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“You shouldn’t be here.”

“I shouldn’t be here.”

My hands, shaking slightly grasp her hips as the music gently swoons upwards. My fingers touch her hips, slightly bony from her thin willowy frame. She looks down nervously, and then upwards into my eyes. Her big brown eyes surprising mine as she looks deep in mine, and I’m lost. Lost in the way that a man can only be with a woman who drives him mad. My fingers slowly but firmly grasp her hips and pull her closer, my wedding ring gleaming in the darkness as the soft crooning of Mumford and Sons’ “Little Lion Man” plays.

Her hands slowly slide up and shakingly puts her hands on my shoulders before placing them on my chest. “You should leave.”

“I should.” I pull her slightly closer, and my fingers trace the outside of her waist her hands move upwards towards my shoulders.

“You’re going to hate me after this.” Her eyes melt into mine and she bites her bottom lip in that way that makes my pulse race. And then her lips part slightly in that look that all men know, the look of a woman waiting to be kissed.

“No I won’t,” My face moves closer to hers, closer to the act, closer to the no turn back zone. Closer and closer. My mouth opens and before we connect I whisper to her, “I’m sorry.”

Our lips connect, electricity, impulses are sent through my body. I’ve felt this with only one other woman in my life, the one I wear this ring for, I’ve felt this before and it still almost knocks me to my knees. Colors and emotions, and power. And then our lips descend. The tension is broken, the bow breaks, the cradle falls, and so it begins, the accidental seduction is complete, and we are just falling, falling, falling…


3 months before

I am a good man, I like to think. My wife, my son are on another continent. I miss them every day. I stare at the phone that has come to symbolize my wife during this deployment. “How’s Jacob doing?” I watch my wife as she breastfeeds my 6 month old son. You don’t know what missing someone is until you have a kid, especially one as damn cute as Jake. You miss the smell of the baby, you miss the feel of his skin.

I miss my wife and she is a sexy little fucking vixen. Even after giving birth all it did was make her breasts bigger, her stomach quickly shrunk and her hips more womanly. Meaning the woman I’ve always thought was drop dead gorgeous was even sexier. And here I am, alone. It can wear on me.

“He’s good. Just hungry.” She smiles at me with that beautiful new mother smile. “How’s work?”

“Yeah it’s fine.” It’s deployment, shit’s boring. She wrinkles her nose and waves it away. “did he poop?”

“Yeah, I’m going to say goodbye and change him. Love you.”

“Love you too.” We hang up and as always I am left with the feeling of loneliness and feeling of true despair. I allow it to settle for a few seconds and then a deep breath. I guess I’ll head to the gym.

I’ve been working out this whole time and it’s really showing. I haven’t been this developed pretty much ever and I haven’t been this strong since the last deployment before I met my now wife. I look at my ring and smile a little bit as I get a water when I see my crusty old platoon sergeant coming towards me. He’s a massive man capable of filling up an entire room by himself.

“Hey Devon! Come here,” He pulls me over and I notice behind him is a tiny wisp of a woman. She’s wearing the standard PT uniform. She’s 5 foot 5, with a tiny waist, nearly invisible breasts, but something about her is sexy. Maybe it’s her eyes. She has the eyes of a woman I’d like to meet. My trance is broken as the platoon sergeant. “This is Sergeant Suttner, she will be your new squad leader.” We had lost our previous one because of school so I guess we needed a new one given that I’ve only been in the rank for about a month, but it’s a shame I feel like I was really developing into a leader. Oh well it always can’t be rosy. I smile and hold my hand out. “Nice to meet you SGT Suttner.”

She grasps my hand and our eyes never part. Fuck, she’s hot. “Nice to meet you SGT Devon.”

It sends a reaction to my dick when she says my name. I do some quick calculations and realize that it’s been 3 days since I’ve masturbated. Maybe that’s why I’m so halfcocked. My platoon sergeant’s voice again breaks the spell. “Show her around the FOB, introduce her to your guys, give her the lowdown. I have a meeting to go to, but after I’m done we can catch dinner at the DFAC and we can answer all your questions. You good?” She nods. “Any issues Devon?” “No SFC. I’m good.”

And he leaves the gym, she and I look at each other for a split second too long. “Soooooo….”

“Yeah?” I say quickly trying not to blush as I look at her. My face is hot and it could scramble an egg.

“Show me around this dump.” She wheels and I see her ass for the first time perfectly framed by the shorts, showing off her pert tight butt. It’s a solid handful. Fuck she’s sexy. Only woman I know who can make PTs sexy.

I whisper as I walk out the door with her “A dump is in the eye of the beholder.” And I follow pendik escort bayan her out.

Our tongues dance, our fingers grasp. She grabs my uniform top and starts pulling the zipper down and I do the same with her leaving us in our skivy shirts. She looks at me hungrily and I look at her hungrily and I grind her against me as we kiss letting her feel how riled up she has me. I squeeze her ass as I lift her up onto the desk. Everyone’s asleep at this point we are a mile from the guard towers, we are alone. I help pull of my shirt and she rubs my chest and stomach hungrily feeling every inch of my skin as I do the same to her. Seeing her lacy bra turns me on and I start kissing her neck as my hands work on releasing her tits.

Her hands squirm down and squeeze my cock through my pants feeling the girth, the length, the width. She kisses me harder. MY cock could cut steel. Her tiny well shaped tits hang down as I release them and I move to suck them. My tongue dancing on the nipple, my lips sucking lightly on the nipple teasing and flicking. She moans in enjoyment, whispering “oh god, oh god.” Faintly as we kiss. I move my thumb to her tits and flick her nipple lightly causing her to shiver slightly as I continue my tongue assault on her breasts.

I look up at her and see something that drives a man crazy, crazier than huge tits and a fat ass, I see pure desire, a woman in heat, a woman in need. I kiss her neck and move up to her ear and whisper into her ear as she gropes my dick. “I’ve wanted you since I saw you.”

“Really?” She reaches for my belt and slips it slowly little by little through the loops until my belt comes off and she reaches into my pants for my dick. She squeezes it and I moan faintly. It’s been so long. I haven’t been touched by a woman in months. My fingers slide down her body, into her pants. “I’ve wanted you since…” Bingo. My fingers find the mark and she moans. I feel her hairless soft pussy and my fingers start teasing her clit. She moans again. “I wanted you since- oh god- since we… since we- oh god.” I slide my lips to her ear. “Since that night in the bunker.”

I moan lightly and nibble on her ear. I remember that night well.

My fingers grasp her pants and her thin bikini style panties and pull them off slowly as I look to her eyes and sink to my knees.

We became friends. Fast friends. She’s funny, she’s witty, and she’s a smart ass. A dangerous combination. We hung out a lot almost every day. Eating at the dining facility together, and working out together.

“There’s a 72 coming up.”

“Yeah? That’s cool.” I yawned as I looked at the gym clock realizing that we had our shift in a couple hours.

“Well would you be down to take a pass together?”

“Where would you want to go?” I wavered slightly, knowing my wife wouldn’t be okay with it.

“I don’t know.”

“Well…” She rolled her eyes and sighed deeply. “Where do you want to go?”

“I don’t know. It’s just my wife. I have no issue hanging out with you because nothing will happen. But still…”

She looked away quickly blushing. “You’re right, we probably shouldn’t go anywhere together.”

And with that I thought it was over. I defused a dangerous bomb. Hopefully she wasn’t crazy or maybe I had misread it and we both could still be friends. Because she’s an awesome person.

“Yeah… well let’s finish this exercise and go.”

We finished and we separated to take showers, me looking longingly as she left. Her perfect ass bouncing in those PT shorts. “Fuck.” I whispered. If only I was single, the things I’d do to that woman…

She avoided me for several days. She was polite but distant, cordial but icy. It sucked, it kind of took the life out of me. I’d catch myself looking at her longingly and I’d have to turn away when she’d see me. I started feeling awkward, like I betrayed her. But my wife… my wife… I just had to keep bringing that up to myself.

I always thought my wife was sexy- and still do- just something about that woman. She was an infection I couldn’t get rid of her. I always worked with her and we always were so close yet so far. I just wish I couldn’t see her anymore, it’d at least make it easier.

Then one day we were on shift our crew was sitting around playing Spades. She was reading a book, when the siren went off. The air warning siren. Something was coming this way.

Me and her burst into action, she by getting accountability of all personnel (it was easy given they were all there) and called up the information immediately and me getting information on our air defense systems.

“LS-3 not connected at all.”

“Roger, headed there now.”

I whirl around looking for my Kevlar when I remember. “Davis, did you fuel LS-3?”

His eyes widen and they darken. “Fuck.”

“Fuck is right, grab your gear now we got to head down there right now to fuel it.”

She stepped in with her Kevlar. “No, let’s go Devon, we can’t put anyone else in danger.”

“Roger.” We head out with our gear driving over 60 MPH to the Launcher grabbing the fuel cans and jumping up there to fuel them.

I’m maltepe escort up there fueling when she screams and calls me over signaling to the radio. “We got to go now.”

I slam it shut turn it on quickly and jump in the vehicle. She whirls and grabs me. “We got to go to the other bunker.”

Two bunkers, and the other ones closer, just a much tighter fit. “Roger, step on it.”

We make it there in no time and we step into the bunker. It’s essentially big enough for two people to kneel in comfortably. WE jump into the bunker and let them know uprange that we are safe. In this bunker there’s a box probably with nothing important or interesting.

We are both breathing heavy and I say “good job” and puts my hand on her shoulder and she shrugs it away. “What would your wife say?” In an annoying petulant voice.

“What did you want me to do?”

“Nothing, you did the right thing…”

“It sucks.”

I look through the box in the middle of the room and find a pack of cards and lay it out on the table. I start to shuffle. “Want to play?”

She shrugs, “what else we going to do?” And grabs the other lawn chair as we sit next to each other at the table.

We start playing in silence, round after round of poker looking at one another. Our eyes looking at the cards, looking into each other eyes. The sexual tension is high, I want to reach out and touch her hand, I want to reach out and kiss her. Her lips, soft supple and her eyes bore into me.

She looks down at the table and whispers. “What are you thinking about?”‘

“You don’t want to know.”

“Oh… that.”

“Just cause I’m married doesn’t mean I don’t have thoughts.”

“Tell me about your wife then, if that helps.”

“She’s sexy, sweet and smart. One of the funniest women I’ve ever met.”

“What’s your favorite thing about her?”

“Her eyes. They bore into mine and sometimes they…” Our eyes meet and my throat catches. She drives me crazy. Her eyes stare daggers into mine. “they take my breath away.”

“Must be nice.”

It’s my turn to deal and I shuffle. “Ya ever been in love?”


“What happened?”

“Well he turned out to be a jerk.”

“Tell me about him.”

“Well what I hated about him was that it was impossible to be mad at him.”

“What you mean?”

“Ok so, you know how people say they fall in love and all that and It’s sweet and cute and yadayadayada. The things people don’t talk about though is the inevitability of falling in love.”

She looks up into my eyes deeply. “It just happens. One day you’re going well, maybe lonely, but the world’s going well, no ones out to get you, no one can hurt you. You’re untouchable, then one day someone touches your shoulder lightly and you stop being the same person. The eye contact morphs you.” She picks up her cards looks down and looks up at me again. “It’s inevitable. You can fight it. You can run but it’s going to happen.”

“Even if it’s against your best interests.”

“Even then.” She looks up into my eyes again and I understand what the word inevitable means.

She looks up again and away. “It sucks.”

“It does.”

“I only have a pair of twos.” She smiles at me with those funny smiling eyes. I smile too at her. The siren goes off again alerting the base that everything is all clear. The moment is lost.

She stands up and reach out her hand “Ready to go… friend?”

I smile and let her help me to my feet. “Ready.”

What had I gotten myself into?

I kiss her thighs and lightly squeeze her ass pulling her to the edge of the desk, My tongue starts licking closer and closer and for the first time in years I taste another woman’s pussy. My tongue dancing against her clit. Fuck it’s so sexy. She’s sexy. She’s wet, and excited as my finger slips inside her and I lick her clit lightly and she moans sexily into the air muffling the sound.

I start going faster fingering her as I suck on her clit lightly and twirl my tongue around it. Teasing. She starts to moan faster and I can feel it. It’s coming. “Don’t stop, don’t stop…”

My tongue goes faster and I add a second one and curve it upwards to hit her G-Spot. Her fingers are in my hair and the grip tightly. I look up and I see it. Her eyes roll back into her head and that’s it, the explosion happens. Her hips straighten up and she grabs my head and pushes it against her pussy tighter, so close I’m almost suffocating.

She lets go and I’m guessing she’s done. She grabs my head and pulls me lightly upwards and we kiss. Deep and with tongue. “Fuck that was hot.”

I unbutton my pants and they fall lightly to the floor and I pull my boxers down. My hard 7″ cock springs free, banging against her thigh. She grips it and rubs it against her pussy, teasing me lightly.

“You should get a condom.”

I laugh light and low, I’m aching, I’m so turned on. “I should.” And I push into her deep. My cock sliding into her pussy. Inch by inch deeper and deeper until I’m all the way inside her, as deep as possible and we both moan loud. I kiss her and she kisses me back.

The kartal escort guys had worked their asses off so we gave them first break. It was just me and her. There was no moon that night. It was dark and it was quiet. We were in the comms room while waiting for word, if anything went down or anything happened. Usually nothing did, but we had to be awake for 3 hours.

I start shuffling the cards just for something to do. She’s reading her book again. It looks like one of those cheesy romance novels.

“How’s the book?”

“Not bad,”

“Why do you read that stuff?”

She sighs, lays the book flat on her chest as she turns toward me and sits up. “I don’t know it’s just something to do to pass the time.”

“Want to play a game?” She earmarks her page and moves towards me.

“Sure what game?” She says pulling her chair closer.

“War? I guess I don’t know any two person games really.”

“Okay,” She pauses and looks up at me. “What do I get if I win?”

“Ummm… I don’t know.” I look at her in the eyes. They blind me, they shock me, fuck.

“We can play for cigs or something, I don’t know, just to make it more interesting.”

“How about whoever loses has to tell something about yourself.”

“Oh like truth or dare?”

“Sure, I guess.”

“Okay fine.” We deal 26 cards each and the first cards flip. Mines a 4 of diamonds, hers a jack of clubs. She smiles and looks up. “Truth or dare?”


“are you an ass man or tit man?”

“Ass, all the way.”


“Yeah, why does that surprise you?”

“Nah, it sure does explain a lot.”

“What does it explain?”

“Uh, uh, uh” She wags her finger at me. “Play to win first.” And I do with a queen of clubs.

“Okay Truth or Dare.”


“What does it explain miss know it all?”

“Why you keep staring at my ass.”

I blush scarlet, my face could burn through steel. “You noticed?”

She giggles, her hand coming to her chest, “Honey, everyone’s noticed.”

“Really?” Fuck.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s funny, I could only imagine how it is on this deployment for you guys. There are so few women here.”

“True.” I win again with a 9 of clubs as she had an 8 of diamonds.

“Close. Truth or Dare.”

She smiles. “Let’s be adventurous, Dare.”

“Hmmmm… I can’t think of anything good. You got anything.”

“God you’re so boring.” She rolls her eyes at me.

“Okay fine. Ummm…” I got it. “Make your O face.”

She rolls her eyes and opens her mouth wide and flutters her eyelids ridiculously. “You’re stupid.”

“Well if that’s your O face, I feel bad for your boyfriend.”

“I don’t have one.”

“You could have your pick out here.”

“Oh I know. I just don’t want to be known as one of those girls.”

She wins this time with a queen of spades while all I had was a 2 of hearts.

“Yay! I win. Truth or Dare.”

“I guess, I’ll be adventurous. Dare.”

“Give me a lapdance for 30 seconds.”

“Seriously, you’re stupid.”

“Do it.”

“Play some music then.”

She pulls out her phone and plays the song “Take me home tonight” by Eddie Money.


She shrugs “It’s all I got.”

I start to dance on her jokingly putting my ass in her face and twerking like a jackass. Her hands smack my ass and she has that squeal giggle. “Get off, you have no idea what you’re doing.”

“Sorry, I wasn’t a stripper in my past life, your highness.” I roll my eyes and go to sit down.

She laughs. “If you’re going to do it you might as well do it right.” She smiles as she changes the song to something slower and starts to look me into the eyes and moving slowly to the music dancing around me slowly.

Her hands come to my arms, sliding on down to my chest and she pushes against me sliding her hands to my lap. She smiles and stands on up and slowly lowers her pert ass onto my crotch. My straining erection pokes her and I hear her breath hitch in her voice. She turns looks me in the eyes as my hands slide up to her hips and I squeeze lightly. The spell is broken and the world starts spinning again.

She pushes herself up and turns around to look me deep in the eyes. Her hands are on the arms of the chair as she looks into my eyes. I slide my hands over hers and she breathes deeply, sharply, painfully deep. “You can’t do this, Jake.” She had never used my first name before.

My hands slowly rub her forearms and slide down to her hands where our fingers intertwine for a second. “What can’t I do, Stephanie?” my hands gently hold hers, her fingers so small, dirty with the grime of a hard days work.

She pulls away and looks away. Her eyes look down and then slowly back up into mine again. “You know what you can’t, what we can’t do.”

“It’s inevitable.”


“This.” I say frustrated breathing deeply trying to reclaim calm. “I’m trying to resist you as much as I can, it’s just so hard.”

“I know, fuck, why do you have to be married?” She looks down at my wedding band (silicone cause I’m at work right now). “Listen, I know, goddamnit,” She breathes deep. “Fuck, I’m sure the sex would be great. I’m sure it’d be, but I’m not a homewrecker. I can’t do this.” She walks to the other side of the shack and looks down, picking things up and twisting her fingers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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