A Young Neighbour’s Education Ch. 02

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The story continued as we enjoyed not only the afternoon sun but more of Jean’s wine, we laughed and giggled like school girls as the story unfolded. Read the first part to get the context of this and the next part, and above all, enjoy this young man’s adventure.


Tuesday morning, a bit dull, quiet with the absence of the children. Mother in Law was wandering up the avenue, a mauvy coloured cardigan over her wrap apron.

As she came round the corner below my house she was joined by Jack’s mother.

“Where’s Jack?” I greeted them at the door.

” I told him you wanted a ‘Mirror’ so he’s gone to Jones’s, should be about another ten minutes.”

“That gives us time to arrange things.” I had made tea for them both.

We sat to discuss…

“Mother, you are going to be in my bedroom, from the door we can see in but he won’t be able to see out…”

I laughed

“… All you have to do is keep him interested.”

“Janet, you wait in Chris’s room, and I will come up as soon as they get sorted out.” We all knew each others homes so further direction wasn’t required.

Janet was barely gone up the stairs before Jack knocked the door with my morning newspaper.

“Come on in Jack.”

He came into the kitchen…

“Remember what I said yesterday?”

“Am I going to get some more?” He beamed.

“I told you yesterday I’d think about it.”

“You said you might give me a test… to see if I had learned.”

“Yes, and I think that’s a good way to go.”

“Should I start with kissing you or have I got to start with your tits, what do I have to do for my test?” He was so eager to return to the previous day’s pleasures.

“Steady on Jack, slow down.”

“I’ve got a hard one for you.” He produced his young cock as solid as yesterday.

“For a start you can put that away.”


He stuffed his slackening cock back into his trousers.

“You know which my bedroom is?”


“Well, we will give you your test, but because I was teaching you it wouldn’t be fair for me to do the test.”


“You go up to my bedroom, and the lady will give you your test, just remember the things I told you, kissing, tits, being gentle, being polite, being considerate, now off you go and have a nice time, I will let you know if you pass the test.”

He raced up the stairs, I heard the door bang open, and then I heard it bang closed, then the clatter as he raced back down the stairs. He burst into the kitchen.

“It’s Nanna Tucker!”

“Yes dear.”

“I can’t do it with Nanna Tucker.”

“Ooh dear…that’s a pity…no more games…you failed the test, and if I see you anywhere near my Chris again, I will make sure your mum knows all about it.”

“Can’t I have another test….please, please?”

“There is only the one test, and you can either take it and pass or you can not take it and then you fail, and you know what your mum will do if she finds out don’t you?”

He didn’t know what to do, or to think, and I could see my hopes of long term pleasure going up the swannee.

“But she’s old.”

“Yesterday you thought I was old, but when you forgot about my being ‘old’ you enjoyed yourself enough to want a lot of ‘goes’ didn’t you?”

“I suppose.”

“So why not go back up stairs and give Nanna Tucker a nice hug and let her see what you have learnt…. I know one thing, she’s looking forward to doing your test and it would be a shame to disappoint her now wouldn’t it?”


“Off you go now, and in a little while I’ll bring Nanna a cup of tea and you some pop and a biscuit and see how you are getting on. Later on, if Nanna gets tired and you want another go I’ll see if you and I can have a go…If you pass Nanna’s test.”

“Oooh all right.”

“Just remember what I have told you, and that most ladies like the same sort of thing, and we are all just big girls and I know you do like doing things with girls.”

I gave his cock a squeeze as a start and slapped him gently on the bottom as I pushed him towards the hall door and the foot of the stairs. Slowly he climbed, oh so reluctantly.

Nanna Tucker was waiting and took him into her arms, hugging him close. She told the story to me from there in.

“Hello Nanna Tucker, aunty Jean says you are going to give me a test.”

He rested his head on my bosom, I slipped my hand down and felt his young cock. It was slack, but longer than some I had felt over my seventy years.

“Yes Jack, Jean said you had some lessons yesterday and I am going to see what you learned. First, just call me Nanna for now. Ok?”

“Ok Nanna.”

“Now where did Jean tell you to start?”

Tentatively he sought my lips then his hand went to my soft saggy titties. I put my hand down and gave a squeeze of encouragement, his hand tried to undo my wrap apron, I gave him some help to get things moving. I had dressed with quite a light bra, not much support there but certainly more accessible once he was inside my blouse than the substantial ones I normally wore and casino siteleri which he could get used to in the future if things went ok.

The door moved a touch, and I could see behind him, Jean and his mother peering through.

“Shall we get rid of your trousers and maybe get on Jean’s bed?”

Undoing his belt he dropped his trousers to the floor, I sat of the edge of the bed and he turned to join me, It was the first time I had seen it and my goodness, Bob’s dad had nothing compared to that, and the size of the bluey pinky knob was something to savour. Like a juicy Victoria Plum. My mouth was watering already.

I threw off my apron, the cardigan had gone before he arrived, and my cotton blouse joined the other upper garments on the chair. I heard a gasp from the landing and I made a very noisy cough to cover the sound.

Now sitting on the edge of the bed I was wearing my bra, sort of a pinky peachy lacy cotton thing that had my titties spilling from the cups, well at my size they were more like soup plates than cups. And a pair of aertex knickers, I bet you lot don’t even remember them do you, with knitted sort of cuffs which covered the tops of my fairly thick seamed stockings and hid my roll on.

“Are you going to take my bra off?”

“If you like, but I wasn’t very good with the clip yesterday.”

“Well try anyway, I cannot give you any marks if you don’t try.”

His young hard cock was resting on my chest as he reached around me to try to undo the bra, he did so too. As the lacy fabric fell away his cock nestled between my titties.

“Well done, now we can lie down and see where we go next.”

“Your titties have gone flat!”

“What are you supposed to do with them?”

To be honest I was so geed up I felt I was going to cum before long and we were still at the start.

“I am ‘sposed to hold them and kiss them and things.”

They were darned near flat sort of more hanging to the side if you know what I mean.

“Well you’d best get started.”

His tongue flicked across my nipple, it came up like a chapel hat peg, damn near had his eye out. So he sort of gathered the tittie up and sort of tried to heap it onto my chest, but loose and saggy like that girls, it was like trying to herd cats, but he did try poor lamb.

“The bit I was licking has gone hard.”

I really didn’t need him to tell me that I was feeling it from the inside!

I moaned as I came for the first, but hopefully not the last time of this encounter.

“Did that hurt? Have I spoiled my test? Jean had something hard that made her cry yesterday but she said she liked it and it wasn’t her titties.”

“No bless you, nothing’s wrong, shall we just carry on?”

Jack continued to minister to my titties, fondling and squeezing, as I fondled and squeezed his cock. He took a good hold with one hand on my titty, as he suckled it, trying to stop it escaping down to the side.

His other hand went down to my knee, and started stroking up my thighs along my very thick stockings. He was fine till he reached the knickers.

“There’s lastic here and I can’t put my hand up.”

” Well I hear that you put your hand up our Chris’s knickers and they have elastic, try again.”

The legs of the knickers were quite firm around my chubby legs, but he did get under the cuffs and started again up my legs. More confusion for the poor young lamb, I had no suspenders on my roll on so I had used two tanners to hold my stockings up

You young girls won’t even know what a tanner was let alone how we used them to tighten the tops of the stocking to hold them up! He just found the two hard bits. For the really young ones, a tanner was an old sixpence!

Just beyond the stocking tops of course he found my bare thighs and beyond that… well beyond that you know exactly what he touched next! Well girls, It had been a long time since anyone had touched that area, and his young fingers at the front of my old cunny was enough for me to shoot off like a virgin on heat.

I thrust my hips so sharply that it’s a good job his hand was trapped by my knickers. Otherwise he would have been thrown off our Jean’s bed.

“Have I hurt you Nanna, Have I hurt you?”

He pulled his hand from my knickers, still clutching the two tanners.

“Put the tanners on the side, you can have them when we finish if you do a good job.”

He had abandoned the idea of having any sort of grip on my hanging titties, although he did make sure that they were kept moist and when the nipples popped up he suckled them , but to be honest they didn’t stay up for very long at a time.

I tugged his cock towards me, to have a good look as much as anything, then, I gave way to temptation You know how it is girls, I didn’t mean to sneak out my tongue to lick its tip, honest, I didn’t mean to swallow his head, but I did, and once in my mouth, I didn’t mean to suck it honest, it just sort of happened, you know how it is, surely you believe me, I’ll tell you now, I nearly drowned in his thick, cream, I pulled back as he started, and it was canlı casino in my mouth, my hair, my eyes, and our Jean’s bed was splashed too.

Poor Jack was so embarrassed, I could see the tears in his eyes as his cock wilted before me.

“I am sorry Nanna, I didn’t mean to do that, it felt sort of nice when you kissed it and then it sort of went off.”

I took hold of him again.

“Never mind dear, it wasn’t your fault, Nanna should have been a bit more careful. Tell you what, why don’t you help me get my knickers off and we can use them to clean up this mess?”

Taking the waist of my knicks, he tugged them down, revealing my quite sparse thatch, course in those days, the most we ever did was run a comb through it!!

“Wow, its all grey, your hair.”

“This up here is grey so don’t you think that should be?”

He took the knickers off my feet and handed them to me as the cum was running down my face. I pulled the bed spread across me as I tried not very successfully to wipe up the cum, but it’s the best damn glue I ever came across, it stays so sticky, anyway, I decided enough was enough, and walked bare arsed to the door.

“Jean…Jean… bring me up a damp flannel, girl, please.”

A few moments later Jean came in with a couple of flannels and towels. I wiped my face and started to clean up the mess, Jack sat back on the bed, with his enormous cock standing tall, and his head bowed.

“Are you Ok? Jean asked.

He nodded, head barely coming up.

“Is everything alright ” taking his chin and lifting his head.

“I think I have made a big mess, I failed my test.”

“Well, that’s not what Nanna said, and you’ve still got this.” She took his cock in her hand and stroked it. “Would you like some pop?”

Jack nodded.

“Won’t be a minute.” And off she went to get the drink.

I sat beside him and put my arm about his shoulder taking his rigid cock in the other hand.

“Now Jack, don’t you worry about the test, everything is alright, you haven’t failed it, I think you are doing very well.”

“What…really? Even though I made a big mess?”

“If we think about it, it was me that made you make the big mess, so I can’t be cross about that now can I?”

“So what did you like best when Jean was teaching you?”

Jean came into the room with Pop for Jack and Tea for me.

“I think I know what he liked best… I know what I liked best and I think I know what you will like best, but you tell Nanna Jack, what we like best?”

Jack smiled one of the most wicked smiles I have ever seen.

“Well… what I liked best is… there is a hole under Jean’s bottom and I liked measuring how deep it was with my cock. Jean said she liked it too, but we had to measure it a lot of times.”

“When we have had our drinks, when Jean has gone downstairs you can see if I have one of those holes, and if I have we can see if you can measure mine.”

Jean smiled.

“Will we have to measure it a lot of times because it was very nice.”

“I don’t know, you might only need to measure it once. Anyway, your cock might not stay hard enough to measure it more than once.”

“I bet it would.”

“Of course I might not have a hole like Jean, you didn’t find one in my knickers did you?”

“Jean said all ladies have them. I can see if you have one right now

while you are drinking your tea.”

“Oh can you now? That wouldn’t be such a good idea, I might spill my tea.”

I knew that if he touched my cunny at all, never mind look for my hole, I would cream till Christmas, and would certainly spill my tea!

“I’ll leave you to it.” Jean laughed as she left the room.

I set down my teacup and taking Jack by the cock pulled him back to the bed.

“Let us just carry on where we left off.” I encouraged.

“Shall I touch your titties again?”

“That sounds like a good idea, a few licks and a suck will certainly help me, and might even make this even harder.”

Jack resumed his one handed roundup of my titties whilst his other hand started to explore down below. Even at my age, later sixties, new fingers, much younger fingers, seeking out my bits brought me very rapidly to the boil. He found my little giggler as my hubby used to call it, and I was glad of the towel under my bum as I came juicifully, with much gasping and moaning. I pulled his sweet little face from my titty and kissed him full on the mouth, as much to hinder his actions down below as for the kiss itself, although I felt more desperate at that moment than at any other time since hubby’s passing for a deep passionate kiss.

As I subsided, his rock cock against my leg I asked.

“Have I got a hole? Have you found one down there?”

His fingers resumed their probing eventually of course slipping into me. I came again, this lad had only to think and I was there.

“Yes, Its here, he probed me. Same place as Jean’s, I knew you would have one.”

“And is it the same as Jean’s?”

“Well…it is, sort of…but it’s not as…slippery as Jean’s.”

“Do you want kaçak casino to try spitting on it?”

“Will that help me to measure how deep it is?”

“I don’t know, but if I spit in your hand and you spit in your hand and then you put our spit down there we can try it.”

“Why isn’t it slippery on it’s own?”

“Because older ladies sometimes aren’t slippery that’s all.”

He smeared our spit into my regions, I pulled his cock until he was between my legs.

“Are you going to see how deep it is?”

He pushed, there was tightness. He wasn’t going in.

“Make your knob wet with the spit then gently try again.”

He did, his knob popped inside, I clamped on his knob, holding it just inside.

“I don’t think it’s very deep.”

I wet my finger, then slipped my hand down and moistened his cock at my entrance.

“give another little push.”

He did and gradually we worked until I had his length inside me.

“It’s very tight isn’t it?”

“Maybe we need to measure it a few more times.”

He started his ‘measuring’ trying to find how deep it was.

“I think some stuff is going to come out….ooops sorry it already has.”

That was his first cum since the sucking accident.

“Was it nice?”

“Yes I like making stuff come out. Are you going to have a baby now? That’s what Jean said the juice did…make babies.”

“No, you have to be young to have babies and I am much much too old.”

” But you still like to do this and get the stuff out.”

“Well, young Jack, the stuff that comes out of boys is called spunk, and it makes young ladies have babies, that’s why Jean said you should come to see her if you need to get the spunk out, or of course, you can get it out with your hand if you like but I have to say this is the best way to get spunk out of boys that I know of.”

“I think I like to get it out this way better Nanna.”

“Well, then, just make sure that you see Jean and she will sort it out for you.”

“Does that mean I have passed my test?”

“Not yet, is it still hard?”

“Yes, it feels like it?”

“And is it still slippery down there?”


“Then you can get it out and use your hand …or.”

“Can I just have another go at this. Its much more fun than when Chris has tried with her hand.”

“Oh..alright, if its still slippery you can have another go. If you are sure its what you want.”

Jack’s hips started thrusting.

“You have been told about kissing while you are doing that, so come along I need a few kisses.”

It seemed to be an age before he said to me…

“Nanna, I think my spunk is coming.”

It was. It was Hot, and there was lots of it. Fortunately , I say fortunately because it was keeping me moist down there.

Unfortunately, sadly, this young lad was wearing me out.

“Come along Jack, pull it out now.”

“Awwwe, do I have to?”

“Yes, I am getting tired, so let’s just have a cuddle, and….tell you what, you can suck my titties if you like.”

He pulled out of me with a plop, and I eased him over from between my

legs to lie beside me. I turned towards him so that my titties were easily accessible.

“I think titties are boring. I think this is much more fun.” He slipped his fingers between my legs.

“Tell you what, while you are fingering that bit, instead of playing with my titties, why not try to find the little hard bit down there and give it some kisses?”

His young cock was still rigid, bobbing about as he moved. Jack took the suggestion and found my giggler. At the first touch, I moaned.

“Is that bit alright?”

“Ohh…yes..its fine, but you have to be very gentle with it.”

I couldn’t keep my hips still, and in the next ten minutes I had at least ten cums of my own.

“Can I have another go….pleeease. Pleease.”

“as you know, I am a Nanna, and I can’t just keep letting you have another go because I get tired, but if you really want to…”

“I do… I do Oh… pleease. You have such a nice warm soft hole Nanna.”

“As I was saying… If you really want another go I will go and see if jean is busy and maybe she can give you a go.”

“Oooh Pleease Nanna, Please.” He had slipped between my legs again.

“I said No and I mean it. I’ll go and see Jean. You wait there and keep it warm for Jean.”

I got up from the bed, devastated that I couldn’t cope with more of that hard bobbing beautiful cock. My legs wobbled as I made my way, wrapped in Jean’s candlewick dressing gown, down the stairs.

“What was all that racket outside the door when I first got his clothes off?” I demanded.

Jean laughed.

“It was Janet, when she saw the size of that hard cock she nearly had a fit.”

“What did she say?”

“She said thank god he’s my son, at least I don’t have to have that cock up me!”

“She doesn’t know what she’s missing, But I have had enough and he still wants some more.”

“Oh well.. I suppose since I started it I should go up and give him some more. But he won’t be having too much today from me, I felt last night as if he had left it in there.”

As Jean went up the stairs, I followed, and gathered up my clothes Jean walked towards the bed and as I left the room, to dress in the bathroom I heard her saying…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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