Pleasing My Husband

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I can tell that he’s stressed because he keeps touching his hair and adjusting his tie. My poor baby, I think to myself. It’s killing me that he’s so stressed out over work.

The mere thought of him getting fired is driving him into deep anxiety. I watch him every morning get ready for work, to make that long drive to a shitty job where he is underappreciated and it takes everything in me to not drive over there and curse out his asshole boss. Granted, my husband is avidly searching for another job and there are a few possibilities, but there is so much competition.

So I have a legitimate reason to set this up. I don’t feel like I have to do this. I did ask him once what his fantasies were when he was drunk, and he candidly told me that he was like any other guy and would love it if I hooked up with a girl. He said he wouldn’t even participate, but what I have in mind is even better.

I hear his car pull into the driveway at five forty-five and it’s my cue to sit down on the couch and pretend I’m watching a movie. It’s Friday night, so I have a six-pack of his favorite beer, Dos Equis, chilling in the fridge. There’s one already waiting for him on the table. I try to suppress the smile that grows on my face but it’s too late because he’s already walking into the living room, looking so handsome in his charcoal grey suit.

“Hey baby,” I enthusiastically say as I stand up. “How are you?”

Just the haggard look in his eyes is enough to pierce me in the gut. He looks so tired and miserable. He collapses on the couch next to me and rests his head on my shoulder, forcing me to immediately wrap an arm around him.

“So tired,” he whispers. “That place is so draining.”

“Aw. I’m sorry, babe.” I lean forward and grab his beer. “I got you something.”

He smiles and sits up as he accepts his Dos Exis. “You are too sweet to me, you know that?”

I grin. “I try.”

As he drinks the first sips of his beer, I quickly take out my phone and text her. Damien has no idea that my friend, Alicia, is down the hall in the bathroom, patiently waiting to make her appearance. I text her to come over now and try to hide my excitement as her high heels click against the hardwood floor.

“You have a friend over?” Damien asks as he sits up more properly. “Want me to leave you with her?”

“That won’t be necessary,” I say as she comes into view. “She’s here for you.”

Alicia finally comes into view and I take the opportunity to check her out again. I helped her choose the sexy, stunning outfit last week, and I think it really suits her. She’s wearing a black corset that shows off a lot of cleavage and a silky pair of black panties. With her fishnet stockings and black high heels, she looks like a goddess. I notice Damien’s surprised reaction at her sexy clothing as he attempts to avoid staring at her.

“For me?” he asks in confusion as he turns to me. “Kelsey, what’s going on?”

I stand up and slowly walk toward Alicia. My heart is pounding, forcing adrenaline to spread throughout my alert body. Once I reach her, she surprises me by placing her firm hands on my shoulders and pulling me in. I moan as she takes a long, slow lick of my neck. My nipples harden and a gasp escapes me when she bites down on my sensitive neck.

“She wants you to watch while I ravage her,” she says as she turns to Damien. “Is that okay?”

If he’s going to reject this offer, it has to be now. But when I look at him, I’m surprised to see that he’s avidly watching with keen interest.

“Um, wow…” he says as he blushes. “Are you sure, babe?”

I nod. Alicia’s response is to grab my hand and lead me down the hall to the bedroom. I look back and am pleased to see Damien following, too. Once I’m in the bedroom with Alicia, she pushes me on the bed and pins me against the mattress with her small frame. Her lips wander down to my neck again and I moan in pleasure as I feel the bed dip under the added weight of someone else. Alicia nibbles on my collarbone as I look up at my love, who’s watching in absolute lust.

“Do ankara eryaman escortlar you want to see me fuck your sexy wife?” Alicia asks Damien as her hand wanders down to the hemline of my skirt.

Damien shudders as he meets my gaze. “As long as I get to touch her, too.”

Alicia pulls down my skirt to reveal the sheer black panties that I just bought. She trails kisses down my body, between my ample cleavage and tummy to my wetness. When she plants a soft kiss on my cunt, I gasp and instinctively reach out to Damien. He intertwines his fingers with mine and moves a little closer to me. My hands tremble in his grasp as Alicia trails her tongue up my slit through the panties.

“You are so wet,” she whispers against my sex. “Can I make you come like this?”

Her words make me tremble and moan. Damien is still silent but I can feel his lust growing by the second. He surprises me when he pulls away from his left hand and brings it to my mouth. Alicia slowly starts to lick me and I greedily suck on his forefinger, imagining it’s his cock. Alicia’s slow, teasing strokes are driving me insane with need. When her velvet tongue reaches my clit, I arch my back and whimper around Damien’s finger.

“Is someone ready to beg?” she asks. “Do you want these off?”

I quickly take out his finger and moan loudly. “Please! I need it.”

She chuckles. “I’m not convinced.”

“Please!” I yell with urgency. “Please fuck me with your tongue!”

She slowly takes off my panties. Damien moves a little closer to me and I feel his erection rubbing against the back of my head. I wish I could suck him off while Alicia tongue fucks me, but I have to be patient. Damien’s hands roam through my hair, where he gingerly runs his fingers through the straightened strands. When Alicia’s skilled tongue starts lapping away at my slick core, I groan and lean back into Damien, struggling to regain control.

“Does it feel good?” he asks in a throaty whisper.

“Yes!” I say in a shaky whisper. “It feels so good.”

I can’t help it, I start rubbing him through his slacks and he groans, making me shiver. Alicia is too good with her mouth, making me even wetter and aroused with her skilled tongue. She is slurping and licking me so good, I feel as if I’m about to melt on the mattress. It doesn’t help that the sounds of her amazing tongue on my cunt are so sexy, making me rub Damien harder in earnest. His hands wander down to my breasts and I gasp when he squeezes my breasts rather roughly.

“Are you going to come on her mouth?” he asks.

“Yes!” I scream as I grind against her. “All over her hot face.”

It feels like my body is on fire and my brain is turning to mush. Alicia has been pleasuring me for only a few minutes but I’m already going to lose it. My core starts tightening and my hands are shaking like crazy, grabbing onto Damien as he caresses my body all over with slow, massaging strokes.

I start shaking even more as I come violently and trash against the both of them like a cat in heat. Animal sounds escape me and I can hear Damien curse as he lies down next to me to kiss me. I moan into his mouth and shudder as Alicia takes a final lick of my wetness.

“You have the sweetest pussy I’ve ever tasted,” she says as she crawls toward me. “My face is drenched.”

I break the kiss with Damien and sure enough, when I look at her, I see her lips and chin glistening with my arousal. I moan again as she pulls me in for a slow, passionate kiss that makes my toes curl. God, it’s so fucking sexy to taste me on her. I taste pretty sweet like she said. When she pulls away from me, I turn to Damien and feel my chest tighten when I see his expression of pure lust and frustration.

“Can I… touch myself?” he meekly asks. “I’m sorry. It’s just too… hot.”

Alicia and I glance at each other and grin. Without saying a word, she crawls toward him and stares at him with a feral expression as she licks her lips seductively.

“Don’t be shy,” she sweetly says as she grabs his belt. “We’re here for escort etimesgut you. For you to feel good. You deserve it.”

A look of panic rushes across his face and Damien turns to me for silent approval. My baby is always so focused on me. My feelings, my desires, my needs. For once I want this to be about him. I smile as I slowly nod and join Alicia on the other side of him. Alicia grins and turns to me as she quickly unbuckles his belt.

“Want me to fuck your husband’s cock with my mouth?” she asks as she rubs him through his slacks.

“Yes,” I say in a barely contained whisper. “Gag on his cock.”

Alicia’s eyes glimmer with excitement and approval as she looks up at Damien. “You have a dirty wife. Who knew?”

My husband is speechless as Alicia kisses his hardness through his pants. He’s completely still as Alicia starts to lower them. I watch in silent anticipation and lust, eagerly waiting for her to start worshiping him. She kisses his erection through his boxers and he shudders in response.

“Oh, you must be really turned on,” she says as she licks her lips and looks up at him. “I taste some pre-cum.”

Damien’s chest is rising and falling but he looks at me with raw desire imprinted in his eyes. “Sorry. The both of you are just too sexy. I could barely contain myself.”

“Then don’t,” Alicia says as she roughly pulls down his boxers. “You have a nice cock. Yummy.”

“It is yummy,” I say as I stare at his beautiful, thick cock. “It’s the perfect length and girth.”

It’s so cute to see Damien blush. “Thank you…”

I crawl toward him and kiss his neck, breathing in his intoxicating scent. I can never get enough of him. I watch as Alicia takes a long, slow lick of his shaft, making him gasp. I smirk and try not to giggle when Alicia starts to slowly suck on him like his dick is a lollipop.

I kiss his neck and trace my tongue over his sensitive skin as he begins to lose control. His chest is rising and falling and his breathing turns ragged as Alicia bathes him in her saliva. I suck on his neck and he moans as he thrusts his hips upward, making Alicia hum in approval.

“Baby girl,” she says as she looks up at me. “Come here.”

Excitement rushes through me as I join her side. We both grin before we take turns sucking him off. It’s so hot to watch and hear him lose complete control. He’s groaning and clutching the sheets as Alicia takes him in all the way while I greedily suck on his balls. She chokes on his cock and moans when he grabs her head and starts fucking her mouth so good, making me wet with anticipation.

“Fuck,” he hisses. “Can the both of you suck me off at the same time? Please?”

He doesn’t have to ask us twice. We hungrily lick and suck away at him. I look up at him every so often to see him with his eyes closed, clearly enjoying every second of it. When I suck on his head and Alicia licks his shaft, his thighs shake and he starts breathing heavily.

“Are you going to come all over us?” Alicia asks as she jerks him off. “Or do you want to come into her mouth and then watch me make out with her?”

He groans and clutches my hair tightly. “I want to finish in her mouth. It feels so good… please don’t stop.”

I lose track of time, but we make sure to suck and lick every inch of his delicious cock. The sounds of our mouths on him are enough to leave me dripping wet. I feel Alicia slip away from me and part open my legs before she starts eating me out again, making me moan around Damien’s cock.

It’s crazy but I know that I’m going to come again so easily. Between Alicia’s tongue flickering against my wet clit and Damien pulling my hair, I find myself unraveling so fast. I force myself to gag on his cock one last time as I come on Alicia’s mouth. I cradle Damien’s balls and massage them as my body trembles violently and I moan around him.

“Fuck! I’m gonna come,” he says as he thrusts into my mouth, hard.

His cock twitches in my mouth before he spurts his hot seed down my throat. batıkent escort His hands shake through my hair and his legs tremble as I avoid the temptation to swallow every drop. Instead, I hold his cum in my mouth until I turn to Alicia, who is looking at me with a sexy smile.

“You gonna share with me?” she asks as she lies down next to me. “Kiss me.”

I close my eyes and bring my lips to hers; close enough so that Damien can see it when his cum drips down to her open mouth. We kiss each other voraciously and it’s so hot, hearing Damien moan and sharing his sweet cum with Alicia. I swallow the remainder of his seed and bring my hand down to her wet cunt.

“You haven’t come yet,” I say. “What about you?”

She grins as she grabs my hand, preventing me from doing anything further.

“I’m good, baby girl.” She kisses my lips. “I gotta get going. Have fun!”

Confused, I watch her hop off the bed and leave. It isn’t until I turn around that I realize why my friend left so quickly. It looks like Damien wants to devour me.

“You had that all planned out, didn’t you?” he asks as he grabs my arms and pulls me toward him.

“Yes. Did you like it?”

Instead of responding, he pulls me in roughly for a sexy, intimate kiss that leaves me gasping. He pins me down against the mattress and I moan when his slick cock rubs against my drenched sex. He teases me with the head of his cock, making me writhe and moan in absolute need. He slowly slides into me and I arch my back as he fills me inch by delicious inch.

“My wife is such a dirty little slut,” he whispers into my ear. “I love it.”

It feels like my bones are melting as he bites down on my neck and thrusts into me. I’m lost in our maniacal fucking as he grinds into me with unrestrained desire and white-hot lust. He frames my face with his hands and stares into my eyes, making my cunt ache.

“I love you,” he tautly whispers.

“I love you, too.”

He slips himself out of me and turns me around so I’m on my tummy. When he slips back inside me and pulls my hair, I try not to scream too loudly. He starts fucking me so hard, making my breasts sway and my legs shake. He growls as he wraps a hand around my neck and lightly squeezes my airway.

He’s always been so gentle with me, so this new side of him is taking me by complete surprise. When he bites down on my neck, I know that I’m done for.

“Come for me,” he whispers against my neck. “I can feel you squeezing my cock… you’re so wet and tight. I love your pussy.”

My whole body convulses as I bury my face into the comforter and scream in absolute pleasure. I can feel the wetness seeping out of my cunt and onto his cock while he continues to fuck me so hard and good. He roughly grabs me by my hair and I moan when he sucks on my earlobe, making me tremble again as my sensitive body loses complete control under his erotic touch.

“More.” He brings his hand down to my clit and starts rubbing it while he grinds against me in hard, rough thrusts. “I want more.”

I’m panting and sweating and as I look down and watch his middle finger sliding up and down my slick, wet clit. I’m dripping onto his hand and I’m mumbling unintelligible things now because I’m about to come again as I squirm against his cock.

“Are you going to come with me?” he asks in a barely contained whisper. “Do you want me to come inside this tight pussy?”

“Yes!” I cry out. “Give me your cum! I need it!”

I feel him tense behind me as he grips my hip with his free hand and fucks me even harder, making me scream again in ecstasy as I lose control yet again. I swear I have the most amazing orgasm in my life as he flickers his finger across my clit and drives his cock deep inside my cunt, making me forget about everything and focus on us.

He groans as he finally comes inside me, moaning my name over and over until he’s spilled every drop of his hot seed deep inside of me. He collapses next to me and pulls me next to him, reeling me in for a sexy, soft kiss that makes my nipples harden.

“You are so amazing,” he breathlessly says. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too, baby.” I kiss his nose. “Did you like your surprise?”

He smiles and nods as happiness floods my entire body. I close my eyes and rest my head against his chest and relish in the simple, pure moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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