Phillip , Michelle Ch. 04

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As told by Michelle…

When I’m done in the bathroom I walk out swathed in a big cushy terry cloth robe and towel around my head, smiling brightly, “your turn.” You give me a look that says you are a little hurt and a lot confused. I feel guilty for a moment but satisfy myself with how good I’m going to make you feel later. You take your clothes and head into the bathroom. I dress quickly in a rose print sundress and slip on sandals, blow my hair out and add a little make-up. I’m ready when you get out of the shower.

“Ready for some dinner?” I ask, walking over and wrapping my arms around your waist to give you a kiss. You return the kiss but not quite with the enthusiasm you’ve shown and I briefly wonder if I’ve gone too far trying to set up a little anticipation.

“Sure,” you reply.

I grab my purse and we head over to the formal dining room. We’re seated quickly and look over the menu silently for a few minutes. I order the trout baked in white wine and you order a chicken dish. When the waiter is gone, I look across the table at you and smile.

“I enjoyed our trip today, down the river. It was very… inspiring.”

“I thought you did,” you reply. “But I was starting to wonder what you were thinking.”

“I was planning. Thinking about how I could thank you for such an experience.”

“Oh really?” You start to smile again. I smile back.


“And did you come up with anything?”

“I might have.” I look away out a window and admire the landscaping, leaving you to wonder what I’ve come up with. Our salads arrive and we make small talk as we eat. Our entrees are served just as we finish.

As we dig in, I barely pay attention to what I am eating, though it is delicious. I’m too distracted and a little nervous about the first part of my plan. I slide my right foot out of my sandal and stretch my leg out under the table to rest my heel between your legs on the seat of your chair and rub my foot gently across your groin, secure in the knowledge that what I am doing is completely hidden by the tablecloth. Your eyes shoot up to meet mine. I smile and you lick your lips.

“Something wrong with your dinner?” I ask innocently.

“No, how is yours?”

“Delicious,” I reply, taking a bite. We resume eating but rather mechanically as both our minds are on what I am doing with my foot under the table. You begin to worry about how you are going to walk out of here but I pull my foot back as we finish our meal.

The waiter appears immediately, asking if we are interested in dessert or coffee. You look at me but I shake my head. We’ll have plenty of chocolate back in the room, or at least, I will.

“Just the check please,” you reply. We pay and you follow me closely out of the dining room. We start back to our room but you take my hand and pull me into some shadows to kiss me for a moment, letting me feel how aroused you still are by my play at dinner. I pull back from your passionate kiss, take your hand and lead you.

The moment we step inside you reach for me but I hold out a hand, holding you at arms length and smile. I walk forward, pushing you gently back towards the bed. “Strip,” I say. I turn my back to you to get some items out of my bag and when I turn back you are naked. I smile broadly and let my eyes travel over your body, my eager lover. I point to the middle of the bed.

“Lie down.” You comply and I pick up some silk scarves, moving towards you and lay most of them on the bed but keep one in my hand as I lean toward you. I feel your eyes drift down to admire my cleavage as I lean forward, but I cover your eyes with one scarf. I quickly tie you down on the bed, one scarf at each of your hands and feet, holding you firmly but gently.

You hear me pop open a can and feel something wet touch your mouth. You lick and taste chocolate. You feel the brush swirl over your chin and down your neck, painting a map down your torso, tickling your abdomen and around your semi-hard erection. I dip into the chocolate syrup again and again, working my way down each leg, and back up your inner thighs, stepping back to survey my work for a moment occasionally. I work my way over your arms too.

When I’m done, I set my brush and chocolate sauce aside. After a minute or two you hear the rustle of my dress falling to the floor. I lean over the bed and kiss your lips gently then pull the blindfold off your head. Your head is propped up on the pillow and you can lift your head quite a bit higher to look down at the elaborate swirls and patterns painted over your body.

“Wow… what now?”

“Now, I lick it off you. A man covered in chocolate, it doesn’t get any better than this.” I smile down at you. Your eyes are a little bit glazed. They are drinking in my naked body but I can tell your mind is also reeling at the thought of what I’m about escort numaraları eryaman to do. The sensation of that cool wet drawing on your skin was wonderful but now my warm wet tongue is going to erase it all. And that will be even better.

I kneel down beside the bed and lick the palm of your left hand with the tip of my tongue. With your arms tied up the way you are, the more sensitive underside of your arms is revealed. I lick delicately at the flesh from your wrist to the crook of your elbow. I hear you groan and look up. Your eyes have slid shut for a moment. I continue my way up your arm to your shoulder but when I reach your shoulder I get up. Your eyes fly open and follow me as I move around the foot of the bed to your other arm and repeat my treatment. I wet your palm and blow gently on it, pressing a kiss into it.

When I reach your shoulder, this time I don’t stop. The tip of my tongue follows the pattern of chocolate painted across your chest. You feel my silky hair pool on your chest as I lean down and turn my head to reach under your chin with my tongue. I stop to kiss you deeply on the mouth, sliding my chocolate-coated tongue against yours to lick the roof of your mouth. Mmmm….

I pull back and zero in on your male nipples. I suck and lick until every bit of chocolate is removed, letting my tongue work in broad, warm, wet strokes across your chest. Then I work my way down your abdomen, drawing closer and closer to your erection.

“Micheeeelle…” you moan. I can tell I’m getting close to the fever pitch that will make you delirious with pleasure when you cum. I can’t wait to watch you cum like that, but there is still work to do. I move around to the foot of the bed.

I let my tongue lap up the chocolate from your ankle to your knee then stop and do the other leg. I’m working quickly and methodically now. The chocolate was fun but I’m getting worked up myself and want to be closer to you too. I get on the bed between your legs and stroke my tongue across your legs until I reach your erection once more. I stop for a minute to admire it, striped with chocolate as it is, then I lean down to engulf it with my warm, wet mouth and I hear you groan again. Your hips thrust up a little involuntarily. I suck you clean then withdraw. I blow on your cock and you moan loudly again. I make sure I’ve gotten the chocolate off. Finally, you’re ready.

You watch as I straddle your hips now and reach down to guide the tip of your cock into my pussy and slowly lower myself over you. I sigh as you fill me and I close my eyes to enjoy the sensation a moment. I hear you moan as I start to roll my hips. I ride you for a minute that way then lean back to pull the restraints free from around your ankles. I lean forward, my breasts swinging free as I reach out and release your hands.

“Your cock feels so good in me,” I say as I untie your hands. Your hips are beginning to rise and fall and you stare at me feverishly, panting hungrily as I lean over your body, bouncing on the bed, making it squeak a little.

As soon as the scarves loosen, I feel your body hit me. You rose up so quickly it pushed me back. Then I see your face, focused, primal.

I feel your body is tense as you fuck me fiercely. Your hips are pumping hard, spasming as you hold me back. My legs flew up when you pushed me down and one of your arms is holding my left leg up, stretching it and keeping it from buckling as my thighs take the blows from your aggressive fucking. Your other hand is pressed against my shoulder, shoving me into the covers. You’re breathing hard, grunting as I pant. Was this what I had in mind? I ask myself.

“Phillip? Mmf” As soon as I spoke, you dropped my leg and covered my lips with yours, effectively silencing me.

“Mmmm” I moan quietly through your kiss. You feel so good. You’re fucking me like a wild dog.

Your back arches and you fly up, your hips hit me hard as you pound deep into my cunt. You grunt loud Ugh’s and your breathing is quick and aggressive. I watch your chest pound, flexing as you ride me hard.

The sensations move me beyond thought. That cock, moving like the piston of a racing engine, grinding into my cunt. I feel it suck my wet juices out, spraying my thighs. The pounding of your hips, your abs moving back and forth, pulling your body into mine as your chest pounds to keep up, is surreal. Your head falls back with closed eyes, snorting and grunting.

You are out of control.

My head falls to one side. I moan in time with your fucking. Your pace hastens in response then downshifts into slow driving thrusts. Your cock slides deeper into me.

The thought It feels soooo goooood slides through my brain before it shuts down, ceding control to my hot cunt. My cunt tells my body to take your cock and rock with your body.

My eyes glaze over. ankara bayan escort Every thrust has my throat issuing an echo.

We moan in unison.

Oh, oh oh oh. It feels so good to finally fuck each other.

We’re cumming for each other.

I hear you snap. “Eeeeeeihhhh”

You hold still for a moment, deep in me and then I feel your hot cum.

“Aaaahh” You shudder, shaking, your cock shooting into me again and again.

“Oooo…aaaaaaahh” I squeal and my cunt clamps down on your cock, as my body vibrates with spasmodic rapture. I can’t stop moaning but your body is deaf to everything save scent and touch.

You shoot another load of hot cum into me and my cunt sucks it up, pulling your cock into me. You moan with satisfaction to be pulled into me. I feel the cum slide further into my body, then slosh inside as my body releases your cock from it’s death grip. You can’t stop moaning in pleasure and forcing your cock into me. My sighs of pleasure continue.

Did it happen so fast? It felt like forever and a blink at the same time. My mind is numb as it starts to shape impressions once again. You’re still a wild caveman although my climax pushed me to the limits of pleasure. I start to feel waves of orgasm build again and my brain slows once more.

Then I feel your cock slide out of me. Your humping was so feverish and desperate after you started to cum that you pulled out and I see it sling back with a trail of fluid connecting it to my cunt. You’re still hard and I see the eye of your head widen before cum shoots out and up my body to land on my breasts.

Mmm his hot cum on me. You’re no longer that sweet, sensitive, seductive Phillip. You’ve become a beast of lust and instinct.

You continue to cum more on my body as your legs and hips are slow to realize that we are momentarily post-coitus, still rocking and thrusting as you cum on my stomach and pubic hair. I see reason begin to return to your eyes as you look down at the cum coating my body and you grin.

So warm. I feel so warm. I smell your cum and our sex.

And then your tongue and lips are on my breasts, sucking up all that spilled cum on me. My lips eke out oh’s of enjoyment as your sweaty body laps at me, feeding on our pleasure, traveling from my breasts down to my passive, panting cunt.

As your mouth licks and sucks at my pubic hair, your hands slide under my legs to my butt and you lift me up to lick my vertical cunt. I feel those waves of pleasure hit against my skull again. You feed on my wet pussy like a man at a pie-eating contest.

“Aaaahhhh” I ache as your head bobs and rolls in the cream pie you’ve brought to your face. My legs kick a little in twitches of orgasm. I feel what cum you can’t pull out, drip deeper into me and my curved spine has me locked in limp satisfaction.

I begin to orgasm again.

Now I’m screaming, clutching my breasts as you feed on me, thirsty for our juices.

“Say may name Michelle. Say it when you cum. Say it when I make you cum,” you command me.


Our cum in all over your face as I orgasm again. I’m breathing hard and fast and you release my cunt from your jaws and lower my hips to the bed. My legs are limp and I flop my arms to the side, palms up, and fingers twitching.

You smile a wet smile. Your face is softer now. You crawl on top of me and caress my stomach and breasts. I’m too sunken in with pleasure to shudder in any sort of anticipation and you lay on top of me in a slumping hug.

You kiss my neck and I pull your head up with my hands and start licking your face to taste what you tasted. I lick you all over like a lioness. I can tell it feels good to have me lick your face clean and you can tell I’m enjoying it too by the way I’m attentive to every scent of your masculine body.

Your soaked cock is at my thighs and the licking gets you hard again. I feel it slide against my equally lubed thighs. After I’ve cleaned you off, we stare at each other, unable to speak but nevertheless communicating a tangible pleasure at being together and mutual adoration. You use a hand to push my legs open a little more and slide your once again firm cock into me.

My eyes close. Again? I didn’t think that was humanly possible. I’m overwhelmed with the sensation of your cock inside me, filling me. Like some sort of drug-induced hypersensitivity, each of us can feel every minutia of your cock against my cunt as you begin to slide back and forth through my body, still not yet satiated for this evening.

I close my eyes as I feel you slide into my swollen pussy. I’ve already cum a couple times and I’m not sure I can give much more but you’re about to prove me wrong. We’re gently rocking against each other now, just enjoying the feel of our bodies moving against one another. I can elvankent escort feel your eyes on my face and I look down at you. Your face says you’re still hungry. You want more. I reach up and stroke my fingers across your cheeks. You turn your head to kiss my passing fingers. I reach out to press my lips to yours and lick them.

“Phillip,” I sigh, my eyes closing again.

“Yes, baby, yes…” you begin thrusting into me more urgently.

I draw my breath in then pull my legs up so you are lying between the valley of my thighs and can penetrate even more deeply.

I feel the tip of your tongue drawing wet designs on my breasts and I suck in my breath as you latch onto my right breast and suck hard each time you start to withdraw your cock from my pussy. You slow down again, stroking ever so slowly out and sliding agonizingly slowly back into my aching cunt. I love the feel of you on top of me. I slide my fingers through your hair and down over your shoulders, slowly stroking every inch of flesh I can reach.

My hips chase after your retreating cock when you start to slide out and you reach down to hold me where you want me. I whimper, wanting more. You growl and suddenly thrust hard into me. I gasp and you continue your game, now drawing ever so slowly out then slamming into me. I’m quivering, my heart racing, panting now, biting my lip. You can feel how close I am to cumming again and you speed up, hungry to push me over the edge. You can feel your own climax building too. I hear you grunting as you fuck me.

“God Phillip,” I wail.

“Cum for me baby,” you urge through gritted teeth. I moan and you feel my pussy spasm around you. I feel it everywhere, my anus spasming too. You keep humping me as I cum moaning your name, “Phiiilliiiiiiip…”

Then I feel your hot cum shoot into my pussy again as I slide off the edge of the world… into oblivion as we fall together onto the bed, exhausted.

The whole day had been nothing but erotic pleasure for both of us, and that orgasm was a literal climax for our evening. Words can’t express how completely full, comfortable, satisfied, and united with you and your body I am. Barely conscious now, I feel you watching me. I feel you slide your cock out of me and make a little mewl of protest but you just move me onto my side, out of the very wet part of the bed. I shiver and feel you pull the sheets we’ve pushed off the bed around us to keep us warm.

I’m moving like a puppet for you, both in shifting to my side and in letting you situate us for optimal snuggling.

I feel your chest against my back. Your right hand slides under my arm, cupping my breast, your right leg slides between my thighs.

We fall asleep quickly, into a deep and restful sleep, hypnotized.

In the morning, we take our time, touching and waking leisurely. We call for room service and feed each other as you tell me about a dream you had.

” I started dreaming of an alternate reality for us, where we grew up together, running around as kids, being young lovers and maturing together. We bought a house with a small farm in the country, nice green country with hills and trees. It’s a warm spring day and we’re outside. I’m putting up a few fence-posts in the garden while you’re planting spring bulbs and seeds.

It’s the afternoon, we had a lovely picnic earlier in the day, with fruit and wine. I took off my shirt to work shortly after lunch, and the digging and hammering to put the posts in has been hard, sweaty labor. Our small garden hasn’t been easy work for you either. Although it’s surrounded by thick lilac and fruit bushes, you’ve been on your hands and knees working, your wide womanly hips in the air, bouncing suggestively for me as I work.

You’re wearing a wide sun hat and a bright floral sundress. I’ve been getting steadily aroused, as have you, watching your half-naked hubby strain and work for you. You know me well enough and have caught more than one too many glances toward you to know that I can’t resist you much longer.

The wind blows your hat off, fortunately right into my hands. I tease you with it for a kiss, and the kiss builds into a passionate make out session outside. Not wanting to get your clothes dirty, you unbuckle my belt and unbutton my tight jeans, letting me drop my shorts and your panties as you turn around, letting me enjoy the same ass I’ve been enjoying all day.

You even bend over, spreading your legs open for me to push my cock into your cunt as I lift the dress over your hips, holding you and moving you back and forth, letting your sexy ass bounce against my abs. We’re so crazy for each other.

And, as only possible in a dream-reality, we morph into rabbits, chasing and fucking one another in our lush vegetable garden, bouncing and kissing.”

I’m touched by your dream. If only life could be so easy. We shower and pack for the ride home in a rosy glow that makes everything around us look so much more attractive. You drop me off at my apartment. You have to be at work that night. We’re not sure when, or even if, we’ll ever see each other again but it has been a trip to remember.

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