British Becci #2

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British Becci #2
I woke next morning to the smell of bacon frying. There never has, nor ever will be, anything like the smell of bacon cooking. I threw the duvet off me, found a pair of panties to wear and slipped a T-shirt on and let my nose guide me towards the kitchen. As I enter, I saw Daddy, spatula in hand looking at the bacon in the frying pan. He looked up at me when I entered, smiled and wished me a good morning. I went over to him kissed him on the cheek, wished him good morning and holding his arm with both hands, watched the bacon frying in the pan. “Do you want any eggs with your bacon?” he asked.

“Umm! No thanks,” I replied, “Just some bacon will be fine.”

“Help yourself to some tea,” he said as he scooped the bacon out of the pan and placed it on two plates. “I’m going to make myself a bacon sandwich,” Daddy said as he sat down at the table, placing one plate in front of me and the other in front of himself.

I was waiting for some comment about last night but Daddy just made his bacon sandwich and started eating it with relish. I felt like telling him that if he had eaten me last night like I wanted him to he might not be so hungry this morning. But that would have been crude and cruel; it might have upset him which in turn might put my ‘holiday plans’ in jeopardy.

My mobile phone message alert sounded which startled us both a little. I picked the phone up and saw it was a message from Sharon asking me if I wanted to go to a barbecue next Saturday evening. I mentioned it to Daddy and he encouraged me to go because he was having a few of his friends around that Saturday for a ‘men’s adult night’.

I looked at Daddy and said, “You mean some of your mates and you are going to watch a cheap porno film and have a few drinks!” He smiled and said that it happened regularly and it was his turn to host it this week.

“Fine,” I replied as I tapped out an acceptance to Sharon and pressed the send button.

Daddy finished his bacon sandwich, drunk his tea, kissed me on the forehead and headed out the door to go to work. “Be home about 6 tonight,” he said as he closed the door behind him, leaving me to eat my breakfast and drink my tea alone. I sat wondering what he must be thinking about last night’s sexual activity. It’s not every day a man gets his cock sucked by his daughter! Why hadn’t he said anything? Why did he not show any signs of emotion or love or wrongdoing on his face? Did he even remember?
Perhaps he thought it was a dream and it didn’t really happen: l knew it had happened, and as I recalled it in my mind’s eye my pussy started to get damp again, my nipples swelled and hardened, and my clitoris started to react. I finished my breakfast, went to my bedroom and enjoyed a sex session with my dildo.

The week passed with nothing special happening and certainly nothing sexually happening between me and Daddy. He was coming home late from work most nights and going straight to bed claiming to be ‘dead tired’. He was always up earlier than me and had gone to work before I climbed from the pit of my sleep. That week I saw very little of my Daddy. Was he avoiding me I wondered?

Saturday dawned, and I could feel the sun’s heat through the window curtains. I threw back the duvet, jumped out of bed and opened the curtains. The sun’s rays hurt my eyes and I had to screw them up to protect them. When I eventually managed to open them, I noticed our next-door neighbor looking up at my window.
I waved to Mr. Johnson who waved back and then glanced around at his house. It was then that I realized I was topless, and he could see my breasts. “A treat for you Mr. Johnson,” I said to myself, with a smile on my lips. He was obviously worried that his wife would see him looking which is why he kept moving his eyes away from me back to his house. I wondered what was going through his mind as he watched me. He must have been in his early seventies. Do men that age still have sexual desires? I might find out one day!

I threw a loose flowery summer frock over my head, found a pair of sexy panties in my draw and finished with a pair of flip-flops. Today looked as if it was going to be a scorcher and I wanted to dress cool for it. I went down the stairs, checking myself in the mirror before entering the kitchen. Daddy was sitting at the table reading his newspaper and drinking a cup of tea. I sneaked up behind him, put my arms around him and gave him a hug and a big sloppy kiss on his cheek. “Good morning Daddy. It looks as if it’s going to be a scorcher today,” I said still hugging him.

“It certainly does,” he replied. “Should be a great for the barbecue tonight.”

“Yes,” I replied, “I’m really looking forward to it, but first I need to go into town for some shopping. Is it OK if I borrow the car Daddy?”

“Of course honey, but I do need it later this afternoon to go and get some drinks for tonight. You haven’t forgotten the men’s night tonight?”

“No, Daddy. I haven’t forgotten and I will be out of the way for you to enjoy your cheap porno films with your friends,” I said with a smile on my lips and a glint in my eye. Daddy turned his eyes away from me and back to his newspaper.

I poured myself a cup of tea, tipped some cornflakes into a bowl, added the milk and enjoyed a light breakfast whilst reading the back page of Daddy’s newspaper.

I borrowed the car and drove to the local supermarket to get some drink to take to the barbecue. A bottle of vodka and a couple of bottles of wine would be a helpful contribution towards Sharon’s costs for the evening. While I was in the supermarket a light summer dress attracted my attention. It was an end of line item, reduced by almost 75%, was in my size and would be ideal for the evening’s entertainment. I bought it without hesitation. I left the supermarket feeling snug and pleased with my super buy.

Late that afternoon I had a soak in the bath with loads of bubble bath and then started to get ready for the barbecue. I was only going to wear panties and my new summer dress because of the heat. I tried the dress on, and it was a perfect fit but the zipper running up the back was a little awkward to start with. “It will get easier with use,” I mumbled to myself. I looked at myself in the mirror and although the outline of my panties could just be seen through the dress there was no sign of my nipples. That won’t please the boys!

Next I put my make-up on. The blood red lipstick seemed to go particularly well with the dress and by the time I had finished putting my make-up on I looked like a million dollars – even if I say so myself. I chose a pair of white high heeled shoes to wear on bahis siteleri canlı my feet. They were a little uncomfortable, but I could always kick them off at the barbecue and walk around bare footed. I found a white matching handbag and I was complete.

I went downstairs and modelled myself for Daddy. “You look stunning,” he said. “Absolutely stunning. I envy the boys who will be there tonight looking at you. They will find it hard to take their eyes off you, although I do think the dress is a little short.”

“Thank you, Daddy,” I said proudly, swirling around a few times hoping to make Daddy a little excited. “This is the length this year Daddy. Any longer and I would look like a frump and everyone would laugh at me!”

“Well, it’s sure to set the young men’s blood boiling with passion, so be careful,” he replied.

I just laughed at him and said, “I’m always careful Daddy.” I walked up to him, gave him a kiss on the cheek which left a lipstick mark and told him to behave at his party. “Goodbye, Daddy. See you later – probably around midnight or later,” I said as I went out the door and climbed into the car. Daddy followed to see me on my way.

“And don’t drink and drive,” he shouted as I started the car engine, put the car into gear and drove off.

Sharon lived about 20 miles away and I was leaving myself a good two hours to get there. I hated being late for anything and decided that if I was too early, I could stop at a Costa’s and have a coffee, and that is exactly what I did. I was only 5 minutes away from Sharon’s house, but I still had over an hour left on the clock. I pulled into the Costa car park and went inside for a coffee. The place was almost deserted but a few of the men did turn and look at me, examining me with their lustful eyes.

I sat at a table close to the window and pretended to watch what was happening outside in the car park. Occasionally I would turn and look at my audience, pretending to be enjoying my coffee more than the looks and smiles from the men. To be truthful, the coffee was not that good, but it was a way of killing time.

My mobile phone rang. It was Sharon. “Hi Becci. I’ve got a problem. I was getting the barbecue ready when I tripped over my stupid dog. I’m in hospital A & E with a broken leg. We can’t have a barbecue tonight.”

“Is there anything I can do for you,” I replied.

“Not today thanks. Maybe next week you can come over and keep me company for a while.”

“OK,” I said, “I’ll give you a ring early next week and we’ll make a date. Take care of yourself and if there’s anything you need let me know.” I pressed the red button on the phone and sighed. Sharon’s accident had left me in a bit of a quandary. Daddy didn’t want me home because he was entertaining his men friends and the barbecue had been cancelled. I ordered another cup of coffee while I pondered the situation.

The solution was quite easy really. I had some wine and some vodka in the car. I could go home, sneak in through the back door, making sure no-one saw me and spend the night in my bedroom having a drink or two and watching television. The plan was faultless. I drained my coffee, stood up and headed to the car park. As I went through the door, I gave my arse a bit of a wiggle as if waving goodbye to the men. One responded with a wolf whistle. I smiled.

The drive home was easy. The roads were quiet and as I neared the house, I saw that there were quite a few cars already parked outside, probably owned by Daddy’s male guests. It meant I had to park some way away from the house but that was all right as no-one would hear me arriving. I closed the car door gently and quietly and headed for the back door, clutching my haul of vodka and wine.

As I passed a side window, I noticed that the curtains were not fully drawn closed and I could see inside the room. Being a nosey sort of a person that is exactly what I did but I did not expect to see what my eyes witnessed. There were men in the room, and they were all naked. I also spotted a couple of females, also naked! So, this is what Daddy meant when he said he was holding a ‘men’s night’. It wasn’t just a couple of drinks and a porno film – it was a full-blown orgy!

I would never have believed that my father would even go to an orgy let alone hold one. I glanced around the room to see if I could see Daddy and sure enough, there he was, naked, sitting on an easy chair with a woman sitting on his lap. He was kissing her passionately and his hand was fondling her breasts. My eyes travelled up the woman’s body to her face. My heart missed a beat! It was Aunty Pam! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Aunty Pam and Daddy were having sex! I turned away from the window with a shocked look on my face.

My heart was beating fast. My head was pounding. My mind was confused. What was I going to do now? Should I ignore what I had just seen and go to my bedroom as if nothing had happened? I decided that I had little option – my bedroom it was! I opened the back door quietly and entered. I crossed the kitchen to the door to the hallway, opened it quietly, peeked around it to make sure the hallway was clear and made my way to the stairs.

“Hello. What do we have here?” I heard just before I reached the stairs. I froze and wondered what I was going to do. I turned around and standing just a yard away from me was a handsome young black man, naked and with an erection that any man would be proud of. I put the bag containing my drink on the floor close to the stairs. “You’re late,” he said as he put his arm around my shoulder and escorted me to the dining room. “The party started some time ago.”

I suppose I should have just run away but I didn’t. I couldn’t. This charming man had a hypnotizing effect on me, and I let him lead me to the dining room. We went in through the door and he announced to everyone there in a rather loud voice, “Look what I’ve found. A rather attractive late comer to the party.” The whole room went quite as everyone stopped doing whatever they were doing and looked over at me. I caught Daddy looking at me, his mouth open, as if he was in shock. “What’s the pretty lady’s name,” someone shouted from across the room.

“Its … its …it,” I mumbled not sure what to say.

Aunty Pam came to the rescue. “This is Penny and she works for John as a photographic model,” I heard her say, as she approached me and my escort. “She called me earlier and said that she might be a little late.” Aunty Pam was looking me straight in the eye. She had a mischievous twinkle in her eye. “Isn’t that right Penny?”

“Yes,” I whispered moving my eyes down to look at the floor, not bonus veren siteler knowing where else to look.

“Welcome to the party. My name is Paul,” said my black escort standing just behind me. “But you do realize that if you’re staying this has to come off.” I felt his hand on my dress zipper and I heard the zipper being pulled down. I looked up at Aunty Pam. She was smiling at me – a reassuring smile. I could see Daddy over her shoulder, still sitting with his mouth open – as if he was in a daze. The zip completed its journey from my neck to my bottom sending a little flutter to my stomach.

Paul now moved to stand in front of me. Placing a hand on each shoulder he gently eased the dress off my shoulders. The dress fell to the floor by my feet, exposing my naked breasts and panties. There was a slight gasp of appreciation from Paul as he looked me over from head to toe. “Very nice,” he said. “Very nice indeed, Penny. You are indeed a very attractive model. John is lucky he has found you.”

“I need to have a quick private word with Penny,” Aunty Pam told Paul. “After I’ve had my word with her, she will re-join the party.”

Aunty Pam put her arm around my shoulder and ushered me into the kitchen where she pulled a chair up to the table for me to sit at. She then pulled another chair up for herself and sat opposite me. “Are you in shock?” she asked. I nodded. I was stunned and shocked about what I had seen and what was happening. I was just lost for words. “I don’t know where to start,” Aunty Pam said looking me in the eye. “Your father and I have been holding these parties for the last three years. During those three years your father and I have had sex frequently – sometimes at these parties and sometimes in private. It’s not a ‘love thing’ … it’s just that we both have sexual needs and desires, and this was a way we could both satisfy them. We do it for comfort and sexual relief rather than for love. There! Now I’ve told you everything there is to know about us. Are you angry with us for that?”

I shook my head, “No,” I replied. “It just came as a bit of a shock walking in and seeing all those naked people in the house and you and Daddy kissing and canoodling in the chair. I had no idea that Daddy was into this type of party and I certainly didn’t know about you and him.”

Aunty Pam stood and walked behind me. She leant down and whispered in my ear, “We don’t love each other. We do it to relieve our sexual tension. That’s all. I hope you can understand that.”

“Yes. I understand that.”

“Good,” she replied. “Now that you know the score, and we have no more secrets, shall we rejoin the party, or would you sooner opt out?”

“God no!” I heard myself saying. “I want in! I want to party.”

“Come then. Let’s rejoin the party but remember … in there I am Pam, your father is John and you are Penny – a model, not a daughter or a niece!”

I stood up, turned to Aunty Pam and gave her a big hug. “I love you Pam,” I said as I felt her large breasts squashing my tiny ones.

“I love you to,” she replied. “Now let’s go and get a few drinks down us and enjoy the rest of the party.”

She led the way back into the lounge walking over towards my father. She picked a bottle of wine up and two glasses from the table which she set down on a small table next to where my father sat. I followed her like a little puppy. She poured two glasses of wine, handed me one and started to sip her wine immediately. I suddenly realized what a difficult situation I must have put her in when I walked into the room earlier and how she had reacted so quickly and calmly to what could have been an awkward incident. She had certainly rescued me from an awkward predicament.

As I started to drink my wine, I saw my father looking at me. He had never seen me like this before but somehow there was a look of appreciation in his eyes. He was admiring my body which sent a slight tingle up and down my spine. To break the ice, I looked at him and said, “Thank you John, for inviting me to the party.” I lifted my wine glass as if to toast him. He raised his glass, smiled at me and then drank some of his whisky. Aunty Pam made herself comfortable on his lap once again.

“Would you care to dance?” said the voice from behind me. I turned and saw Paul standing there with a big grin on his face and a drink in his hand. He was still completely nude with his manhood standing erect in front of me.

My eyes strayed downwards and rested on his erection. “Can you dance with that like it is?”

“We can try,” he replied, “or we can go and sit down and you can do something about it.”

I smiled, took another sip of my wine and uttered, “A dance would be nice, for now.”

He escorted me to the hallway which was a ‘make-do’ dance floor. He took my wineglass from me and placed it on the telephone table and then held his arms in a dance position. I stepped forward, put my arms around his neck and started to sway to the beat of the music. His arms soon repositioned themselves as he placed both hands on my waist and his body started to sway in tune with mine.

After a minute or two of dancing I had to stop and throw my shoes off. “They’re pinching me,” I said as I aimed them into a corner of the hall.

“It’s a pity your panties aren’t pinching as well?” Paul retorted with a smile on his face. I took the hint and removed my panties and threw them towards my discarded shoes. After all, no one else was wearing panties.

“Is that better?”, I asked.

“Without a doubt,” came the reply as he once again started to dance with me.

I’ve danced with guys before but not naked. Believe me, it is one of the most erotic things that you can do. With my heels, now abandoned, I was about three inches shorter which, in turn, meant that his cock was now pressing against my lower belly. I could feel him pulling my body closer to his and I sensed a little wetness where the head of his cock was touching my vulva. It was obviously some pre-cum.

“What sort of modelling has John got you doing,” he asked.

“Oh! Just clothes for catalogues. Nothing special,” I lied.

“He hasn’t got you into the porno side yet then?”

The question came as a thunderbolt. Did my father take porno photographs? The idea has never ever entered my head. I thought he was just a photographer. Taking photos of girls modelling clothes for catalogues and the occasional industrial contract.

“No. Not yet,” I said.

“I’m sure he will soon. A young lady as beautiful and as well-proportioned as you will make an excellent porno star. And you’re obviously not shy or ashamed of undressing in front of people so it will be deneme bonusu a piece of cake for you in front of a camera. When he does ask you, I would love to be the one playing opposite you. I will have a word with him later.”
Was there no end to the revelations I would hear tonight about my father! How can I live for 21 years and not know that my father was holding orgy parties, was fucking Aunty Pam and was also a porno photographer! Had I been living on a different planet all these years? Was there anything else waiting to come out of the so-called family skeleton cupboard?

“I need to sit down now and rest my feet,” I said. Paul broke the dance and escorted me to one of the couches where I flopped myself down. My head was spinning – not with alcohol but with the things I was learning about my father. Paul retrieved my glass of wine and handed it to me. “I think I need something stronger now,” I mentioned.

“What would you like?” he asked. “I’ve seen virtually every type of spirit here, so the choice is yours.”

“A large vodka and tonic would be nice.” As he started to walk toward the table where the drinks were, I shouted after him, “And don’t forget the ice.”

He was soon back handing me my drink. I took a sip. It certainly was a large vodka. In fact, I think there was more vodka than tonic!

He sat down next to me and put his arm around my shoulders. I didn’t mind. After all, he was a good-looking guy with some rather attractive equipment down below.

I took another swig of my drink and took an ice cube into my mouth. At that very moment, as if a telepathic signal had passed between us, he leaned over and kissed me on the lips. His tongue traced a path along my lips and forced its way into my mouth. My body starting to tingle, as our tongues touched, and his tongue found my ice cube. I used my tongue to push the ice cube from my mouth into his. The heat from our mouths was gradually melting the ice cube but we kept passing it between our mouths as we kissed passionately. Suddenly he broke the kiss and took what was left of the ice cube out of his mouth and held it in his fingers. I felt a sudden tingling on my tits as he traced a pattern with the ice cube around my nipple and areola. My nipples were hard and protruding but the feel of cool ice on them was just explosive! He popped the ice cube back into his mouth, bent his head down and took my tit into his mouth. The feeling of his hot mouth and the cold ice on my tit was so seductive and arousing.

As he sucked one tit his fingers were playing with the other nipple, rolling it between his fingers and gently pinching it. My breathing was increasing as was his. I know my areolas had darkening and my breasts were reddening as my sexual excitement increased. I moved my hand and found his cock. He moaned a little as my hand encircled it and squeezed it gently. I thought it was already at its maximum size but as I held it, I felt it getting thicker and harder. All I wanted now was his cock deep inside my pussy.

His hand left my tit and travelled down my stomach to my mound of Venus. My legs parted slightly to allow him full access to my wet and hot pussy. His fingers played with my trimmed pubic hair before pushing their way between my legs to my pussy lips. My legs opened wider as an invitation for his fingers to explore further. By now my hand was rubbing his cock – pulling the skin back and forth in a motion like a fuck. Paul was moaning with pleasure. His fingers found my pussy opening and one finger entered slowly and found my clitoris. It did little circular motions until my clitoris was large and aching. My pussy was oozing love juices when two of his fingers entered my pussy and he started finger fucking me. It didn’t take long. I felt my orgasm starting and within seconds I was bucking and writhing as his fingers brought me to an explosive climax. I was bucking for some time as my climax raced through my body reaching every part. It was a good two minutes before my climax subsided. Now it was Paul’s turn for some pleasure.

I straddled his lap facing him, my hands around his neck, and lowered my body down towards his cock. His hands were resting on my waist guiding my pussy down towards his cock. I helped things along by placing my hand down between us and taking his cock in hand put the head in line with my pussy opening. His cock was oozing pre-cum and I ran my thumb over the head. As he moaned and writhed a little, I lowered myself further feeling his cock sliding into my pussy. It went in deep. Paul groaned as I started to move up and down. His mouth was licking and sucking my nipples which were now protruding bigger than I had ever known. His cock was in so deep that I could sometimes feel the tip touching my cervix. I think he could feel it as well because he suddenly held me tight, his hips thrust upwards and I felt a stream of his cum shooting deep into my pussy. Three, four, five, maybe more, spurts of his cum hit my cervix and my pussy was flooded with his off-white love cream. We were both panting hard as his throbbing cock started to subside.

Minutes later and his cock had shrunk back to its normal size and had slipped out of my pussy. I could feel his cum and my juices oozing from my pussy and dripping onto his cock, balls and legs. I moved off him and sat on the couch next to him. “That was one of the best fucks ever,” he said smiling at me. “Perhaps we can do it again one day,” he added.

“Maybe,” I replied pulling my legs up and tucking them underneath me.

We sat there chatting for maybe half an hour or so. Naked people passing back and forward going to the kitchen or bathroom. Paul got me another drink of Vodka and tonic which again was extra strong. Then another. Then another. Soon I was feeling tired and drunk and my head was starting to spin.

“I have to go,” Paul said, “but I’m sure John won’t mind if you find a bedroom upstairs and stay the night. I can mention it to him if you want but I’m sure it will be OK.”

“I need to find my dress, shoes and panties first,” I replied.

“I have them here,” Paul said as he stretched down the side of the couch and picked my clothes up and placed them on my lap. “I picked them up when I went to get you the last drink.”

“Thank you,” I said as I started to get dressed.

“I really have to go now, Penny. I’d like to meet you again if you’re willing. I’ll let John know on my way out that you are staying here tonight and not to be surprised if he finds you sleeping in his bed.” With that he kissed me on the lips, turned and walked back into the lounge.

I made my way to the stairs, climbed them and opened the door to my bedroom. I peered around the door and found my bedroom was empty although it looked as if someone had been there because of the apple pie bed. I threw my shoes and handbag into the corner and just collapsed onto my bed. The room started to spin. I was drunk!

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