The Lake

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The night is warm and a slight breeze is blowing, you decide to go for a walk as TV is really boring. You head down the road to the lake thinking to yourself “A midnight dip would sure feel good.” You get to the lake and sit down on a rock under a tree, enjoying the sound of the water hitting against the shore. You close your eyes and lean back, enjoying the solitude. Listening to the birds and night creatures making their nighttime noises.

Suddenly close to you, you hear a slight splashing and you open your eyes looking for the source. You are surprised when you see a naked man slowly walking into the water, he reaches down and splashes water over his body before diving under and then breaking the surface to swim. You lean back again entranced by the sight of his lean body cutting through the water. He reaches a shallow spot and stands up, apparently still unaware that you are watching him, and lift his arms to the sky, closing his eyes and starting to move his body in some kind of sensual dance. Your breathing starts to grow shallow as the eroticism of his dance starts to get to you. You feel your body responding as he throw back his head and starts to run his hands over his body. Your eyes follow the path of his hands wishing it were yours. His hands dip into the water and drip water over his body and you can see the glistening droplets of water on his skin, and you feel yourself yearning to lick them from his skin.

As the moon comes from behind the clouds, you see that is your neighbor, a single man who’s very mysterious and quiet. You had an idea that he was a dancer and seeing his naked body and the way he moved, you had no doubt that he had to be.

He is lost in whatever music he hears in his head and his body starts to writhe again. His hips move and his hands move through the air as if he were caressing someone if front of him. Again your breathing grows shallow and you reach up to undo your shirt, running illegal bahis your hand down the part and feeling the sweat that has started to develop on your now heated skin. As you watch him you become hypnotized, your hands moving in the same pattern as his and imagining your hands to be his. His eyes are still closed as he makes love to the air with his hands and you follow his exact movements. Your legs part slightly and you run your hands down the sides and then to your inner legs. You didn’t wear panties in anticipation of your own skinny dip and as your hands move to the center of your heated core, you gasp slightly.

Suddenly he stops and looks around as if he heard you, his eyes narrowed as he looks up and down the shore. Apparently you have escaped detection because he smiles and begins to move again, hands working their magic on the air and yours going back to your now dripping pussy. As you watch him your fingers part your lips and tease across your clit, feeling it throb. Your other hand goes up and starts to squeeze your nipples gently, as you stare and him and imagine its his hands touching you. His hands now move to his body and you see him cup himself, and begin moving his hand until you can see the outline of his now rock hard cock in the moonlight. Your fingers stroke up and down, in the same rhythm as his hand sliding across his hard cock. Its like you and he are making love to each other now, as his body still sways to the tune in his head, his hips moving to his hand at the same time yours lift to yours.

You close your eyes now lost in the fantasy that his moonlight dance has formed, leaning back against the tree as your fingers work on your clit. Your body trembles as you imagine its his tongue stroking over you and tasting the juices now flowing from your body. You cant help yourself and you moan, you open your eyes to see if he has heard you and you see him standing at the waters edge watching you. His illegal bahis siteleri hand is still stroking his hard cock as he starts to walk to you and kneels down before you. You are embarassed and start to cover yourself, but he speaks softly saying “Please dont, I have been waiting for this moment for a long time.”

Startled, you are motionless, as he gets down before you and runs his hands down your legs. Cupping your ass he dips his head to run his tongue ever so softly across your throbbing clit, you feel the hardness of a tongue piercing hitting against your clit and you put your hands in his hair, pulling his head tight against you. He begins to stroke his tongue up and down faster, flicking it over your clit as your hips push up against his tongue. You feel him sucking on your clit and his tongue teases the tip faster and faster. Your moans grow louder as his mouth works against you, his tongue hitting just the right spots over and over. Your hands leave his head and come back to your nipples, twisting them gently as your body arches to his mouth. You feel close to cumming and reach down and pull his head from you, looking him in the eyes and saying “I want to cum with you in me, please.” He smiles and says “Ahh, your wish is my command, ” and laughs gently before moving his body up and licking across your lips. You taste yourself on him as he sucks your tongue gently into his mouth and starts to kiss you passionately. As you kiss your hand runs down and takes his hard cock on it, stroking up and down it before tugging it slowly to your now soaked pussy. You place the tip of it on your clit and start to rub it up and down and you hear him groan, his hips moving against you. Unable to bear it any longer, your slide him down and rest the head at your opening. Rubbing it in your juices before putting one hand on his hips and pulling him to you so his cock will sink in you. He places his hands on either side of you canlı bahis siteleri and works his hips to you, slowly sliding his cock in you until he fills you completely. He holds his hips there, moving them ever so slightly so that his cock touches every part of you. He then begins to slide his cock in and out slowly at first, before moving his hips faster against you, and you feel his cock touching every part of you, as he strokes in and out faster and faster. Your hips lift up as he sinks deeper with each thrust, your bodies slamming against each others, your legs wrapped around his hips pulling him tight against you. The sounds that the two of you make echo softly across the water as you two reach for fulfillment. He starts to pound against you as your body starts to tremble, his cock flying in and out now, sliding freely in your juices. Your hands go to his back, nails digging in his skin as the first waves of your orgasm hit you, he slows down his thrusting to rub the head of his cock over your g-spot, prolonging your orgasm. Then his hits him and he sinks his cock in you deep, throwing his head back and groaning as his hips shake against you.

As the last waves of your orgasms pass over he bends down and softly kisses your lips then pulls his cock from you. He pulls you to your feet and peels your soaked clothes from you, then picks you up in his arms and walks to the water with, you setting you on your feet before cupping his hands in the water and bringing them up to wash your heated body off. He pulls you close and kisses you as he lets your bodies sink under the water. Putting his mouth next to your ear he says “I planned tonight, I saw you leave and head this way and I hoped that you were coming here to the lake. Once I saw you sit down, I stripped and proceeded to seduce you with my dance. I hope you can forgive me” You reply “Of course I do, I wanted it as much as you.” He takes your hand then and leads you to the shore and dresses you himself, then leads you to where his clothes are hid and dresses himself. Still holding your hand he leads you to your door, where he kisses you gently once again, before bidding you goodnight and turning and walking away…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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