kiss the outside folds of her pussy, as her clit starts to emerge from between her lips. I slip my right index finger slowly up and down the opening of her pussy as I lap at her clit. Her moans are really loud now and she gasps as I slip my finger into her. I curl it around, finding her g-spot. She starts to quiver, so I keep up the strokes on her g-spot and my tongue continues to swirl on her clit.

Suddenly her hips rise off the bed and her hands force my head into her pussy harder. I continue to lick as I feel her pussy muscles milk my finger. She is shaking as she starts to come down, and I intensify my actions. Her hips rise again, and she loudly cries out “¡SI! ¡SI! ¡Dios Mío!” She suddenly collapses on the bed, and pushes my head away from her. “No, No. Stop! I can’t take any more!”

I just ignore what she is saying, and start back in on her pussy. She is getting really close to a third orgsam, so I suddenly stop. Selena moans “Why did you stop? I was so close?” I move slowly up her body, kissing her stomach as I go.

She moans loudly when I suck her hard nipple into my mouth. I then say “You told me to stop.” And I give her an evil grin. She grabs my head and pulls my mouth to hers, kissing me.

“I want you in me now.” She says after our lips part. I feel her hand stroking my cock between us, trying to guide me into her. I reach down and stop what she is doing. Then I slide my cock up the outside of her pussy, feeling the wetness against it.

Selena moans “Nooo! I need your dick in me now!” But I continue to slide up and down the outside of her pussy, teasing her even more.

I say “I told you I like to tease.”

As my strokes get longer, I am getting closer and closer to entering her. But I am stopping right on the edge every time She is getting desperate, so as I stroke downward, she raises her legs up and rolls her hips upward.

My bahis şirketleri cock slides into the hottest, tightest cunt I have ever felt. She lets out a long “Ahhhhhh!” as she wraps her legs around me and pulls me into her. I feel the head of my cock hit her cervix, and she yelps. I stop for a moment, and we lock eyes. I can see the desire burning in them. She pulls my head down and kisses me as her legs release their pressure on me. I slowly slide out of her pussy, stopping with the head just in her. Again, her legs pull me back in, and again she yelps when I bump her cervix with my cock head.

“Faster” she says. So I start stroking in and out of her faster. She is grunting and moaning with pleasure.

I feel the pressure of my approaching orgasm building. “Selena, I am getting close to cumming. I need to pull out!”

Her legs wrap tighter around me and she says “I want you to cum inside of me. Fill me with your cum. I want you to get me pregnant!”

“Selena, are you sure?”

“Yes, shut up and knock me up!”

My strokes speed up, and her yelps get faster and louder. Suddenly my orgasm hits. I feel like I am dumping gallons of cum into her. As she feels my hot seed splash against her cervix, she starts to cum too. Her legs lock around me, pulling me deeper into her. I can feel her cervix open up and my hot sticky seed sprays deep into her womb. I feel her quivering as pulse after pulse of cum sprays into her. I kiss her as she slowly comes down from the orgasmic high.

She keeps her legs locked around me until my dick softens enough to slide out of her. As she lets go, I roll onto my back and pull her to my side.

Selena says “That was incredible. I have never had that many orgasms with a man.”

I say “I am glad you enjoyed it. I do have a question though. Aren’t you worried about getting pregnant?”

She looks at me and says “Silly man, I am trying to get pregnant.” Then a slight pause and she follows up with “By you.”

“Aren’t you worried about your husband?”

She says “No. We got married when I was 18 because I was pregnant. I miscarried at 4 months. Since then he gets drunk every night on his way home from work, and tries to fuck me. But he is not able to get it up because of the booze. So he just humps against me for a minute, then rolls over and falls asleep. He always asks me about it the next day. I always lie and tell him he was great. He will be thrilled if I get pregnant As soon as I tell him, he will be over the moon happy, and he will be out telling all his friends about how big of a stud he is.”

I look at her and say “But why me? I am 50 years old? You could divorce him and find someone else.”

Selena says “He is a good provider. He doesn’t beat me, he takes care of the bills and he works hard. But I know he can’t give me a babies I want. You are a nice, sexy man, and I realized a while back that I love you. And I notice you don’t have kids either. When I have seen you with the neighbor’s kids, you are always good with them. Why didn’t you and your wife have kids?”

I tell her my late wife never wanted them, but I always did.

She sighs, and says “Papi, you are going to give me a whole bunch of babies.” Then she smiles, and says

“Want to try again?”

I watch as she takes my cock into her mouth and starts sucking gently…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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