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Andy wondered how she’d let Michelle talk her into this. Was she really going to sit in this dark movie theater, waiting for whatever Michelle had planned? How had she been convinced? Maybe, she considered, she should leave and forget the whole thing.

Andy thought back to the conversation between her and Michelle the night before. They were on the couch watching Netflix, with Andy’s feet in Michelle’s lap. Michelle had been stroking Andy’s ankle, under her yoga pants.

“So, I’ve been thinking,” began Michelle. There was something in her voice that made Andy’s ears perk up — something husky.

“What?” asked Andy. When she looked up and over at Michelle, she noticed that her incisors were lightly digging into her lower lip. Oooo, this is going to be good, Andy thought. When Michelle’s incisors were out, that meant she was thinking sexy thoughts.

“Well, it’s been one month since our second date, and I first touched you and felt you and saw that face you make when you come.” Michelle said, with no sheepishness whatsoever. In fact, she sounded a little smug. “It’s been one month, and I think that deserves some commemoration.”

“I’m all for commemoration,” said Andy. “I should be free after work tomorrow. I can come over and we can . . . I guess we can do whatever you want. Within reason.”

“You’re free tomorrow. You’re not meeting up with anyone else?” Michelle questioned. Or at least, Andy thought it was a question. Andy couldn’t always tell if Michelle was asking or commanding.

“Yeah, I’m good. What are you thinking?” Andy liked where this conversation was headed. Michelle had sex simmering at the surface most of the time, and Andy always appreciated when Michelle would let her mind wander to baser thoughts — like what she and Andy would do tomorrow.

Although Andy liked Michelle’s latent heat, she did have a current of apprehensiveness running through her. Michelle could get Andy to agree to things that Andy had never even considered. And Andy didn’t know what Michelle had in mind for the next day. Hopefully, it wouldn’t be outside of Andy’s comfort zone. Andy didn’t want to be convinced of something she couldn’t handle. It was just Michelle was so damn sexy! Like right now, she had taken Andy’s bare foot and started absently running her thumbnail along the instep. She pulled Andy’s foot up to her mouth and popped her big toe in between her lips and nibbled a little.

Michelle removed Andy’s toe from her mouth, although she kept stroking the arch of Andy’s foot with a thumb.

“The best way to celebrate how wonderful you looked squirming on my bed for the first time one month ago, is to make you come again. But, I’m also remembering that I have to work late tomorrow. I’m thinking, though, that I have an idea.”

Andy was having a difficult time paying full attention to Michelle’s words. It was so much easier to pay attention to Michelle’s breath and touch.

“I’m thinking,” Michelle continued, “that I might have a way to turn you on even if I’m not there. Even if I’m on the train coming home, and you’re somewhere else.” That made Andy take notice. Was Michelle talking about phone sex? On a train?

“No, that’s okay. I’ll just wait for you to get home.”

“You don’t want to hear my plan? You’ll like my plan,” Michelle asked/commanded. Before Andy could respond — her brain was getting a little mushy from Michelle’s ministrations and husky voice — Michelle continued.

“There’s one feature on my new silver vibrator that we haven’t tried yet.”

What is she getting at? Andy wondered.

“It has a Bluetooth feature.” Michelle said. “As long as you’re sitting near your phone, I can control when and how the vibrator moves, with my phone.”

“Okay. That sounds fun. So you’ll already have me revved up here waiting for you by the time you get home.”

“No, I don’t think so. I’m going to have you revved up somewhere else. Somewhere a little more . . . public.”

Alarm bells went off in Andy’s head. Public? She didn’t want to do anything in public. She especially didn’t want Michelle’s skilled hands controlling a vibrator that was massaging Andy’s sensitive clit out in the open. Who knew what Michelle could make Andy feel in that kind of a situation. Much as she tried to deny it to herself, Andy knew that if anyone could make her come anywhere, it was Michelle.

“Come on, Andy,” said Michelle, in between placing soft, insistent kisses on the bones on top of Andy’s feet. “Listen, I’ll send you to a movie theater. It will be dark. I’ll pick a movie that no one would even want to see. It will barely be public at all.”

Michelle’s heated voice and caressing hands were wearing down Andy’s defenses. Andy also remembered all the times in the past when Michelle had convinced Andy of something that concluded with Andy having an unfairly powerful orgasm. The more Andy pictured the scenario Michelle was describing, the more she liked the idea of Michelle casino şirketleri having complete control over Andy’s pleasure, even when Andy wouldn’t know what was going to happen next.

Andy still wasn’t sure about the public place, though. But she could already feel herself being convinced. As if Michelle’s ability to create a pool of heat in Andy’s belly was directly related to her ability to clear Andy’s mind of any objections. If only Michelle’s eyes weren’t so dark and her beautiful chest wasn’t heaving slightly more than normal under her tight tank top.

As Michelle petted up Andy’s legs, from her feet to her ankles to her knees, and barely stretched up and scratched the inside of her thighs, Michelle had a triumphant gleam in her eyes. When Andy reached up to take Michelle’s top off and expose her perfect breasts, they both knew Michelle had won.

“You’ll do it. You’ll use this vibrator for me tomorrow?”

“Yes,” breathed Andy, “I promise.”

That was how Andy ended up at this so-far empty movie theater at 5.30 in the afternoon, with Michelle’s silver machine under her skirt and in between her legs. As Andy remembered the sultriness of the night before, she felt herself become more wet and noticed that her body suctioned around the vibrator a little tighter.

In fact, Andy had been in a low level of arousal all day, thinking about what was going to happen here, at this theater. When she had placed the U-shaped vibrator inside her in the parking lot, a feeling of giddiness overtook her for a moment, as she felt the smooth metal caressing her and coming to rest inside her and also laying against her excitable clit. As she walked into the theater, bought her ticket, and sat down, her body never once forgot that something was inside her. Something of Michelle’s was possessing her at that very moment.

A finger of flame would wrap itself around her insides whenever she thought of her conversation with Michelle and the power she would have over her. Andy also had a flicker of fear. What if she got caught? What if she became out of control?

I have to trust Michelle, Andy thought. Even though it’s not Michelle in this theater, with a wet pussy and tingling skin and a pattering heart.

So far, Michelle’s plan had worked. The theater she had texted to Andy was showing some mediocre action flick that premiered months before. Anyone who wanted to see it, already had. Andy’s gaze once more roved around the theater, and she sighed in relief that she was still solo.

She texted Michelle, I’m here. I’m nervous. But I’m here. No one else here, thank god. The previews haven’t started yet. They’re still showing commercials for Coke and Ford Fiestas.

Andy felt the way her dress rubbed against her thighs as she shifted. She hadn’t been sure what to wear. Going to a movie as the woman you were fucking controlled your body from afar seemed like something that warranted more than casual attire. Andy had chosen to wear one of her favorite dresses. Wearing something familiar made her feel relaxed. She also loved how sexy she felt in this simple outfit. The dress was a black mini, with a flared skirt that hit Andy’s leg mid-thigh and a floral pattern. The neck was a low scoop and the fabric was tight enough that Andy didn’t have to wear a bra to keep her handful-sized breasts in check.

Out of the corner of her eye, Andy saw her phone light up. She reached for it, expecting a reply from Michelle. Instead, she felt a pulsing between her legs. As she relinquished an instinctive gasp, her thighs clenched. A pop of adrenaline burst through her body. Her fight-or-flight response snapped on, and she felt goosebumps flash across her skin.

Oh my god, she thought. Holy shit. This is really happening. The vibrating had stopped, but the aftereffects of the pulse had not. Her thighs were damp and her back slightly arched. Her mind was racing. Thank god no one else is in here. I’m only in a dark room — not a big deal, right? Ohh that felt good. Why did that feel so good?

Andy liked the intensity Michelle had chosen: a light, insistent quivering on Andy’s clit. Michelle knew that Andy liked an airy touch. Thinking about what Michelle knew about Andy’s body brought Andy’s mind back to the night before.

After Andy had reached up to remove Michelle’s shirt, freeing Michelle’s large and suspended breasts, Michelle had leaned over Andy and pinned her wrists onto the couch next to her ears. There was a hitch in Andy’s breathing as Michelle straddled her. Andy strained her mouth upward, to grab Michelle’s erect nipple between her lips and flick her tongue back and forth. Michelle dove down to lick the vein on Andy’s exposed and taut neck.

In the theater, Andy forced herself to stop reliving the night before long enough to shoot Michelle a text.

Ummm your toy worked. I am here in a dark theater turned on af because of you. I don’t want to admit this, but you know me enough to know I liked casino firmalari it. I’m glad I’m alone though.

In response to this, Andy felt a sustained shuddering on her clit. Her hands gripped the movie seat below her. She wanted to reach up to pet herself; to stroke her fingers up her ribs. She couldn’t though — not here. An image appeared in her mind: Michelle on a crowded train, controlling Andy’s every sensation with the touch of a button.

As Andy’s body began to tremble, fueled by the stimulation, the excitement, and her own nervousness, she again summoned visions from the night before. Michelle’s lips, moving from her neck to her jawbone to the corner of her lip. Michelle’s tongue darted out, licking the side of Andy’s mouth. Andy felt a warmth and wetness growing between her legs.

When Michelle released Andy’s arms to remove Andy’s shirt, Andy wriggled out from underneath her and began unbuttoning Michelle’s pants. Michelle’s fingers hurried to help as Andy grabbed the top of Michelle’s jeans and underwear and pulled them down, exposing Michelle’s rounded and jiggling ass. Andy dug her fingers into the skin of Michelle’s backside as Michelle’s mouth covered Andy’s bottom lip in a kiss.

Andy positioned Michelle back on the couch, seated with her pussy right up to the edge of the seat. Andy ran her hands down Michelle’s upper legs as she got down on her knees in front of Michelle. The smell of Michelle reached Andy, and she inhaled. Michelle smelled like bread and saltwater. Like a feral baker who only worked seaside.

As Andy remembered this, she was dimly aware of her surroundings. Aware of the droning ads and the smell of popcorn. The sensation crowding most of her mind was the demanding tremor between her legs. Michelle was really going to do it. Michelle was going to make her orgasm, fully-clothed, alone, in public. Andy’s belly tightened, and her toes began to curl inside her ballet flats. As she got close, Andy recalled Michelle’s climax from the night before.

With Andy on her knees, she kissed the insides of Michelle’s thighs, working inward with nibbles and tongue grazes. Andy’s nose nuzzled Michelle’s bush as her tongue reached inside to lap up whatever Michelle had to offer. Andy heard Michelle moan and felt Michelle’s nails scratching the top of her head through her hair. Her tongue moved inside Michelle’s sweet, shivering pocket, relishing Michelle’s taste and wetness. She then darted up to Michelle’s waiting clitoris, keeping a steady rhythm against it with her tongue.

Michelle’s calves trembled under Andy’s fingers, which were gripping her legs tightly. As Michelle began to moan more heavily, Andy reached her hand down to her clit and began circling her finger on her own pleasure button. Michelle’s earthy smell and potent taste were clouding Andy’s head with arousal, but Andy kept her tongue working. She wanted Michelle to come around her, to feel her thighs shake and shiver and clench.

“Anh, anh, anh, yes,” Michelle whimpered. Andy was close, too. She continued moving her tongue against Michelle, feeling Michelle’s body vibrate.

“Oh fuck, I’m coming. Yes, baby,” cried Michelle.

Andy felt Michelle’s hands clamp down on Andy’s hair as Michelle’s body resonated with satisfaction. When Michelle’s grip loosened, Andy fell back on the floor, her legs curled under the couch and her finger spiraling on her clit. Andy felt her orgasm gathering. The fingers of her other hand traced her unyielding nipples, sending flares of sensation throughout her body. Her back raised off the floor as the first wave of climax resounded from her core to her toes to her ears. She stopped moving, laying still on the hardwood floor as her senses returned to her. She was panting, and the room smelled like sex and Michelle.

As Andy was reliving the night before, the buzzing between her legs stopped. She felt a wave of disappointment. While her mind was focused on the sex from the previous evening, her body had been responding to the pulsing at her clit. Her back was tight, and her ass had drawn together. Andy looked down and noticed that her nipples were straining against her dress. Her body was begging for deliverance.

With fluttering hands, Andy picked up her phone.

What’s happening over there? You didn’t need to stop. I’m good — really good — on my end. she texted Michelle. After sending her message, Andy focused on her surroundings for the first time in minutes. She noticed the room had darkened and the movie previews had begun.

Andy didn’t need to wait long for a reply text.

Don’t worry about it Andy. Sit back and relax, I’ve got you. Trust me.

When nothing happened after a few moments, Andy wondered what Michelle was doing. She wanted to come, needed to — here, in this dim room full of empty chairs. Why wasn’t Michelle letting her? Michelle had the power to make Andy’s body sizzle. Michelle could — wherever she was — touch her phone and güvenilir casino bring Andy the satisfaction her body was craving. Instead, Andy was waiting, bereft and expectant.

Although her body was no longer quavering with anticipation, Andy could still feel the dampness of her underwear. Maybe she should help herself along? She could reach down, under her skirt, between her legs, push the vibrator aside, and paw her throbbing clit. Her hand began to venture down. She thought of how good it would feel to glide her fingers to her folds, dip into her creaminess, and touch herself. She knew she was close to climax. Resolved, she moved her hand to her thigh and anxiously inched it up her leg.

Her hand recoiled when she heard voices coming through the theater doors. There was a group walking into the theater.

“Dude, come on, we’re late,” someone whispered.

“I know, I’m moving,” came the answer.

“Sit towards the back — that’s the best spot,” said a third voice.

A pack of three guys jostled up the theater stairs toward Andy, as she hastily removed her hand and smoothed down her skirt. She involuntarily sniffed the air, to gauge if her arousal could be sensed by these newcomers.

What are they doing? Andy questioned in panic, as the men turned into her row. She set her bag on the chair next to her. The first stranger plopped down on the seat over from her, next to her bag. He looked at her apologetically but didn’t say anything. The other two relaxed into their respective seats.

Andy’s sex-addled brain was struggling to fully comprehend this situation, but she knew she was glad something had happened with Michelle to stop her from powering on the vibrator. Andy shifted, considering whether she could covertly remove the gadget from between her thighs. As she was thinking, she heard her name.

“Andy? Andy, hey!” buzzed the guy farthest from her.

She looked up, startled, and immediately contemplated how she must appear. She felt the flush throughout her face and knew her breath was moving in tiny gasps. She peered into the darkness to determine who was calling her name.

“Oh, Carter! Hey!”

Oh my god, Carter Byrd, Andy thought. Carter — of all people? Here? Well, at least he’s seen me orgasm before, she mused.

“What’s up? How are you, Andy? You look good,” Carter said.

In her heightened state, Andy was having trouble concentrating on anything besides Carter’s lips.She was recalling the last time those lips kissed her, the last time they lingered at the base of her throat before nibbling down to her belly button. It hadn’t been that long ago really, six days, maybe seven.

Andy and Michelle weren’t exclusive, and when Michelle was busy or when Andy was craving something different, she would seek out Carter and those luscious lips.

“Are you excited for the movie?” he asked.

“Um, yeah, sure, it looks really fun. You?” she replied.

“Sure — whatever. Sometimes me and Derek and Benny just come to this theater and see the next available showing. Today, that was this one!”

Andy remembered Carter talking about Derek and Benny before, but she had never met them. Any introductions were cut off, however, when the lights dimmed completely, the volume increased, and the opening credits of the movie began. Carter gave a half-smile and a little wave to Andy, before sitting back in his chair.

Andy did the same, scooting her butt into her seat, and tried to relax. With the entrance of these three other people, she felt exposed. She double-checked herself to make sure she looked halfway decent. Everything looked fine: skirt resting just above her knee, hands loosely at her sides, nipples returning to normal. She could still feel a splotchy flush between her breasts, up her chest and neck, and through her face, but hopefully that couldn’t be seen in the faint light.

She needed just a few more moments to gather herself and then she should leave. She didn’t want anything further to happen, now that she was sitting right next to Derek (or Benny). Besides, Michelle, who hadn’t exerted her control in minutes, seemed done with this game anyway.

As Andy calmed herself, she glanced over at Carter. The last time with him had been so good. Flashes of that night flared in her mind. Her hands digging into his back, his fingernails biting her ass, the chuffing sounds he made before orgasm. Andy realized that thinking of Carter wasn’t helping her unwind.

It was during this thought that Michelle took charge again, and Andy felt the vibrator power up and flicker against her clit anew.

Holy fuck, Andy thought, as her body bucked slightly. She looked over at Benny (or Derek).

Can he hear this?!

She thought she saw him peek her way. But no, the movie was so loud at this point he couldn’t hear it. She couldn’t hear it. He was probably responding to her body’s quivering. She couldn’t help it, though: the vibrations felt so good. Although her body was soaking up whatever Michelle’s device had to offer, her panic response had again been activated. She wouldn’t allow it; she couldn’t do it. She would not allow Michelle to give her an orgasm when DerekBenny was only an armrest away.

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